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My post to the latest on [livejournal.com profile] news :

It's just that this is pretty much your third strike, you know? The introduction of ad service, "Nipplegate" and now Strikeout '07. All three incidents have been characterized by breath-takingly poor customer service and ham-handed communications.

The automatic renewal of my membership has been cancelled on both my livejournals. The execrably poor business practices displayed by 6a/LJ prompt me to deny any further revenue to your organization.

In all sober seriousness, I believe that the minimum response by livejournal users who care about good business practice should be to reduce their account status to Basic as soon as possible. (owing to the "no refunds" policy, my accounts will show as "paid" through July 19.)

For lj users who care about that freedom of expression thing, taking our show on the road to, for example, Greatestjournal, which supplies 2000 icons with a free account is the appropriate action.

Date: 2007-05-31 09:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] khek.livejournal.com
I'm not sure I disagree with what they did though.

I don't think they went about it the right way, but if they had outside pressure to delete journals with what most people would think are harmful interests, and there was a threat of media contacts (which, with these groups, there usually is) and your choice is to look to the millions of people reading the news around the world like you're defending pedophiles or to piss off a few thousand people..? Millions vs. a couple hundred thousand? Well, I know which choice I'd make.

I don't like the ads and I have no idea what "nipplegate" was, but this? As long as they bring back all the journals (the ones that aren't actual porn/pedophile sites) then I don't have a problem with what happened. Questions, yes, and complaints, but not enough to leave LJ.

But I wasn't directly affected, so maybe that changes my perspective.

Date: 2007-06-01 12:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justalurkr.livejournal.com
The goal of getting child abusers out is one I can agree with, too, except it doesn't really hold water for me as a reason or as an excuse for what happened.

What took them so long? Why would it take an external threat to go after journals being used to network criminal activity? Why would this long-delayed purge be scheduled for a day no one was in the office or available by phone to give guidance to the invisible or disembodied finger on the delete key?

It's not so much the foul up, as how they handle it. Their frontline volunteers take the brunt until enough users threaten to make a sufficiently stinky public relations nightmare to bring the PR people out of the woodwork. [livejournal.com profile] anildash told me on Jabber last night that policy was "rapidly evolving," and that normal channels of communication broke down in part because of the holiday.

This is a pretty significant policy. What triggered the evolution during a period of time the decision makers were incommunicado?

Whatever happened in this particular instance, I sense a pattern forming for 6a-Consumer relations that just isn't good business, leaving out what appear to be some scary-suspect drivers for the situation.

Here is the Wikipedia link to controversies they consider significant enough to record:


An overview of the "Nipplegate" situation can be found under the "Abuse team decisions" heading.

I wasn't directly affected by the Strikethrough '07 fiasco, either, except insofar as a percentage of my flist got agitated, but this was just bad business from start to finish. Maybe I'm taking it too personally because of what's going on where I work, but I don't see why they should be able to screw up this big, go 'oopsie, our bad!' and have all be forgiven because journal that should never have been suspended in the first place were re-instated nearly 48 hours after the error.

I can only vote with my pocketbook and feet. I've done one, and am researching the fannish community over on Greatestjournal to see if it's going to be practical to do the second. I understand that no venue is free of wank or foulups, but still feel the need to send the message.

I totally get the desire of my people I've read on LJ to put this behind them and get back to the fun bits of fandom. How many times does LJ get the pass, though?


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