Mar. 5th, 2007

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I must say, one upside to hanging out in a free-market fandom like SGA is that no one acts all shocked at the wank, and sometimes we get mockery fanfiction out of it.

For those playing wank home game, are the good guys winning? Are they up to the playoffs yet? Will there be any sort of Wank Superbowl? Or is it all just March Madness?


Mar. 5th, 2007 09:09 am
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As I have no clear recollection whose icon post I nicked this one from, I'm glad they said credit was nice but not required. If you know who you are, thanks!
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This has been on for weeks, and I have yet to comment. Hmmm.

Full disclosure: about a decade ago, I had a slim sliver of a pretension of "knowing" the author of the series, as in "being vaguely aquainted via an internet listserv in a way that is barely worth mentioning years later," and didn't like him. At present, I have no pretension whatsoever of knowing him, but from what I hear, one of us has outgrown the reason for me not liking him.

I mention it because that casual acquaintance did prejudice my opinion of the early books in the series, and I never got past the first few chapters of Grave Peril.

Given the usual atrocities committed in any book-to-TV adaptation, this may be a good thing. I remember, for example, doing a whole lot more "Who is this travesty they're calling Faramir?" than enjoying The Two Towers when that movie came out.

For example, I've read enough of the series to know that's not Bob. I know the story behind Bob from back when the series was, quite literally, a twinkle in its daddy's eye. There is a reason Bob spoilers concerning the character of Bob )

What story on Bob? )

Of course, there's a TV reason he is, and it's a really good one, the sort of reason that cuts short the lives of brilliant sci fi series everywhere: cost. For Bobcut for the spoilerphobe, but having to do with a special effect that ) would sink the show before it got properly off the ground.

It also helps that Terrence Mann is smokin' hot, and pushes one of my favorite flavors of cracksnark. :)

Anyway, I'm grooving on this series as a highly entertaining hour of speculative fiction television, and am very sorry for anyone who's not on the off chance that the match-up between page and screen is just too distant.

I'd ramble on more, but really must be getting to work now.
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It was SO inappropriate, )


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