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And is still on of the most enthralling depictions of the seven living American generations I've ever seen. Gorgeously made!

Edited to add: embedded sharing code appears to be available from desktop YouTube only. Hmmm.


Nov. 8th, 2016 06:12 pm
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Or, whatever happened to Hillary Rodham?

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Joss Whedon: still god of the nerds that can assemble such a cast.
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1. Find your desired tag, for example:
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

2. Search results default to newest to oldest, which be a nice grab bag, but (nosewrinkle) if this is new. From the sort and filter panel on the right, check "complete only" near the bottom and sort by "kudos" from the drop down menu near the top.

3. Click sort and filter for the Yelp of that pairing.

Which reminds me!

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So the landlord is tearing up, I mean replacing, the balconies last week and next. THE CATS ARE APPALLED. No one asked them and they certainly would never have authorized such a hullaballoo. (Spelling?)

I'm the middle apartment )

Rodney McKat has been zipping back and forth across the living room, unsure whether he should be a Manly Cat and Defend the Hoomin or...yup, we're getting another round of

Foul language warning )
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I love that the baby owl charges down the shelf looking as though mayhem will surely ensue, then...the floof.
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1. I discovered Movie Bob on youtube. (still giggling hysterically)
2. Someone on tumblr directed me to his review of Pixels, worth it for the insults alone. Exceedingly foul language warning!

I had no big plans to see this because Sandler, but was considering because Dinklage, but then I saw that review.
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Combining two of my favorite things: How It Should Have Ended and OnlyLeigh
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First, well done Mr. Oliver for finding a way to make America care about the conversation Mr. Snowden wanted to start.
Second, seriously, America? How far has our intellectual engagement fallen that it takes this approach to make you care???

For me, the conversation was irrelevant when I gained the impression all the sturm und drang was about massive scooping up of phone and email header records. Allegedly all they're getting for the phone records are the originating and terminating phone numbers and the duration of the call. I see more than that when troubleshooting.

Did your eyes just go wide? An anonymous tech grunt in the wireless industry has access to more data about a phone call than the government? Well, you can relax for the following reasons:

1. I still can't see content. No clue what what was said.
2. My user ID is tracked throughout all systems I access throughout the day. If I run a call trace, there needs to be an associated trouble ticket called in by a subscriber. In other words, I have no reason (and, incidentally, none of the information necessary) to run a trace until a subscriber makes a complaint that requires a trace.
3. If for some reason I set up a trace with no associated ticket, my employment can be terminated and my hind end gift wrapped for the attorneys of the subscriber.

Now, I would like to think that in the case of a government agency, one would substitute "warrant" for "trouble ticket," and if not? Yeah, that's a conversation I'd like to have.
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...is so tired of society's binary bull:

person: are you gay?
me: no
person: so you’re straight
me: nope
person: then what are you???
me: ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name

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So, some kind soul on tumblr linked the world to this very serious video about street harassment, which has one of the best ending lines I've heard in awhile.

After that, I riffled through Marina's other videos, one of which concerned Myths About Feminism.

Geezer response: U R NOT TAKN FEMINISM SRSLY ENUF, WPRSNAP, except a geezer wouldn't use l33t and l33t is unlikely to have a word for "whippersnapper."
Feminist!Me response: Largely accurate, especially the "literally" part at the end. (Wicke Witch of the West cackle.)
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1. My employer did not have the douchiest response to the FCC's decision YAY
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The Pachelbel Rant -- any music nerds in the audience (who have not already seen this) will get a lot more out of it that I, and I found it hysterically funny.
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Why, to "Let It Go" OF COURSE.  What other song would they use??
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Because had I put my coat that was in the back seat of the car on two days ago, I would have (a) avoided a case of the sniffles and (b) found my phone a lot sooner.

edited to add: the last scene in that vid? been there, done that, except keys. Shut up.
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I've held the opinion for quite some time that cats aren't properly domesticated because they enjoy the full benefits of domestication while still doing exactly what they would have anyway (taking naps and occasionally chasing vermin.)  Now some geneticists have confirmed it:

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How It Should Have Ended made a vid for the trailer. How the trailer should have ended. I cannot contain my GLEE.

I'd sort of forgotten DC was even out there for awhile.


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