May. 31st, 2007 02:56 am
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Deletions occurred yesterday.

LJ troops are still working on a post to the news comm.

An individual identifying themselves on metafilter as anildash is responding to IMs under "anildash" on Jabber, and gave me the following contact information:

I am not making this up. That is a telephone number. Anildash actually spent quite some time on Jabber expressing how upset LJ people are, how the policies have been "evolving rapidly," lots of people were out of the office over the holiday weekend and that, had any of this been under his or her control, it would never have happened.

I had jumped on to advise that my paid accounts are no longer on automatic and that I'd be going to greatestjournal for my future journaling needs and that three people have been fired from my organization in the last six months for "human error," that talking to CNET before the users was really bad form, not talking to each other wasn't all that well thought out and that it's sort of a problem when things like this are beyond the control of the only people who seem to care.

Anildash just took all this, then gave me that e-mail address and phone number and asked me to make sure everyone I talked to knew that LJ staffers know they screwed up, really want to make this right and could I let her get back to the news post really quick? (I think Anildash is female based on communication style, but it would be rude to assume)

Anyway, current rumor has it that there's going to be an update to the news comm soon.

I wished Anildash luck with that.


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