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So, del.icio.us has been eating my life. My latest favorite tag search is

sga crossover spn

Which leads to a number of delightful crossovers between Stargate:Atlantis and Supernatural, the latter of which I don't really watch. [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 keeps me posted on major developments in the Hotness That Is Winchestertude, and I know the basic premise, but have never seen more than a few episodes from the first and second seasons.

One thing I've noticed about the slashy crossovers: if a Winchester boy is going to reach out and touch someone with carnal intent, it tends to be Dean, and the young man is not shy about it.

Is this characteristic of the onscreen Dean Winchester?
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Written By The Victors

Author: [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza
Fandom: SGA
Rating: NC-17 slash, het (we're calling this bitextual now?)

Why? The meta on fandom fussing about ship, slash, characterization and the psychosexual bullshit in fandom alone is worth the price of admission. There is also a balls-out brilliant love story or three in this.

Must-read especially for academics, historians and/or anyone else with a passing acquaintance with the writng style. This story has a bibliography and index! !!1!1zomgSQUEE 1!!

Brace yourself: story weighs in at 336k, and is totally, completely the reason I didn't get shit done on my beta duties for [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 or [livejournal.com profile] owleyesarisen.


edit to add: It's 336k? What is it ABOUT, before I go kerflop into it? Any warnings? In other words: light spoilage, then scroll a lot for grossly heavy-handed spoilage. )
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Realize it's been a while since I posted.

So now I'm back, from outer space, just walking in with that look upon my face...you should have changed that stupid lock, you should have made me leave my key, because I am back to bother you all for fic recs.

Having finished (and quite admired) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (more on that if anyone is realy interested later,) I seek crossover fic between Harry Potter and (ideally) something in a nice Stargate: Atlantis or Stargate: SG-1, but will take just about anything, slash or gen, in my nostalgic fugue.

Anyone have a favorite HP/?? crossover link tucked away in their bookmarks?
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I think they changed stuff. Did they change stuff?

Main difference... )
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Decent sum-up of the wank that went directly over my head last week:

Link to Fandom_Wank on Racism in SGA fandom, or possibly Batshit Asshattery in SGA Fandom, you be the judge

At least, I think it's a decent sum up. Anyone still reading this LJ should feel free to provide better links in comments.

How shallow am I that my biggest worry is the unbelievable avalanche of badfic that will no doubt ensue as fanwriters attempt to prove they're not by-God racist? Fanwriters with no prior interest in the allegedly demeaned characters whatsoever, who will now crank out the least-probable AUs casting them in ...well, whatever the fanwriter in question thinks proves themselves paragons of tolerance and broadmindedness?

Given that I read SGA fanfiction pretty much for the smut, I'm quite comfortable with however shallow this makes me, kthnx. I'm just trying to get a guessimate here.
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No, really. Go play!


Anyone can do better than my contribution.

[wanders off to play tourist in own town]
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Okay, I've begun reading my third or fourth or fifth story in which John Sheppard has a horrible, braying laugh. It's all different authors, too.

Canon or fanon, and where did this get started? I don't remember John donkey-laughing!
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Emo Plot Bunny, Free to a Good Home.

Because this plot bunny spoils a not-so-minor character information plot point (though it was of course minor in the overal scheme of things "Sunday") I am placing it behind a spoiler cut, like this, see? )

Extra, extra credit: expand at some length on what "emo" actually means, in the extraordinarily likely case I am misusing it.
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What is the differential diagnosis for blue scales?

A House/Stargate: Atlantis crossover

All dialog, all crack, not so much as suggestive content.
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Joe Mallozzi is the showrunner of Stargate:Atlantis?

I am so frakkin' out of here.

It certainly explains a lot of what I've been hearing.

Spoilers for Season 4 Atlantis )

All of this is in reaction to stuff seen at:

Joe Mallozzi's Blog, Jan 15

Reactions to his contempt for fans who question at Gateworld Forum:

Oh, and this just in:
SEE JOE DIG THE HOLE DEEPER, Joe Mallozzi's blog, Jan 16
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Wow. )
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It's slash. It's het. It's voyeurism. It's rapidly becoming my favorite SGA genre: OT4, or team!porn.

Very, very explicit, and has one of the best dork!John lines (only he could get away with it) at the very beginning:

Works and Plays Well With Others

From the author:
Works and Plays Well With Others
by Hth

So I impulsively started a little bitty porny thing at 2 a.m., and it kind of kept going, and now, four hours and four thousand words later, I give you team!porn, the breakfast of champions.
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I didn't really have to skew the questions...much. )

The identity of the Atlantis character I'm second most like after my sekrit soulmate boyfriend is a little disturbing.
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This is a hypothetical:

Someone has asked about a given subject. You have looked up all available information on that subject. All available information suggests this a problem, kind of a big problem, that no one has solved. Think unsolved Millennium Problem, maybe? Except the prize for solving it is that you all get to survive! Well, since no one has solved this problem, you don't have the answer your patrons are looking for, which is essentially how to make the bad kill-things go away.

So you're forced to tell your patrons you don't have the information they're looking for.

The inexcusably hot patron (yes, this is actually a Stargate: Atlantis plot bunny in disguise) tells you to make something up!

What, dear librarian, is your reaction?
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First, if you don't like the character of Rodney McKay? This is so the episode on which to take a miss. It is, as the title implies, all about the boy.

Second, on careful consideration, NO...I don't think  )
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There is a plot bunny nipping at my heels, and I need to know:

Under what circumstances would a victim of don't ask, don't tell, do time in Leavenworth? Are they pursuing it that seriously, or is it usually a quick bump out on a dishonorable discharge?
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I have slight guilt for venting my spleen all over my hapless flist about an episode I was mostly enjoying up to A Certain Point. To make up in some small part, I offer a link to [livejournal.com profile] thegrrrl2002, who provided pictorial reminders of everything squee-able in the ep:

Go. Look. Squee. :)


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