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 With floodwaters rising and a rescue boat waiting, the urgent question: What to bring?

This is possibly the most Southern thing I've seen in awhile.
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 You get twitchy boycotting tumblr for even just one day.

In other news, I now have a (very low-paying) job that starts one year and two days after my last one ended.
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 Sammi: (purrs and snoozes on my lap)
Rodney: (leaps like a mountain lion to my chest)
Rodney: (assumes full catloaf, looks smug)
Sammi: I keel heem! DED! 
Rodney: (yawns hugely)
Sammi: ...after nap
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So, a few weeks ago, I posted about my frustration with intrusive images. justalurkr.dreamwidth.org/384576.html

he answer is: ask a licensed professional counselor! 

1. Visualize a large stop sign over the image.
2. When you see the image, notice which direction you're looking & look somewhere else in your field of vision. (May also be helpful for intrusive thoughts.)
3. Quit looking at grotesque shit on the internet. (Ok maybe not said in so many words, but heavily implied. :D )
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You've made your cat so happy,he's mostly asleep and drooling.
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Until Ebola breaks out.

Or there's an earthquake.

Maybe a hurricane?

God forbid, a terrorist attack.

Seriously! Look at what's going on in Washington D.C.at the moment and picture a humanitarian crisis occurring somewhere.

I've got to back away from news coverage again, clearly.
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So I was on snopes.com, debunking a cousin's Facebook post, when I saw a grotesque image as part of the article.

Ever since, my brain has been going "ick! That was gross! Here, look at it again! Wasn't that awful?"

Suggestions for making my brain effing STOP already?
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In an effort to avoid polish-dipped fingertips, I now have naked stripes on most of my nail edges.

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What does the Secret Service do if the FBI shows up with a warrant for the President's arrest?
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Close work with one functional eye and only 15 minute of sitting upright allowed makes for a rushed manicure.

I have blue polish all over my finger tips.

Oh, and

May. 7th, 2017 08:41 pm
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The eye surgery went off without a hitch. I'm doing that immensely boring face down for 10 to 14 days so it can heal thing.

My tablet has never worked this hard! :-)
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Ref Macron's decisive victory over LePen

I wish America had snapped out of its nativist daze in time for our election.
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So, I'm having the kind of eye surgery that means I need to stay face down for up to three weeks afterward, and I'm having it tomorrow.

Naturally, the whole world is about to party. Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2, opens two days later, and the Georgia Aquarium is having a Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend.

Y'all have fun out there!
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...when your new favorite shade of nail polish needs four coats to be opaque.

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy. Gorgeous shell-like pinky coral and complements my skin tone. Four. FREAKING. Coats.
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Either that, or he got a dose of vinegar and salt this morning. He's been stalking me around the house, expressing affection by means of paw swipes and toe nips. That's usually Sammi's deal.
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My macula is puckering, I kid you not.

There will be anesthesia and a bubble and a period of time spent face down while my repaved macula heals.

Now I'm sort of glad teaching school and temp work didn't work out as planned, because this is going to be a good month of fussing.

Protip: if letters are squirming around each other on the page or screen, that MIGHT be your brain trying to fill a hole in your visual input. Get that checked out!
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To avoid housework, I've been googling nonsense most of the morning. DON'T JUDGE ME.

You that auto-complete thing Google does? Where as you type "why isn't the USA spending on infrastructure?" it pops up frequent searches as you laboriously one-finger type into your tablet?

"Why isn't the USA..." auto-completed with "...in the Bible?"

Mind. BLOWN.
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...you will understand the phenomenon of two or more tiny predators stalking one another lackadaisically around the house in full side-eye mode, triangulating the best means and methods by which to become Only Cats...

...followed by the slump to the side with a weary huff, because it's really just too much trouble at the moment.

Tomorrow, though; that's another story altogether.

I'm getting a double helping of kitty drama today, can you tell?
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Parts of my brain embarrass the rest.

Brain 1: Good Christ, Trump found the Tomahawk button.
Brain 2: we're doomed.
Brain 3: Barry Manilow came out!
All of the other brains: ...

Brain 1: (ponders surgical scar) This COULD be a valid reason for a tattoo...
Brain 2: Butterfly. Pretty and symbolic of new beginnings, like network support to English teacher?
Brain 3: also our sign in the Celtic zodiac.
All the other brains:...

Brain 1: wtf was Kendall Jenner thinking?
Brain 2: That's pretty inappropriate.
Brain 3: OMG her hair, tho...
All the other brains: GTFO
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1. Do not go at noon on Saturday. This is counterproductive to the whole in and out paradigm.

2. Do keep an eye on whether you get Saturday early voting in your area because while 6th district has nearly three weeks of early voting, this appears to be the only available Saturday.

3. If you use a mobility device even intermittently, bring it. I brought my cane "just in case," and was promptly offered the opportunity to jump a 45 minute line. I have no guilt; that line was about 20 minutes longer than I'm good for.

Vote early, vote often, kids!


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