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(Make sure you read that subject line with the appropriate breathlessness)

So I just read my second or third prepper blog about whether Donald Trump's election means no one has to prep anymore because O happy day, all is right with the world!

These people ain't right in the head.

1. Natural disasters could not possibly care less about the political affiliation of the ass warming the chair.

2. The actual most likely emergency for which to prepare turns out to be job loss, which can happen to anyone in any political climate.

3. Most of the civil unrest I've heard about recently stems from some cops being hair triggered, chickenshit, racist assholes and our current national leadership seems determined to put out that fire with gasoline.

4. Economic collapse has never seemed more likely than when a President seems hellbent on applying tariffs to goods we no longer manufacture here among many, many other...no, wait. It's mainly that one conflict of interest :coff:Russianloans:coff: that has me worried.

I did the low key prepper thing all through Obama's administration, which was theoretically my O happy day (and actually was.) The difference in my prepping now? Writing it down. I've got gear and shit all over the damned place that needs organizing and recording liek woah.

While I suspect that most of these blogs encouraging people to continue prepping are monetized through ads and affiliate links and are feeling the pinch due to traffic loss, they're not wrong about the need to continue preparing for...wait for it...the unexpected, which happens....again...unexpectedly.

No, I couldn't stop myself. :-)
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State of Georgia is warning residents to be prepared to stay in for three days stsrting some time between Friday night and Saturday morning.

My preparations today included charging up all electronics and buying 24 two liter bottles of diet Coke. Tomorrow I'll be locating the camp stove, fuel bottles and clothing base layers.

My preparedness "phase" has really left nothing else to do. :-)
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Not just election nonsense, but the world as we know it (or so say a number of preppers.)

While this post doesn't reference the election outcome specifically and in fact was more likely to have been addressing an oncoming hurricane, a different site referred us to it very recently.

The first link goes to a list by my favorite kind of prepper and includes six things to do & four things to buy.

Booze and CHOCOLATE, y'all. This one post makes me proud to identify as a prepper.
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Male preppers are all "bullets, beans bandaids, now pass the cool gear over here."

Women preppers are all "are you debt free? what kind of physical condition are you in? it's national preparedness month...test your preps by pulling the plug for 24 hours!"

And not, like, on a weekend. No. A working day when all your normal activities are in play.

Okay NO. I will own it. My preps are exceedingly unlikely to stand up to 24 hours with the circuit breakers off. Why has no one discussed flushing the toilet prior to suggesting not doing it for 24 hours???

Then there's Bucky Barnes in Captain America: Civil War, showing us how bug-out bags are supposed to work.

I feel so inadequate.
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First cyber encounter:
Suggestion from internet: get some survival training! how to escape terrorists, etc.!
Me: (looks up SERE training for civilians)
Me: How about some nice, lightweight training? Cane accessible preferred?

Second cyber encounter:
Site: best coffee makers for SHTF!
Me: where, exactly, were you planning to get coffee once the grid goes down?

This morning, at PT:
Me: (something something) preparedness.
PT: (grins) you're a prepper?
Me: Well, mostly.
PT: You have a bug out bag?
Me: Spread over the sofa, in the spare room and under the bed, yeah.
PT: (laughs and laughs and laughs) So, a last minute prepper?
Me: I was going to say half-assed, but I like your way better.
PT: You know, all you really need is ammunition.
Me: (frowny face, preparing to explain aversion to firearms)
PT: Just the ammo. You can trade it for anything.
Me: (freezes)
Me: (a whole new world opens up)
PT: You've got 18 reps left, buttercup.


Jul. 14th, 2016 05:54 pm
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Whenever I see a post title like "Bike Inner Tube Fire Starter" I always think "drunk prepper who said 'hold my beer while I try this' and then, when they woke up alive the next day, decided to post it."

That was my authorized lunch break today.
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First, everyone who had last week off is having a much longer day than I today.

Second, I'd decided some time ago to get a HAM radio license but never did anything about it. The good people at Cobb County CERT/SAR have trolled up an opportunity that required three consecutive Saturdays and costs $15 to take the test at the end. Already hearing the voices of skepticism, I googled "benefits of a ham radio license" to see what to say in response.

TL;DR assuming you keep your ham radio charged, it will work when anything requiring not just a power grid but other infrastructure goes kerflooey. Hams who are not bug-eyed paranoiac preppers already have a history of helping out in emergencies.
That said, googling that phrase? CUE THE BUG-EYED PARANOIAC PREPPERS. )

So, yeah. Main benefit: communications without infrastructure for as long as you can keep your radio lit. Side benefit: no longer need to rely on walkie talkies during search & rescue.


Jan. 17th, 2015 11:00 am
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So as part of survivalist knitting, I'm attempting to crochet a beanie out of paracord.

My thumb hurts.

Crochet: because I learned to do that before I learned to sniff haughtily at "girly," so it doesn't count as girly SHUT UP. Also, I forgot to buy knitting needles.

Beanie: it's just needling in circles, right? RIGHT? My thumb still hurts.

Paracord: aka parachute cord, rated at 550lb/250kg carrying capacity and not known for its hand with respect to needlecraft projects. I'm using a padded size N crochet hook (translation: HUGE) and still ow.

All the actual yarn I ordered the other day arrived. Maybe I'll practice a few granny squares on that before re-attacking the paracord beanie  with my thumb.
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Pros and cons of learning to use survival gear:

0F after windchill (-17.8C) is the perfect time to test whether I can keep myself warm in a hammock with a closed cell thermal pad.

0F after windchill (-17.8C)

I am a delicate effin flower, after all.
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the list for now )

Laid out like that, some of the stuff looks kinda paranoid, but I'd rather feel foolish for having it than trapped for not. ;)

Anyway, what brought this on was the clutch purse discussion from yesterday. I've migrated from a normal woman's purse (no link, it's no long made) to a smallish sling bag that would hold my tablet and "a few other things," to a medium sling bag to realizing that sling bags carried as purses looked HORRIBLE (at least the nigh-indestructable tactical ones do, and nigh-indestructable is a necessity for me;) to carrying a Serious Backpack and a clutch. Backpack stays on my desk at work or in the car when I'm out and about (should probably move the spare car key to the clutch, come to think of it) so I have access to all the gear without looking like a pack mule when I'm out and about.

How about y'all? Any interesting purse wars you've been through trying to manage all your stuff?
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Or, straight pimpin, yo. Again.

There's a three minute vid that goes with this solar oven website that has some sobering statistics about deforestation and the 20 or 30 cigarette per day equivalent that is cooking over a fire in a hut. However, they had me at "solar crock pot." :D  Yes, I discovered this in my search for Things Usable Without Power or the ongoing I'm Not A Doomsday Prepper (Just a FEMA's Running Late One) phase. Still, the environmental friendliness of this gizmo is quite impressive for anyone without the added wonderfulness of your US$135 going in part to fund supplying these ovens to less developed parts of the world.

If your pocketbook is not up to that level of charity, here's a vid on how to make your own for $5:
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and yet MORE conspicuous consumption preparedness shopping:
The Practical Sleeping Bag (to go with the practical pack)
Blue spork...BLUE (to go with the pot)
Storm proof matches (to go with the stove)
Test food (to try with the cooking goods above)
Yum (because I looooove turkey jerky)
First Aid Kit (supplies for more than a day? who'd a thunk it?)
Headlamp (appears on pretty much every prep and emergency list I've seen)
Bathing wipes (what is says on the tin)

And the charming young man with either the Aussie or NZ accent behind the counter at REI charmed a membership out of me.
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So, for my emergency supplies I have
A case of diet Coke
A warehouse store size package of ultra comfort toilet tissue
A Luggable Loo
The aforementioned FEMA approved QuakeKare pack for 2

A woman's got to have priorities, after all.
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More of a "FEMA should be here (checks watch) any minute" prepper. Still, having a wishlist on amazon.com entitled "Storm Preparedness" which is in part based on a nutbar survivalist's Listmania could cast doubt on my So Not A Nutbar cred.

Bought today:
Hand crank flashlight/radio/phone charger
Water bulb (one fills it up on severe weather warning before the utilities go out)

I next have my eye on:
Cat emergency kit (yeah, yeah, priorities; WTFevah, they're pissed it wasn't in the first round of purchase)
Solar oven (I will admit to a "wow neato" factor here)

Where da food at, you ask? Why, a 2x72 hour supply is already available to me in the emergency kit (no link because the product apparently no longer exists on amazon) purchased during preparedness month. :D Plus mylar blankets, two dust masks and a first aid kit. I do have my eye on a one-person fanny pack version for the car, though. The food bars are 100% last resort by which we mean maybe eat worms first, of course. Before consumption, the unbroken food blocks feel as though they could reasonably be used as defensive weaponry.

(edited to remove link as a little too much of my real life information still shows)


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