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Sweet young thing: (prolonged apologia for why there isn't a corruption problem in Russia just because the West says there is)
Me: Starting from "the Russian oligarchs began life as the Russian Mafiya," rethink the history of the Russian Federation since 1989 and get back to me.
Sweet young thing: (sputters)
Me: Also, get off of my lawn.
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Me: (pro-vax rant)
Me: (paid for own shingles shot before insurance would cover it rant rant rant GO VAXX)
Troll: yr mom dint vax you agin chickenpox because she loved you! (drool derp buh wut?)
Me: (kinda steely eyed) By the time the chicken pox vaccine was in release, my chicken pox was five or six years in the past.

Why yes I still struggle with hiding my contempt for the anti-vaxx (vax? Is there a grammar here?) crowd; what wss your first clue?
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No, I didn't "like" the Men's Health FaceBook feed just to watch clips of shirtless fit young men doing fit young things...
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First reaction: (doubleshots on the rigid digit to all the Millennials who think they invented creative analog organization)

Second reaction: have these kids never met Franklin Covey? (The guys who monetized the hell out of creative analog organization)

Third reaction: (realizes that, for the price of a blank book and some elbow grease, can out-flexible Franklin Covey six ways from Sunday & recalls that everything Millennials say or do must be analyzed through the lens of they have no money.)

So now I'm setting up a bullet journal for 2017. Pinterest ate my life today with ideas of things to track.
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It's a long post )

Okay i thought that would paste the whole post, but behind the cut is a link to a look at slash fiction history on Tumblr. Fascinating, too!
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I'm turning 29 today...on Mars, anyway.
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So, someone who is not a Millennial femme said within my hearing that he may just "sit this (election) out" on account of not liking any of the candidates.

Me: Just hold your nose and vote for Hillary.
Him: No. I may write myself in. So it's a wasted vote; it's still my vote.

Look, I empathize. Literally. I didn't vote for at least the two elections after Carter v. Reagan, my heart was so broken. SEE HOW THAT WORKED OUT? Second Reagan term, then Bush, Sr. I had no idea who that Arkie Clinton was, I was just voting for four years of complete sentences.

(High five to anyone old enough to get the reference.)

Also, I've finally realized what my real problem with Secretary Clinton is. All of her name recognition comes from having been First Lady, i.e., wife of the President. Deep down, I don't want the first woman President to get it for any other reason than having clawed her way through the ranks under her own power.

As I keep telling baby Millennials, you don't get to choose your pioneers. I'm over myself and Secretary Clinton is my candidate. She's certainly been through more wringers (FLOTUS, Governor, Senator, Secretary of State) than Senator Sanders and as for that Socialist thing? Fwooh. You thought Obama faced some obstacles with his community organization thing?
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Some site like BuzzFeed or LifeHacker runs a list of trends "you're too old to wear."

You've never been young enough for more than half of them.
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I just discussed the merits of Jimmy Carter's presidency as much from having watched the news in high school as having studied International relations in college.

Coworker: aside from failing to rescue the hostages, what was so bad about Carter?
Me: Stagflation, unemployment, gas rationing, unbearable naivete...shall I go on?
Other Coworker: I thought you were a die hard liberal?
Me: Yes, and Jimmy Carter is absolutely my favorite former President. His crap monetary policy didn't mean Reaganomics was the answer, though.
Other coworker: (is still expounding on why Reagan was the answer to every ill the world ever thought of having.)
Me: (having an A.G.E. moment)

In other news, my underthings all match except for my socks, which coordinate with my nail polish.
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Scrolling through tumblr is, like bird, kitten, puppy dog!, feminist screed, kitty cat, moose, social justice warrioring, feminist screed...

Pause. (blink) These girls are discussing issues of consent and at least part of the audience isn't just waiting for them to finish venting, accept reality and shut up. I mean, there are jackasses rolling their eyes, but no one except trolls acting as if it isn't a serious discussion to be had.

If you don't know what I'm talking about? Good.
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Noo, it doesn't match; but I am wearing hot pink bikinis, so the world should probably still watch out.

Or at least be alert.

Okay, maybe just not dozing.

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Someone found their mother's X-Files fanfiction.

Bury me deep.


Jun. 4th, 2015 02:02 pm
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So, there are people downstairs in the lobby discounting smartwatches to the employee masses. This was discussed briefly in today's huddle and a 30-something came Very Close to Death when he allowed as how his eyes are too old for a smartwatch. mumblemumbleWHIPPERSNAPPER

Then it struck me. I am not the target market for smartwatches. Most Baby Boom eyes are too old for itty bitty screens, hence the "phablet" or 6" phone that doubles as a tablet. This is so much worse than watching the first Jolt Cola commercial in my late 30s and realizing it was likely to be aimed at Generation X because technology! That I am too old for! ZOMG!

Well, it was either panic about my age or rant about astigmatism making progressive contact lenses impossible for me, which would likely derail into a pro-vax discussion because it's entirely possible I'm astigmatic because I had chickenpox, for which there was no vaccine when I was a wee lurkr. So, you're welcome. ;)
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I BLAME THEMARYSUE.COM for the $62 I just spent getting caught up on the first three weeks of Marvel's current iteration of Secret Wars, because I am well old enough to remember the original Secret Wars. That they happened 1984-85 means I was out of college and earning a paycheck as a full adult, which was geeky above and Beyonder for the Greed is Good crowd.

Now I'm 53 and hooked on comics again. To be fair to themarysue.com, I'd say Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr., have some culpability there, as well as everybody else.

Also, I have a pull bin again.
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Someone posted to tumblr: "In 2001, what grade were you in?"

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...in more ways than one.

Most of the people I follow are very young or Millenials with the occasional Gen-Xer and even rarer fellow Baby Boomer. It seems that the younger and more creative the individual, the less likely they are to fit any of the gender or sexual orientation definitions available when I was a wee lass.

When I was a kid (whacks geezer cane on the porch) you had your boys, your girls, your normal people who dug the opposite sex, those highly suspect boys who dug boys and Renee Richards.

We were gobsmacked by Renee Richards and (at the time) waffled between judging him/her/it a horrible attention whore and/or her a brave pioneer.

Me? I was (and am, see girly stuff tag) a not very girly girl with minimal interest in boys because boys were stupid and no interest in girls because ...no interest in girls. For years, I didn't even realize that could be a thing. By the time I did, I was already finding about a dozen more interesting things to do than pursue sex with other people at any given time.

Now, I'm sniffing around a brand new sexuality (asexual or gray sexual?) and trying to figure out the difference between genderqueer and genderfluid (no link because Wikipedia feeds directly back to genderqueer on that one and all the other sites are BLOCKED ZOMG SEX from my work LAN) and whether either of them applies to me because I revolt utterly against the picture of womanhood imprinted on me as a kid, am not sure the current picture really fits either and would rather be dragged backward over carpet tacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol than be a man.

Thanks, tumblr. I was just twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to think about in middle age before you came along.

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So, it's (depending on how you measure these things) either 43.2 or 6.2 degrees here in Midtown Atlanta and everyone but me is shuffling around in puffy coats and sock hats, staring at me tilting my face and throat to the wind because mmmmm, that feels good.

I'm wearing a tunic style T-shirt, jeans and a hot flash. Sometimes menopause is fun!
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So, I was poking around the retirement benefits page and wound up visiting my money at fidelity.com, as you do.

Fidelity has this perky new toolset to help users figure out whether they're ready to retire.

Fidelity: Try using our 8x rule of thumb!
Me: 8x what now?
(voice of MOM) : That means 8x whatever you think you need, o spendthrift
Fidelity: No, silly! It just means you need to have 8x your final year's salary saved in order to afford retirement in addition to (11ty billion other money things.)
Me: (gets out calculator) This year's salary x8 = a quarter of a million dollars short.

I'm trying not to use this as an excuse to get drunk and play the lotto a lot.
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...on the fact that gas in suburban Atlanta is US$2.25/gallon. Of course I keep filling up at what appears to be the lowest price since my young adulthood low these three decades ago, and then it drops another few cents. This is surreal.

I love it when Saudi Arabia tries to put the Soviet Union I mean Russia all of its non-Arab competitors out of business but mostly Russia.
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Or, y'know, Merry Everything and Happy always.

Me? I'm spending $$ at the amazon.com one day sale for the purposes of loading up any new devices one might have unwrapped this morning. The haul so far:

The Winter Sea
Susanna Kearsley
The Rose Garden
Susanna Kearsley
The Shadowy Horses
Susanna Kearsley
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch)
Ann Leckie
Kim Stanley Robinson

That's just the books. Here's the link to all of the digital content on sale today.

It's heavy on the romance because I already had most of the f/sf. I really hope I like Susanna Kearsley; the descriptions were good and it's that one-day-only thing that put me over the top. Because I am old: (1) I'm still appreciating all the clothes I got for Christmas at Thanksgiving from my mother; and (2) I am considering the ABBA and Neil Diamond greatest hits mp3 albums from the same amazon.com sale.

I'm going to count the nine quart Le Creuset Dutch French oven as my main Christmas gift to myself. It was 40% off! And the right size for boiling more than one head of cabbage for African Cabbage Stew! Plus for making large, freezable quantities of things, which is what I plan to be doing after I finish my diet Coke! And did I mention 40% off? Yeah, still trying to convince myself it wasn't foolish conspicuous consumption.

And how are y'all holidays going?


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