Jan. 23rd, 2017

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(Make sure you read that subject line with the appropriate breathlessness)

So I just read my second or third prepper blog about whether Donald Trump's election means no one has to prep anymore because O happy day, all is right with the world!

These people ain't right in the head.

1. Natural disasters could not possibly care less about the political affiliation of the ass warming the chair.

2. The actual most likely emergency for which to prepare turns out to be job loss, which can happen to anyone in any political climate.

3. Most of the civil unrest I've heard about recently stems from some cops being hair triggered, chickenshit, racist assholes and our current national leadership seems determined to put out that fire with gasoline.

4. Economic collapse has never seemed more likely than when a President seems hellbent on applying tariffs to goods we no longer manufacture here among many, many other...no, wait. It's mainly that one conflict of interest :coff:Russianloans:coff: that has me worried.

I did the low key prepper thing all through Obama's administration, which was theoretically my O happy day (and actually was.) The difference in my prepping now? Writing it down. I've got gear and shit all over the damned place that needs organizing and recording liek woah.

While I suspect that most of these blogs encouraging people to continue prepping are monetized through ads and affiliate links and are feeling the pinch due to traffic loss, they're not wrong about the need to continue preparing for...wait for it...the unexpected, which happens....again...unexpectedly.

No, I couldn't stop myself. :-)


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