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And I really really hope they're not done for the day.

Because something seems to be missing!
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Work continues on the balcony outside.
The view from my door )
And the adhesive!cat phenomenon continues inside:
Seriously protected hoomin )
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So the landlord is tearing up, I mean replacing, the balconies last week and next. THE CATS ARE APPALLED. No one asked them and they certainly would never have authorized such a hullaballoo. (Spelling?)

I'm the middle apartment )

Rodney McKat has been zipping back and forth across the living room, unsure whether he should be a Manly Cat and Defend the Hoomin or...yup, we're getting another round of

Foul language warning )
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I was nattering on to my mother about nail polish and other supplies, including matte top coat when she interrupted to ask why? Why matte anything for nails?

It's a nail art thing )
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Four skeins of the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen just arrived from amazon.com. None of it is suitable for any of the projects I have planned.

Picture that does not do the yarn justice back here )

Do I return it?

O HELLLLLLLLZ NO. There will be a suitable project at some point, right? Right??

Yeah, I might be a crafter already without having cast on my first stich.

While I am picspamming you, behind the cut below is the best picture I've gotten of Sammi's amazing pale green eyes yet.

Yes, unrelated but still Cat )

Down in front is the paracord I'm using my my possibly futile attempt to crochet a beanie. Now, both thumbs hurt.
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Well, okay, yeah. Catlap courtesy of Rodney McKat goes on a lot around here. But never until today has Sammi actually gotten into my lap voluntarily, hung out for a scritch, then reclined at her ease. Ever.

I gotcher 'pics or it didn't happen' right back here. )

One small, tippy toe step for cat, one giant leap for human servant kind.
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I have officially gotten enough compliments on this clutch that I feel I must share. It's larger than I expected a clutch to be, though it does not quite hold a 7" tablet (it fits, but the lid doesn't close.) Shall we say that when I bought it, I was going for cost effective? :D

And in the nail art department, we have my second attempt at border nails:
Picture back here )
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Yes, it's cat spam back here )

Directly beneath her on the afghan is Rodney's spot.  They are still actively (but nonviolently) trolling each other.
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The cats are all over me. In the kitchen while it cooked, circling like furry sharks at my feet while I ate it and, 12 hours after brushing my teeth, I'm still getting frisked for random signs of fshi. Rodney remains alert. edited to add: their food bowl was empty. Now it's not and I'm persona non cata.

In the meantime, behind the cut is the aftermath of stew cooked in Le Creuset the morning after:
Dishwasher safe, but not recommended )

I am in serious need of a camera with an anti-shake feature. I don't think I've taken a picture in good focus since I got this cheap-ass POS thrifty little phone.
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Not necessarily better lit, but less shaky )

Our colors today:
Base purple: two coats of Purple with a Purpose
Yellow: two coats of I Just Can't Copacabana in a triangle across the top of the nail
Top purple: one coat of A Grape Affair in a triangle over the yellow to make a stripe.

All by OPI.

The thing about using a "blackened" color (A Grape Affair is a blackened purple) is that in anything other than very strong light, it looks black. Quel Goth.
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My melting pot manicure consists of the following colors by OPI:
Thrill of Brazil (red)
Alpine Snow (white)
I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw (blue)

Read more... )
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Behind the cut is a picture of my sofa with my CERT bag and a quarter metric tonne of medical supplies, mainly various sizes of bandages. (I had no idea there were 8x10 bandages.) The CERT training materials suggests what to buy and that we organize it, but it a little short on how.
Read more... )
I'm thinking ziplock baggies, but that's as far as I've gotten. Any suggestions?
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This is, like, 30 seconds after I stood up to get my shoes...
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There is a pair of work gloves I need to put on to move a set of shelves back into position after getting my new fridge.

These are the gloves:
Read more... )

This is where the shelves belong:
Read more... )

I could not make this stuff up.

Edited to add: For the curious, Glove!Cat is Rodney McKat and Shelf!Spot!Cat is Dame Veronica of Hollywood.
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No, really. Behind the cut are two picture taken about 3 1/2 hours apart. I've removed a layer of ice from the windshield and rear window of the car, and you can see on the roof when/where I got tired of scraping. :D
Before and after shots )
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 photo PricklyCity-AdorableKittensandSmut_zps952cdb48.jpg

VIVA LA SLASH (adorable kittens goes without saying)

In celebration of adorable kittens and smut, link to your favorite pix and fanfic in the comments. ;)
Adorable kitten.,.. )

Celebration of smut... )


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