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I learned this in someone else's LJ and deemed it to be total wish fulfillment and wanted to apply it immediately to some of the words that have come out of my mouth.

Weirdly, one of the things I have regretted saying most was when, as a callow college freshman International Relations major, I corrected a member of the CIA on the correct pronunciation of Mao's wife's name because the new Pinyin spelling was a mystery to me. I'm fairly sure he forgot about it before dessert (father of a college friend, he took our little Gang of Four out to dinner while visiting said friend,) but it stuck in that memory slot that pops out to whack me over the head periodically with what a truly empty-headed know-it-all I could be. Waaay back then, of course. I hardly ever offer unsolicited verbal edits these days. O:)

Make me feel better, flist! What have you said that you'd like to Delete Forever?

Read more...about the depressing reason something that off the wall has stuck with me )
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If my brain went from a Kirk/Spock place to an "I don't care how you do it, there must be Khan/Loki!!!" ...does this mean I've read enough slash fiction and should move on to more productive pursuits?

Or should I be washing down my morning meds with another dose of caffeine?
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So I am delighted to be fascinated by the kick starter campaign for dice rings,though less delighted that it's over and I have to wait for their site to go live.

Other than gaming dice, they have rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock dice. All their styles are still up at kick started under dice rings. Links when I can.
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Pick one:

Birthmother's Day (Saturday before Mother's Day): 11 Link
Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day: 11 Link (2nd Saturday)
*Eat What You Want Day: 11   <<<=== I heartily endorse this one
*Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day: 11
International Migratory Bird Day: 11

Letter Carrier's  Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day: 11
Mother Ocean Day: 11 (Saturday Before Mother's Day)
National Babysitters Day: 11 Link (Saturday before Mother's Day)
National Miniature Golf Day: 11 (2nd Saturday)
National Windmill Day: 11
(2nd Saturday)

Stay Up All Night: 11 (2nd Saturday)
National Train Day: 11 Link (2nd Saturday)
World Belly Dance Day: 11 Link (2nd Saturday) <<< === this sounds promising
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Brought to you by this site, things to celebrate the second week of May:

National Tourism Week: 11-18 Link
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week: 12-18

Food Allergy Awareness Week: 12-18 Link   <===this one makes me want to read McShep.
National Dog Bite Prevention Week: 12-18
National Educational Bosses' Week: 12-18 Link
National Nursing Home Week: 12-18  (Starts Mother's Day to Saturday)
National Police Week: 12-18
National Return To Work Week: 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
National Transportation Week: 12-18 (Always Includes the 3rd Friday)
National Women's Health Week: 12-18 Link
Reading is Fun Week: 12-18  Link (2nd Full Week)
Salute to Moms 35+ Week: 12-18
Work At Home Moms Week: 12-18
American Craft Beer Week: 13-19  (3rd Week) Link
Children's Book Week: 13-19 (First full week starting Monday)
National Etiquette Week: 13-17 (Begins 2nd Monday of Full Week)
National Stuttering Awareness Week: 13-19 (Second full Week)

Now that I've done this post, I have no clear recollection of why I was looking for May holidays, given that I already knew ZOMG MOTHER'S DAY TOMORROW GIFT CARD GO GO GO.
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I range between two stances:

1. I don't care what civil rights it confers, no sane person should want to lock themselves into patriarchy's oldest prison. (Whacks extremely antique feminist geezer cane.)


2. American civil government should at no level be involved in anything called "marriage." Marriage historically is a religious rite that confers civil rights, and in a country with a separation of church and state, that's a problem. If you, a consenting adult, can talk a recognized member of clergy into marrying you and your consenting adult partner(s,) go y(ou)'all. Local, state and federal agencies should have been recognizing civil contracts all along, irrespective of what the clergycritters say (or don't.)


If you really, really want to get married...God, Mother Nature, evolution or the Lords of the Infinite Jest have mercy on your soul or whatever... but go for it. I'll see what I can do about getting the civil government's head out of its ass.

Brought to you by altogether too much noise about it on teh intarwebsz.
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 photo PricklyCity-AdorableKittensandSmut_zps952cdb48.jpg

VIVA LA SLASH (adorable kittens goes without saying)

In celebration of adorable kittens and smut, link to your favorite pix and fanfic in the comments. ;)
Adorable kitten.,.. )

Celebration of smut... )
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So, the cold I mentioned fizzled and died within 48 hours (or was very mild to begin with.) Very good news for ....

The vacation I mentioned is over (pout) and was very much extremely enjoyed. Pix as soon as I find the microSD card I filled up and dump it. Internet access did indeed cost an arm, a leg and the random additional digit of your choice. I gave them a single digit and poached off my parents' 250 minutes elite time, which did not permit comic or social media surfing. (Coconut rule not invoked, unfortunately; no excursions included luaus.)

The answer to this question was "the space of one phone call home following the election of the new Pope."

edited to add: this arm was overused in baggage handling and may require extra icing. If does not improve in the next couple of days, will report to orthodude.

edited again to add: April Fool's Day is my service (aka hire) date at All Your Phones Are Belong to Us. My career there is officially old enough to drink. :D

edited one last time to add the artiest picture I took on vacation upon our return to San Francisco's Pier 35:
 photo IMG332_zps1acd99ca.jpg
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''Don't undock your laptop; that will exasperate the problem.''

Exacerbate. That is all.
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Cats are the only animals enjoying the benefits of domestication while doing no more and no less (chasing vermin, avoiding being touched and taking naps) than they did before domestication.

Who's the dominant species, again?
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Because I live in Atlanta and everyone else I've looked up has warmer weather. (Sulk)
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How am I supposed to be a princess prepper if no one makes 400 thread-count, military grade sleeping systems???
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I've clearly listened to too many books about early humans, evolution and gender dimorphism because this thought popped into my head about two days ago and I'd like to leave soon:

Most if not all of the differences between the sexes can be explained by the fact that one gender was largely responsible for hunting and killing dumb animals while the other was responsible for turning inchoate infants into functional humans. Don't be yelling at women just because social skills and complex intellect get you farther than spatial analysis skills and upper body strength these days.
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We have quite a collection of personalities where I work and several actually have bigger mouths than I.

You know your imagination needed that workout, right?

Anyway, there is a serious kicker-of-sh!t parked in the next aisle amongst some fairly committed Christians (or at least nominal Christians taking no chances) and took it upon himself to see how many sacrilegious statements it would take to get a rise out of his audience. He was in the middle of explaining Anton LaVey when I finally decided enough, mostly because it causes me physical pain to hear a joke (which is what I consider the whole Church of Satan to be) ...explained.

"Look, my God has a sense of humor..." I began, which unfortunately drew more glances askance than the belaboring of the alleged devil's favorite minion (possibly because mine was effrontery at only a sixth grade level, but it's just catty to say that out loud.)

But think about it. God, fate or evolution, whatever gets it done for you, created a species of supreme egotists who do better at surviving and thriving in groups, the larger the more successful. That my friends is not just a sense of humor, but twisted.

The guys (for some reason, it's all men over there) were probably just bitter about working Super Bowl Sunday and missing out on the Church of Football's answer to Easter, Christmas and the three saints' feasts of your choice rolled into one.


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