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May. 5th, 2013 08:04 pm
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Cookery: I have figured out microwave quinoa. Bring two parts water or broth, one part quinoa to a boil (I went 2 1/2 minutes in an 1100 watt microwave, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup quinoa;) then simmer on 30% power for 15 minutes. Mix with...wait for it...pesto sauce or another sauce/salsa you savor. :D I'll be trying it with pineapple salsa for breakfast. I figure I can put it in to simmer, then shower and dress and come out after it's been resting for a few minutes.

My change of weather cold: not to be confused with my short-lived cruise cold, mind you, is in the disgusting clearing out stages. If I can't see an expiration date on the bottle of Mucinex it must still be good, right?

My boy cat: total sot. I came back from the kitchen to see him licking my beer bottle. Sani-wipes to the rescue! (It's a fairly expensive little brew from Trader Joe's and, like, half the bottle was left.) Rodney McKat is sulking around my ankles, his back turned exactly to me. I have a feline alcoholic wannabe.

My elbow: after a quiet few weeks during which I ditched my therapy exercises, it is sore in the golfer's elbow region again. (snivel, whine) Apparently, I now have a barometer in my elbow. I finally noticed it does this when rain is coming. (whacks geezer cane) That sort of thing is for old people! Baby boomers do not age gracefully!

Summer Movie Watching:  (links to Wikipedia -- do not read Plot section if you do not wish to be spoiled)
Oblivion: Starring Tom Cruise. Someone has a killer sense of irony on so, so many levels. I very much enjoyed the movie, though.
Iron Man 3: Still love it, still waiting on slash fixes.Mark 15, Pepper? Really? Tony's boyfriend would have known...Should possibly be nominated for some sort of "most deceptive trailer" award.

Star Trek Into Darkness: up next. Favorite trailer quote: "There's greatness in you, but not an ounce of humility." I know the reboot is a time-warped alternate universe, but am still not holding my breath for that Kirk trait to change.

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So, the cold I mentioned fizzled and died within 48 hours (or was very mild to begin with.) Very good news for ....

The vacation I mentioned is over (pout) and was very much extremely enjoyed. Pix as soon as I find the microSD card I filled up and dump it. Internet access did indeed cost an arm, a leg and the random additional digit of your choice. I gave them a single digit and poached off my parents' 250 minutes elite time, which did not permit comic or social media surfing. (Coconut rule not invoked, unfortunately; no excursions included luaus.)

The answer to this question was "the space of one phone call home following the election of the new Pope."

edited to add: this arm was overused in baggage handling and may require extra icing. If does not improve in the next couple of days, will report to orthodude.

edited again to add: April Fool's Day is my service (aka hire) date at All Your Phones Are Belong to Us. My career there is officially old enough to drink. :D

edited one last time to add the artiest picture I took on vacation upon our return to San Francisco's Pier 35:
 photo IMG332_zps1acd99ca.jpg
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Rather than self-diagnose, I thought I'd get an opinion from a trained medical professional on the topic of NSAIDs, asthma and steroidal inhalers, as the physiotherapist noted continued swelling (minor but present) and I am prepared to be quite the wuss concerning the discomfort of going med free.

Yeah, don't try that on a Monday, kids. Booked solid as Gibraltar, they.

UPDATE: Fortunately, when one is requesting a medicine used before and that is not a controlled substance and has an appointment scheduled for after vacation, doctors are pretty good about faxing in the scrip. I have a steroidal inhaler (Flovent, FYI other asthmatics) which should alleviate the stress on my delicate f#ck!ng flower lungs.
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Public Service Announcement: the anti-inflammatory Mobic (generic meloxicam) should not be used by people with aspirin-sensitive asthma.

I did not know that I had aspirin-sensitive asthma, being new to the whole asthma thing (I didn't have it as a child;) but I did put asthma down as part of that endless medical history sheet which orthopedists are apparently excused from reading, because I've been on meloxicam for a month with a steady increase in the rate and severity of asthma attacks. I blush to disclose that I was actually looking up meloxicam/alcohol interactions, because I'm going on a Princess cruise in, like, a week, and those things exist for fun. I can't find all the links now, but there were some major mixed messages about alcohol use (either NONE OMG DEAD IF YOU DO  or meh, less than 3 drinks and you won't bleed out intestinally.)

If you have asthma and don't know what all it's sensitive to, I strongly suggest asking for the anti-inflammatory for asthma people. Had mine been a severe sensitivity, I could be very ill right now.

UPDATE: a google search on "asthma safe anti-inflammatories" brought me to an arthritis board where it seems that ALL NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) suppress lung function and the new, asmtha-friendly NSAID Etodolac just prescribed also shouldn't be taken by people with a history of asthma attacks. The suggestion on the board was to take the highest OTC NSAID dose one could without breathing difficulties and supplement with extra-strength acetaminophen. Ffffft. Welcome to the wonderful world of self-medication. I may just stick with acetaminophen on its own and ice down a lot.

edited to add link to Medsafe article
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If you tell a massage therapist something hurts, they stop doing it.
If you tell an occupational therapist something hurts, they press harder.

On the bright side, however, my golfer's elbow seems to be getting better. Fewer twinges, less swelling. I was feeling magnificently roguish today, so I went without my brace without the orthopedist's permission. wheeeeEEEEEEEEeeeeee

I'm a wild one, me.
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I haven't X-rayed with a completely knitted bone yet, but likely will next time I'm in the orthopod's office. However, carefully hidden by the bone fracture was a form of tendonitis more commonly known (to people who are not me) as golfer's elbow.

"You mean like tennis elbow?" (me)
"No," (occupational therapist in a very, very patient tone. She must get this a lot.)

Clap your elbow to your side and stick out your hand. The tendon on the outside gets tennis elbow. The tendon on the inside gets golfer's elbow. Also, you are now in position to do both of my $1200 occupational therapy exercises.

1. Holding a hammer or other asymmetrically weighted object (that must be $200 right there!) supinate or turn your wrist so your palm would be facing up except for that hammer. Hold that for a count of ten. (Possibly another $200.) Now slowly pronate or turn your wrist so that your palm would be down except for that hammer. Do this 2x15 times.

2. Put the hammer down (unless you dig bashing yourself in the face. There are probably people who charge for that, but I'll bet it's nowhere near $1200.) Elbow still pressed to your side, straighten your arm toward the floor as much as ever you can and hold that stretch. Now slowly bring your forearm up to as completely flexed a position as you can. (Aren't you glad you put the hammer down?) Help complete the stretch with your other hand if necessary. (Pretty sure this is about $400, maybe $450 worth of therapy.) Hiss air through your teeth a lot if you actually have a broken elbow or tendonitis. Do this 1x15 times.

Ice the ever living CRUD out of the abused joint and remind yourself about eleventy billion times that discomfort is a sign of healing. Shower, find the Vicodin and go to bed.

Note: in the interests of full disclosure, my insurance company is paying a great deal of that $1200. Moments like these are why I take steps to keep my job.

Sk8tr Grrl

Feb. 14th, 2013 09:57 am
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So, no more long-arm splint for me. I am now sporting an accessory that looks exactly like skateboarding safety gear on my left arm. It's a less threatening nudge than I had before, but could still pack a wallop.

edited to add: X-rays look good, mobility is improving and I am reliably informed that the aches and pains are either healing (grin) or old age (wallop.)

News of me

Feb. 13th, 2013 07:59 pm
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1. OMGWHATWASITHINKING I've given up diet Coke for Lent. Lipton Diet Green Tea (with Citrus) is my new best friend, alternating with water.
2. Tomorrow is the 11th day post-radial head fracture, and the appointment maestro at the orthopod's office left a message that my 1:30pm EST appointment had been cancelled, but that I could reschedule for Monday or Tuesday.

o HELL no (glares at splint)

3. Called back, was advised the orthodude had an emergency surgery tomorrow afternoon, but I could come in the morning...if I wanted to. I almost tore the splint up over the phone for her listening pleasure
4. My cats are paragons of calm and cool...until the shoes come out. So as not to fall on any more bones, I've been wearing sneakers with hot pink ZOMGSHOESTRINGZZZZ, which apparently destroy all cat cool 100% of the time. Is v. amusing.
5. Did I mention I'm very much altogether beyond ready to get shed of this splint? Cos I totally am.
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...I went out with two purposes: (1) walk off some weight before a cruise in late March; (2) walk around in the rain without freaking out or slipping again.

(1) The mall walk went well, except for including about $110 worth of (possibly) unnecessary conspicuous consumption and losing my Nexus 7 :(
(2) Walking around in the rain is dicey for me now, but I am committed to not having a phobia about it. I've been doing it for 51 years after all and made it this far before breaking a bone. Could likely do it for 51 more.

A moment from the rain: three women (including me) and two men are standing under the shelter of an anchor store entrance. Two women stayed there. I and the two men (clearly significant others of the sheltered women) went to fetch cars in the rain, two of us carrying shopping bags. (I'm pretty sure Bagless Guy belonged to the Sheltered Woman With Stroller, which was hung all over with loot.) Moments like this, along with being one of the few women at an airport baggage carousel or one of the few dragging out her own trash barrel Monday mornings, make me wonder if pairing off might be worth it.

Then I consider the other 90%+ of my time not spent wondering, dump my shopping bags in the trunk and move on. ;)
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I put on my shoes without letting the cat chase and kill the shoestring monster. As soon as I bent over to tie them, Veronica stalked out of the room, sat down in the hall with her back EXACTLY to me and held the pose for one full shoe-tying before flinging that ''pay attention, I'm ignoring you,'' glare over her shoulder.

I'm in SO much trouble.

Edited to add: the answer to the question 'can lurkr sleep through the night without Vicodin?'is a resounding NO.


Feb. 5th, 2013 07:34 pm
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See, cos everything looks and sounds classier in pseudo-French.

Update? We'll leave it at typing one-handed got old really, really fast at work. Then, it turned out that I am surrounded by mother hens of both genders, as whenever I took off my cast to type faster, at least two of them would prairie dog out of their cubes to glare.

I'm interpreting the "take this off to bathe" as "take this off to bathe, dress and eat," because I'd still be having breakfast if I didn't
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Or at least fractured. To be specific, radial head fracture. This involves a long arm splint, anti-inflammatory (no, you may not borrow for forum trolls) drugs and very low one handed typing speeds. I go back Valentines Day for follow up.
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I'd crow about the miraculous healing powers of pain management and maybe try to skate on a visit to the orthopod (that's what the nurse at the Urgent Care called the orthopedic surgeon -- what she being funny?) except...I still can't drink diet Coke right-handed. Also, having been to the Urgent Care facility (which turns out not to be in network; can't wait for that bill) and checked to see whether the orthopod is in network (he is; no clue how I would have found one other than calling the GP and fessing up to Xtreem Klutz of the Year) it seems a bad time to hop off the common sense train.

Someday, I'll learn to write a sentence (declarative or otherwise) without a buttload of parentheses in it. Today is not that (happy) day.
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I just discovered that my drugs of fabulous dreams woah = hydrocodone = generic Vicodin.

I now call official shenanigans on House remaining awake, let alone vertical and snarky, on this sh!t. I didn't even make it out of the recliner after my first dose, and the dreams were fabulous woah. Next time, will bring a dream journal.

Putting the sling back on now, promise,
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Decades of milk and calcium supplements and I might have a fracture of either the radial or ulnar head. Phoo. Doctor's note for tomorrow so I can be checked out by an orthopedic doctor.

Also, my eating hand is in a sling so am typing this left-fingered from the tablet.
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Okay, I just realized that there is swelling the in the elbow, so perhaps a trip to see the nice people at the Urgent Care is in order.


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