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So, I'm having the kind of eye surgery that means I need to stay face down for up to three weeks afterward, and I'm having it tomorrow.

Naturally, the whole world is about to party. Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2, opens two days later, and the Georgia Aquarium is having a Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend.

Y'all have fun out there!
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You've arrived alive and on time and dressed for the occasion but your nail polish is chipped all to hell.
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Given that I haven't let go of the ordeal that was getting a "secure" DL that was supposed to go five years but says it was issued 2015 and expires this year, karma was being very, very kind to me today. Renewal was painless and the next one is meant to last eight years. Yay!
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A. I have no reasonable expectation that this experiment in populist nativism is going to end well, so my hopes for the nation are low to non-existant;


B. I'm already unemployed with a slowly rehabilitating, formerly broken leg, so have no expectations of things generally going right in my life.

Compared and contrasted with my outlook this time last year, which 2016 seemed to take great, twisted pleasure in savaging, 2017 has a very low bar of expectation.
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Vortex, I mean? Part of the point of living in the South is mild winters that start late, not two weeks before the solstice.

GrumbleSNEEZE .

Bored now

Nov. 6th, 2016 02:57 pm
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I guess it's time to find a job.

/priveleged whine
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Male preppers are all "bullets, beans bandaids, now pass the cool gear over here."

Women preppers are all "are you debt free? what kind of physical condition are you in? it's national preparedness month...test your preps by pulling the plug for 24 hours!"

And not, like, on a weekend. No. A working day when all your normal activities are in play.

Okay NO. I will own it. My preps are exceedingly unlikely to stand up to 24 hours with the circuit breakers off. Why has no one discussed flushing the toilet prior to suggesting not doing it for 24 hours???

Then there's Bucky Barnes in Captain America: Civil War, showing us how bug-out bags are supposed to work.

I feel so inadequate.
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My pants are falling off but I'm still fat because dropped a size and a half, yeah; but still three or four sizes to go.

However, my underwear matches.
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The physical therapist actually said "no more cane for you" last Tuesday, but I talked her down to "only at the end of the day when you're tired, but try not to need it."

Clinging to a cane the pro thinks I don't need while wanting to be rid of the hinged monstrosity on my leg that demonstrably helps with pain is dauntingly weird to me. I've been researching "best knee brace for (various search terms related to tibia plateau fracture)" and Google keeps coming back with...exactly what I'm wearing.

Stymied! And thwarted! At every turn.

Me to everyone else: do what the medicos tell you; Western medicine is good stuff in a crisis!
Me to me: bored now; how sure are we these people aren't being overcautious?

Self deluding hypocrisy sucks.
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...you wanted fresh, hot steak (medium rare) and scrambled eggs and all there is since they closed the cafe is frozen sausage biscuits.
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What's a longer day than the day before Thanksgiving?

Why, yes....that would be the day after Thanksgiving. Even fewer tickets in queue. No restaurants open. Forgot lunch.

Send help.

Also, saw Mockingjay 2 yesterday. Finally! Something more depressing than the Civil War trailer. I read all three books and still didn't remember some of the reasons not to get attached to some of the characters.
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I'll be 21 with 33 years of experience.

I was thinking spa day, complete with facial, pedicure and massage. Maybe even a manicure to get my cuticles under control.

Then I went to get something out of the trunk of the car, caught sight of a certain sticker and realized that what I will be doing is getting my vehicle inspected and its registration renewed.

Maybe time for a pedicure after that. (sigh)


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