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Apparently, if I don't leave the building for lunch, I don't have to come back inside it. I've overcome anxiety about entering the building in the morning, but not about coming back in if I leave at midday.

WTF, brain?
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The gallows humor is getting trenchant around here and my brain is starting to do weird things.

For example: if L's blood father legally adopted me (which he did,) does that make her step-children my half-step-children or my dubstep-children?
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Why are all of my shoes suddenly in the living room?

Why am I pretty sure it has something to do with providing cat toys when my cats are not spoiled?
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I had a blended family (albeit at a distance) before it was cool and, whle we've had our tense moments, it's (mostly*) never gotten violent.

So why did I wake up from a dream where we were basically re-enacting Game of Thrones? My maternal ancestors were the queens of a tiny country and all of my half and step siblings were nipping around the edges, trying to take over?

Da fuq, brain?

I should write that shit down....

*we don't speak ill of the dead, so let's leave it as someone didn't handle divorce at all gracefully.
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Pros: I breathed through a panic/anxiety/WTF-ever attack without actually having one.

Cons: I was at work, it took me an hour and it was still so exhausting I may as well have gone home and just had it because I wound up going home to sleep off the effects of not having it.

While we've all taken a pledge at work not to stigmatize mental illness, I feel that everyone should freely stigmatize how much it sucks.

I wonder

Jan. 14th, 2015 11:03 am
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Is Attention Deficit Disorder God/Mother Nature/The Cosmic Jest's way of keeping creative geniuses from achieving world domination?

If so, it's pretty narrow. I'D BE SUCH A BENEVOLENT DICTATRIX.

On the other hand...mermaids!
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Whammy the first: woke up in the living room recliner in yesterday's clothes

Whammy the second: My shirt was inside out ALL DAY yesterday

99 problems, bein' fate's bitch ain't one.
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Like waking up in the living room three days after New Year's with the cats laughing at you. Stand up, and your pants fall off because they are for some reason unzipped, even though there's no porn on the PC (yet.)

At least I've lost enough weight for them to fall off instead of cling. (shrug) THERE WILL NOW BE CAFFEINE.
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Because had I put my coat that was in the back seat of the car on two days ago, I would have (a) avoided a case of the sniffles and (b) found my phone a lot sooner.

edited to add: the last scene in that vid? been there, done that, except keys. Shut up.
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Below the cut are the chores currently on my Chore Checklist app:
My Chores )
Did I miss any? And, yes..."put away x" needs to be a separate chore for me. My brain is an ultra-weird place.
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This morning, I found sneakers on the end table and my tablet keyboard on the closet floor.

Well, I was trying to be tidy.


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