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Scrolling through tumblr is, like bird, kitten, puppy dog!, feminist screed, kitty cat, moose, social justice warrioring, feminist screed...

Pause. (blink) These girls are discussing issues of consent and at least part of the audience isn't just waiting for them to finish venting, accept reality and shut up. I mean, there are jackasses rolling their eyes, but no one except trolls acting as if it isn't a serious discussion to be had.

If you don't know what I'm talking about? Good.
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in george soper’s 1907 account of tracing a small but perplexing typhoid outbreak back to one person, a cook named mary mallon (later dubbed “typhoid mary” by the press), he pauses to note that she was blond, blue-eyed and “had a good figure, and might have been called athletic had she not been a little too heavy”

christ, dude

is there literally nothing a woman can do where she won’t be reduced to her appearance

you’d think we could at the very least be a vector for deadly diseases without some dude turning it into a public referendum of how bangable we are

“her story is a fascinating look at a key moment in the history of medical science, as well as the intersection of classism, sexism, and xenophobia in turn-of-the-century american society. also she was like, a 6.”



Jul. 26th, 2015 10:39 am
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From tumblr:
Flower causes cat to malfunction
Itty bitty kitties napping
One day things will get better; until then...
My reaction when someone asks me what I'm doing with my life
Copperbadge explains the fuss over Ant Man (does not involve cats)
edited to add:
The Big Gay Hate Machine (which is not at all what it sounds like, except hysterically is)

Why are you so angry? (first of a six part dissection of what's up with gamergate; whole series takes just shy of an hour to watch, but it was a perspective I hadn't thought of. Also, can be applied to pretty much any situation involving the question "What is that privileged asshole's mafunction?")
Age of Ultron/Winter Soldier crack vid #1
Age of Ultron/Winter Soldier crack vid #2 (my fave of the pair)


Note: 1/3rd of me agrees with Scalzi about Glamour's state of inebriation; 1/3rd of me is appalled that some men at just that easy; 1/3rd of me is taking notes. (facepalm)

Recipe links:
Mushroom bourguignon (can be vegan with substitution of arrowroot for flour and gluten free with veggie noodles)
Weight Watcher's Garlic Herb Roasted Pork (though clearly vegan is not my priority at dinner)
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Feminists say that if they walk around naked and get raped, it’s not their fault. Let me ask you this, if you owned a bank and left the doors wide open with no security and you got robbed in the middle of the night, is it the robbers fault or yours?

Literally the robber’s fault??? They walked in and took something that wasn’t theirs??? They knew pretty well that they shouldn’t steal things??? What is your argument even trying to prove???

Also can we stop equating women with inanimate possessions in an attempt to show their value and worth??? Jesus fucking christ. I’m not a bank with the doors left open. I’m not a car parked in a “bad neighborhood”. I’m not a shiny wrist watch, or a purse left unattended. I’m a fucking human being. I am not a consumable good. I’m not here for the taking. And if your miniscule brain can’t wrap around that concept, don’t confuse yourself by thinking that your opinion is in any way valuable or worth sharing.
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Tim Hunt piece on The Mary Sue.

Sorry, Sir Tim Hunt is a pig ignorant moron. Who, even as a joke, starts any anecdote with "my problem with girls is..." ? I mean, anywhere? Let alone in a room full of women, many if not most of whom are members of the press?


(edited to correct name)
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...consisted of visualizing the "Old Boy" comfort zone.Cut for length )

As a matter of strategy, though, it's tough to expect all the women to stand (or whatever they're physically up to) shoulder to shoulder against sexism when sexism may not even be some women's biggest problem.
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I have, like, four tabs open as a result of Googling "white feminism," so research is in progress, but I'm wondering if anyone on my flist can explain in small words and short sentences when white (sometimes "liberal" is thrown in) feminists became problematic?

Is it the privilege of missing being a white man by one?

Is it the possessiveness we feel of feminism since we started it, forgetting rich white educated women were the only ones who didn't have to work all the jobs to survive and therefor had time to make trouble?

Are white feminists like Patricia Arquette or Hillary Clinton being racist or otherwise remiss?

In other words, have I missed a nuance?

edited to add:  Some nuance... "The trouble with (white) feminism"
or, a really long winded version of what [livejournal.com profile] amycooper said :D
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So, some kind soul on tumblr linked the world to this very serious video about street harassment, which has one of the best ending lines I've heard in awhile.

After that, I riffled through Marina's other videos, one of which concerned Myths About Feminism.

Geezer response: U R NOT TAKN FEMINISM SRSLY ENUF, WPRSNAP, except a geezer wouldn't use l33t and l33t is unlikely to have a word for "whippersnapper."
Feminist!Me response: Largely accurate, especially the "literally" part at the end. (Wicke Witch of the West cackle.)
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Australian Newspaper Criticized For Sexist Obituary Of Famed Author Colleen McCullough

Or maybe some jackass family member submitted it? Or the author herself wrote it in a tongue-in-cheek moment before her death?

Edited to add: So, I went to the obituary itself to see if the second paragraph mentioned that she was a well-loved author. Not so much:

"In Australia one of the highest accolades given to a person of consequence is that she or he (dead or alive) is (or was) a very “private person”. In most cases this claim is manifestly untrue.

"McCullough was no exception. “I’m media shy,” she told a reporter ingenuously after giving a thousand and one interviews to the press and appearing endlessly on television and radio. Colleen was the supreme egotist and talked about herself with unusual candour.Not that she was ever a bore. Far from it."

Not sure I can read any more of that nonsense.

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  • Feminists:Hey. We'd like for women to be treated as equals.

  • Society:Oh sure. You want "equality" but then you expect men to open the door and pay for meals, is that it? That's not equality! That's special treatment!

  • Feminists:Um, no not really. You don't have to open the door and pay for our meals. We can do that ourselves.

  • Society:*gasp* What? You don't want men to open doors for you? Why do you hate nice people? No wonder chivalry is dead! You'd yell at a man for just being polite and opening the door for you?

  • Feminists:No! We're just saying you don't have to do it just because we're women!

  • Society:And while we're at it, how come you don't protect male victims of abuse and rape, huh?

  • Feminists:Actually, we think it's really terrible that men are forced to stay quiet about their abuse because they're worried about not being taken seriously. It's this Alpha Male myth that causes it. Men are abused and raped and they're not helped because men are supposed to be tough and able to handle it. This also goes for men not being able to express emotions.

  • Society:Oh, so you just want men to be a bunch of pansies then, huh? You hate men for wanting to be strong LIKE NATURE INTENDED THEM TO BE. You'll be sorry when you end up married to some weak, simpering fool who likes to talk about his "feelings"!

  • Society:Also, you can't have equal rights because women aren't aggressive enough to want higher pay and stuff.


  • Society:Jesus, calm down. No need to be so aggressive.

I have no idea how to cite tumblr, but here's the link to the post I saw.

edited to add: this works as a fairly brief overview of the history of feminism, especially if you add "and then we started suing people" to the end.
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Yeah, don't do it.  Laci Green below the cut on what it is and why it's a bad idea, if you need more information.
This cut right here )
All of that said, I still plan to judge women who use sex and/or their sexuality as a weapon (sleeping their way to the top, e.g.) rather harshly. That's not just risky behavior, it's man-hating.
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The Art of War for Women by Chin-Ning Chu
Published 2010 by Crown Business

For a book published in 2010, there was quite a bit of old school "I am Woman, hear me roar," feminism in this. I found that quite refreshing, personally. Also, it was balanced with shoe metaphor when discussing getting to know ourselves better. Yes, shoes in a book about women's success. That part was both charming and trenchant. (I'm one of the ones in sneakers, if you're curious.) The author also took a page out of John T. Malloy and gently reminded today's young women that how we dress really does affect perception of our seriousness about career.

The book both makes me want to read the actual Art of War while making me shy away from it. Sun Tzu apparently wrote it as a resume for a Warring States king in China, so it's intentionally obscure so that said king would need Sun to advise him on it. Clever boy, but abstruse.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
Sun Tzu

The hows and wherefores of getting to know oneself and one's enemy that well are left as an exercise for the student. :D For extra credit, reconcile with:

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
Sun Tzu

I'm starting to hear things from Mulan now.


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