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I finally did pan deglazing right. My pot roast tastes of crispy (not burned) bits from the bottom of the pan.
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Quinoa, fresh tomato, cucumber, little green onions and balsalmic vinegarette.

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1. Picante chicken flavored ramen.
2. Peanut butter as protein added to same.

Farewell, weight loss! We hardly knew ye.

Adding: if that sounds gross, it totally is and should be avoided at all costs by anyone interested in obtaining or maintaining a waistline. If it doesn't, godspeed with your two tablespoons of melty, peanutty goodness.
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When I was very small and my original parents were still married, my father looked upon the destruction I had wrought after one afternoon's play and declared, "that child could break a steel ball."

Not much has changed over the years, come to think of it.

So I'm not sure what my mother was thinking last week when she sent me a link to salads in mason jars and strongly suggested I try it. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made up six of them and brought one today.

The jar took four confirmed and a possible fifth hit through an unpadded plastic bag between my fridge and the one here at work. IT LIVES.

Gentlefolk, we may have proof God exists, if only to protect innocent glassware from demons of destruction.
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1. If you don't feel like standing up, you're probably in no shape to cook.
2.  The aforementioned "it is possible to overshred chicken."
3. Curried Skim Milk of Mirepoix Soup is in no way an adequate stand in for Curried Cream of Chicken (with Coconut Milk) Soup.

1.a. If you don't feel like standing up (like, you're gonna tip over if you do,) please double check how long it's been since last you ate something that constituted real food before diagnosing yourself with Martian Death Flu. Not that I have any personal experience of this, it's just what I've heard you should do. (looks shifty)

edited to add: no link to the final soup recipe, as it was based on a vegan thing, subtracted from and substituted all to hell, then slowly added to after I felt better and was able to shop for the missing ingredients.
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I struggled visibly with conspicuous consumption in the form of a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. I did not know at the time that $229 for an Artisan was actually a better deal than I thought because the Artisan is a step up from everyone's fave and well known mixer. I know now because I caved like that pile of damp cardboard that used to inhabit my living room and bought the mixer.

The KitchenAid out of the box is seriously for baked goods, at least for those who think inside the box. YOUTUBE TO THE RESCUE.

You like shredded chicken? KitchenAid is there for you, no separate attachment needed.

You like butter? KitchenAid is there for you.

You like doggie treats? Okay, yeah, that's a baked good, but for dogs.

Youtubers are infinitely willing to show off their mad Kitchenaid skillz. :D As I write this, I have a dishwasher full of Kitchenaid parts, attachments and accessories (apparently, accessories go in the bowl and attachments on the hub) washing away after first determining which parts are actually dishwasher safe. (Most of them for the Artisan.) Later, there will be:

Curried Cream of Celery Soup

...and something with shredded chicken, most likely soft tacos or enchiladas.

Lesson learned: buy a Kitchenaid early, use often, and before buying other kitchen gadgets, check the attachment and accessory inventory. Expensive start up, but longrun money saver and a well documented reputation of lasting for years.
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I adore mashed potatoes, but there are better nutritional choices to make with those calories unless and until you put greens in them.

It has become clear that either my family has no Irish in it (red hair be damned) or (far more likely) the women stopped cooking somewhere between Ellis Island and Texas, because we can be some serious<strike>ly lazy bitches</strike> princesses going back five generations of only daughters on my mother's side. Either that, or the Vikings on the family tree preferred the potatoes unadulterated by green shit, who even knows?

All I know is that there will be colcannon in my future lots and lots. I'm going to need a silicone potato masher for when I make my frugal, budget dinner thing in my insanely overpriced enameled cast iron cookware. Hooray immigrant success!
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If you dilute the tomato paste in African Cabbage Stew with beer, it's really Really REALLY good.

Just sayin'. Bet wine would work, too....
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While African Cabbage Stew tastes good with Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale in it, it tastes better with cracked red pepper.
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The cats are all over me. In the kitchen while it cooked, circling like furry sharks at my feet while I ate it and, 12 hours after brushing my teeth, I'm still getting frisked for random signs of fshi. Rodney remains alert. edited to add: their food bowl was empty. Now it's not and I'm persona non cata.

In the meantime, behind the cut is the aftermath of stew cooked in Le Creuset the morning after:
Dishwasher safe, but not recommended )

I am in serious need of a camera with an anti-shake feature. I don't think I've taken a picture in good focus since I got this cheap-ass POS thrifty little phone.
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My search for Things To Do With Mackerel unearthed this recipe for African Cabbage Stew. Either tonight or tomorrow afternoon (depending upon energy level) I plan to take a crack at it. I'm substituting a small can of tomato sauce for the fish in tomato sauce as my grocer only sells mackerel in water. Other than massive chopping, seems pretty straightforward.

edited to add: 'Tis indeed a stew, very thick in the pot. I used a 5.5 quart dutch oven to boil the cabbage and a 3.25 or .5, not sure, saucepan to cook the rest and combine at the end. The saucepan is stuffed with stew. Am currently cooking up some quinoa to serve as the starch called for at the top of the recipe. A little North Africa, a little Peru. I love a global society!

edited one last time to add: Yep, that's my new go-to Things To Do With Mackerel recipe. Three Weight Watchers points for a cup of stew over four Weight Watchers points for 1/2 cup of red quinoa. The cracked red pepper just makes the flavor.
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I made 'mackerel fish salad' today, which is basically tuna fish salad with mackerel instead. This accomplished two goals:

1. Set me eating lower on the fishy food chain which is supposed to be a Good Thing.
2. Fishy smell drove the cats batcrap insane. You cannot buy entertainment like I had while lunching.

Issue: mackerel is a stronger-tasting fish than tuna, so it was "one of these things doesn't belong" when I put it in a mix with dill relish and light mayonnaise. Tasted all right, but it got me wondering if there is anything meant to go with mackerel the way relish & mayo go with tuna.


News of me

May. 5th, 2013 08:04 pm
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Cookery: I have figured out microwave quinoa. Bring two parts water or broth, one part quinoa to a boil (I went 2 1/2 minutes in an 1100 watt microwave, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup quinoa;) then simmer on 30% power for 15 minutes. Mix with...wait for it...pesto sauce or another sauce/salsa you savor. :D I'll be trying it with pineapple salsa for breakfast. I figure I can put it in to simmer, then shower and dress and come out after it's been resting for a few minutes.

My change of weather cold: not to be confused with my short-lived cruise cold, mind you, is in the disgusting clearing out stages. If I can't see an expiration date on the bottle of Mucinex it must still be good, right?

My boy cat: total sot. I came back from the kitchen to see him licking my beer bottle. Sani-wipes to the rescue! (It's a fairly expensive little brew from Trader Joe's and, like, half the bottle was left.) Rodney McKat is sulking around my ankles, his back turned exactly to me. I have a feline alcoholic wannabe.

My elbow: after a quiet few weeks during which I ditched my therapy exercises, it is sore in the golfer's elbow region again. (snivel, whine) Apparently, I now have a barometer in my elbow. I finally noticed it does this when rain is coming. (whacks geezer cane) That sort of thing is for old people! Baby boomers do not age gracefully!

Summer Movie Watching:  (links to Wikipedia -- do not read Plot section if you do not wish to be spoiled)
Oblivion: Starring Tom Cruise. Someone has a killer sense of irony on so, so many levels. I very much enjoyed the movie, though.
Iron Man 3: Still love it, still waiting on slash fixes.Mark 15, Pepper? Really? Tony's boyfriend would have known...Should possibly be nominated for some sort of "most deceptive trailer" award.

Star Trek Into Darkness: up next. Favorite trailer quote: "There's greatness in you, but not an ounce of humility." I know the reboot is a time-warped alternate universe, but am still not holding my breath for that Kirk trait to change.

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This article on Stir-Frying Basics explains so much about what goes wrong with mine. (Hint: dumping the refrigerator into the skillet was my biggest flinch.)

I wonder if beef, mushrooms and onion cooked a la stir-fry is the same as Eurasian fusion cuisine, or just self-indulgence? I'll bet it depends on the sauce....
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So, for reasons that don't require exploration at this juncture, I was researching Asian noodle recipes and came across this Wikipedia article about Chinese noodles. Under the History section, I read the following:

"In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing world's oldest known noodles, 4000 years old, at the Lajia archaeological site of the Qijia culture along the Yellow River in China.The noodles were well-preserved. After research with parts of the noodle remains in 2004, scientists determined that the noodles were made from foxtail millet and broomcorn millet." (all the footnote superscripts, etc., have been removed. This is plenty well cited in the actual article.)

How twisted is it that my first thought was "this is what happens when you don't clean your plate! Four thousand years later, people are analyzing it and wondering if you were brought up or dragged up," and I don't even have any children of my own. Seriously, I was wondering if there was evidence of barbarian invasion interrupting the meal. If you're making noodles out of what sounds like barely- or undomesticated weeds, you're not living such a life of leisure that you can waste food.

(Note to self: next time you're wondering why you're having trouble shedding the re-gained weight, see this entry, and put the damn fork down.)

Any chance of my f-list rescuing me from further fruitless meandering over teh intertubes? I'm looking for a fairly easy recipe for home made wheat noodles not because I don't love Panda Express, but because I (and my rear view) can't afford to love themquite this much.
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Long story, but I wound up googling the George Foreman Grill in an effort to work out whether the fat-extracting effects were worth it in the case of skirt steak. Of the skillions of GF recipe videos available on youtube, no particular meaning should be attached to the fact that a wannabe steak griller would feel the need to watch this Canadian (if I'm correctly identifying the vowels and a stray "eh?") body builder cook chicken on his GF. Multiple times. Because my memory for recipe detail is dicey like that.

Yeah. Fine detail memory like Swiss cheese, steel sieve, what-have-you.

Vid back here, fellow chef pervs )

That's a week's worth of diced, marinated, very low fat chicken he's got going there. When I've seen the video enough times to really get the concept, I may try this out.
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Normally US$139 on its own, I got the Tupperware® SmartSteamer, Smart Meals Recipe Book, 9-Pc. Accessory Set for Tupperware® SmartSteamer, Snack Cup Set and shipping for $134 and change. I feel Smug.

Not sure how long this sale is on, so if you've been jonesing for a plastic kitchen gadget endorsed by Dr. Oz, go get'm.

My question today, almighty flist, is directed at anyone who already has one of these or has been to a Tupperware® party with a demo or has better Google-fu than I. My mom's Weight Watchers leader is also a Tupperware® lady, and swears this makes the best microwave roast chicken she's ever had, but I cannot find a cooking time for that in any of the accompanying literature, their website or even on youtube.

If you have any knowledge of how to cook a whole chicken in one of these things, please share?

edited to add: it appears the answer for whole, cut up or single pieces is around 6 to 7 minutes per pound, checking doneness for the magical 165F. Actually, this might be the Oval Cooker. Still not sure if the same applies to the Steamer
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As breakfast was reheated shrimp marinara over whole wheat pasta, the last thing I made that involved cooking would be last night's mousse pie, consisting of 1 cup Ghiarardelli Square 60% cocoa dark chocolate chips, 1 cup simmering heavy cream, one mini bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, 1 raw egg, blend well, pour into pre-made chocolate cracker pie crust and chill overnight. Later, I plan to whip the remaining heavy cream, top that sucker and enjoy the everliving crud out of it.


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