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Note: when Best Buy says "for best experience, please bring..." they mean "for any experience other than gtfo."
My sad tale of woe )

tl;dr version: the difference between a human being and a machine providing customer service is the emotional heavy lifting. Yup, everything under the cut epitomizes a love child of First World problems and my own inability to plan ahead. I still get better customer service from amazon.com, and I've spoken to a human there twice in 10 years. Yes, it sucks when customers are lusers (ok, that's tech support wtfever,) but fact remains that the less emotional heavy lifting brick and mortar employees are ready to do, the more motivation I have to bend my life around phone menus, websites and vending machines.

Also, the Lenovo Ideapad 110s is pretty good for the price. Kind of one thing at a time, though.
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I am at work on a Thursday at a Fortune 50 (yes, five-O, we fancy that way) company wearing sneakers, jeans and a brown T-shirt that says "Just hand over all your chocolate and no one gets hurt."

Inner Optimist: At least the cats aren't snacking on me
Inner Everyone Else: SHUT UP.
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"As God is my witness, I'll never be poor participate in training without caffeine again!!"
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Have you ever just come home from school or work, faded into the couch or recliner and said "tomorrow is another day?"

I've been doing that for a week now and could use some advice on overcoming cushion inertia.
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We have a thing at All Your Phones Are Belong To Us called the 'Leadership Development Program' or LDP. The company trolls MBA programs and hires kids fresh out of them. They do three tours of duty: one in Care, one in Operations and one in Marketing then, if they survived all that, they get to be a level two (area manager, one level above what I achieved as a supervisor.)

Don't call them leader interns, we are admonished. Okay, says I; and calls them 'baby managers.' Because that's so much better.

Baby Manager P asks me today about my 'time in title' as an associate. (Blink) Well, my last performance appraisal as your peer was in 2009...but wait! it was a good one, so they must have started tanking them in 2010, because my former peer did my 2010 appraisal, so the demotion would have been late 2010 -- roughly four years as an associate. But I was a Senior Associate for three years, if there are any more knives you'd like to twist, young man.

I had a brief, shining moment of hope that he was asking as part of a pay evaluation to bump me back to Senior as part of my new role in the proactive team, but no. They're getting precise times in title for a team-building Office Olympics.

That I now have a desk catapult bookmarked is completely irrelevant to the topic.
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...every time I ask a manager whom I first met when he was a contractor and I was a manager for leadership or supervisory guidance.

A, because I no longer have people asking me dopey questions that highlight how haphazard leadership is and

B, because he is so very consummately as yes-man that he actually has to check on the answer or

C, it's more and more okay with me that I was asked to step down in a yes-person environment.
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Warning: the link I am about to post will likely trigger the hell out of anyone who has ever been screwed over by a man.

Emotional violence and social power

I'd link to the tumblr entry where I came by that link, but do not know how. [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge put it up on his tumblr feed in response to a response to a post of his discussing China Mieville, who is mentioned by initials in Bidisha's blog post. Copperbadge's post is called Owning an error, for anyone who knows how to work tumblr better than I.

Anyway -- my point. My reaction to that linked blog entry up there was varied, but boiled down to "little girl," (for the author is somewhat younger than I) "if no one did business with men who've screwed over women, no business would get done. Get over yourself."

How jaded does one have to be for that to be the initial reaction, followed more than 12 hours later by "also, this makes it sound like no man ever had his life destroyed by a woman. We do our share of damage." In the context, by the way, of being kind of proud of getting some of our own back.

I partly feel like a bad feminist and partly feel like a very old lady to be thinking of a 35 yo as a little girl.
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My mother texts "My new mantra is I want what you want. What do you want?"

I probably gave her a cardiac event by waiting a day and a half to reply "life would be a lot easier if I knew that."

She pinged back "Maybe you should give that some thought."

So. Questions for the flist:

1. You are offered full-throttle support for what you want in life by someone who is no slouch in the support department. Do you know what you want in life?

2. Do you remember figuring out what you want in life?

3. If so, how the frickety frelling frack did you figure it out?
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So, I got fuck-all done yesterday other than:

1. Discovering that canned mackerel is a equally fine instrument of kitty annoyance and tastes pretty fine when mixed with relish and mayonnaise and consumed on crackers;

2. Inventing the Wireless Troubleshooting Drinking Game at work, with such fine exemplars as:

Sip if the address provided for a coverage issue doesn't map correctly.
Chug if the sites serving the calls are more than five miles away from the address provided.
Finish the bottle if the sites serving the calls are in another State.

Sip if the feature reported as not working isn't provisioned in the switch.
Chug if the feature reported as not working doesn't actually exist.
Finish the bottle if powering on the phone makes the feature "work."

I went on, but they become more esoteric to the wireless industry and I can't remember all of them. I do remember providing alternate instructions for non-drinkers (this is the Bible Belt, after all:) for sip, chug or finish the bottle substitute one piece of candy, two pieces of candy or empty the bag. Every single thing in the game is scenario I've encountered some time in the last 22 years of working for what has become All Your Phones Are Belong to Us.
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Work as hard as you must to avoid being 52 AND overweight AND underemployed.

Failing that, avoid whining like a little rhymes-with-witch about the choices that put you there.

This entry brought to you by a whiny little day. Ready for the gym now?
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I'm on a cut for people who couldn't give a crap less about my drug habits )
How am I always the duly designated peacemaker when a conference call goes from sugar to sh-sawdust???

I'm having one of those "if I'm the sane one, we're doomed" moments.

Something to whine about: I had to work both weekend days because the developers can get their story straight on software release readiness. This calls for a pedicure or something like it.
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There are two people I work with (one in Illinois and the other in Florida) who really push my buttons in the angry, throat-punch way because they both think they're the only one on the planet who cares about the customer experience and the rest of us are put in their paths as obstacles to that goal.

Is it wrong of me to fantasize about putting these women at opposite ends of a dark alley and making book on who comes out alive?

edited to add: I actually like the Floridian (she can't help herself; she's tiny and blonde) so of course it's the Illinois-an (who turns out to be tiny and fake-streaked-blonde) I get to sit near for the next two days in a contentious atmosphere of how-best-to-serve-the-customer.

(maybe I'm just the anti-tiny and too red headed?)
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No, really. It's all T not A back here. )

Well, I know that now. (facepalm) At least I have a semi-legitmate excuse for bra-stuffing.


Apr. 9th, 2013 09:17 am
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There's nothing quite like showing up 20 mins late for class, and the director (3 spots up on the food chain) is RIGHT THERE, taking notes.
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Or so it seems when my Weight Watcher's Activelink flashes green from time to time. I thought I had it discreetly tucked into my bra, but wasn't paying enough attention and clipped it face out.  No one was around when it went off, for which I am thankful.

Putative Observer: Why is your cleavage blinking green at me?
Me: Um, my arc reactor malfunctioned?

The object of the game is to have a gizmo that captures all of the body's movements and from them, calculate the real number of WW activity points earned. The big carrot is that the activity points can be substituted for weekly food tracking points. The minor bummer is that for the first week while it's running its assessment phase, the user gets no activity points at all and cannot enter any manually. (sulk)

Upside is that I have a stellar excuse for ditching the gym this week: all of my activities are supposed to be within normal parameters so that it can calculate an increased activity challenge. I was thisclose to attaching the thing to one of the cats for the week.

(edited to add a link to a comic that only makes sense if you appreciate Hunger Games parodies. The first one is here.)
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Runny nose, sore throat, coughing liek woa -- all ganged up yesterday. I am the soul of sulk, or would be if I had enough energy. I set alarms this morning for 8am, but was essentially the Coma that Walked Like a Redhead until 230pm, when I started sorting my prescriptions into what has to be the world's largest pill planner and realized that I didn't have enough of one of them and set out on a five and a half hour odyssey to refill it (thank God it wasn't a controlled substance.)

Now it's 11pm EDT and all I have packed are my meds. And I'm getting sleeeeeeepy. This packing job will be v. interesting.
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Rather than self-diagnose, I thought I'd get an opinion from a trained medical professional on the topic of NSAIDs, asthma and steroidal inhalers, as the physiotherapist noted continued swelling (minor but present) and I am prepared to be quite the wuss concerning the discomfort of going med free.

Yeah, don't try that on a Monday, kids. Booked solid as Gibraltar, they.

UPDATE: Fortunately, when one is requesting a medicine used before and that is not a controlled substance and has an appointment scheduled for after vacation, doctors are pretty good about faxing in the scrip. I have a steroidal inhaler (Flovent, FYI other asthmatics) which should alleviate the stress on my delicate f#ck!ng flower lungs.


Feb. 5th, 2013 07:34 pm
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See, cos everything looks and sounds classier in pseudo-French.

Update? We'll leave it at typing one-handed got old really, really fast at work. Then, it turned out that I am surrounded by mother hens of both genders, as whenever I took off my cast to type faster, at least two of them would prairie dog out of their cubes to glare.

I'm interpreting the "take this off to bathe" as "take this off to bathe, dress and eat," because I'd still be having breakfast if I didn't
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I'd crow about the miraculous healing powers of pain management and maybe try to skate on a visit to the orthopod (that's what the nurse at the Urgent Care called the orthopedic surgeon -- what she being funny?) except...I still can't drink diet Coke right-handed. Also, having been to the Urgent Care facility (which turns out not to be in network; can't wait for that bill) and checked to see whether the orthopod is in network (he is; no clue how I would have found one other than calling the GP and fessing up to Xtreem Klutz of the Year) it seems a bad time to hop off the common sense train.

Someday, I'll learn to write a sentence (declarative or otherwise) without a buttload of parentheses in it. Today is not that (happy) day.


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