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They've all but switched territories at this point )
The best picture so far of Sammi's adorable little face and that half tail thing she has going on.
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I thought I was escaping the "younger cat is dumber" by adopting a full grown girlcat.

Yeah, no.

I was assembling today's outfit in the bedroom when Rodney darted into to steal her food. He was nibbling away and eyeing the water bowl for good measure when Sammi strolled in, did a full kitty stretch right next to him and then sauntered to the litterbox. Rodney stared as only cats can, but no growling or hissing. I was so proud of him!

Meanwhile, kitty business accomplished, Sammi goes to bury it as all tidy (and non-dominant) cats do. She's kind of taking her time, so both Rodney and I are staring as she turns to the dresser next to the litterbox and starts sweeping her paws down it in a burying motion. I mean, for a while. Eight to 10 good sweeps. That might not be enough, though, so she turns to her left and starts sweeping down the big, airtight foodbox on the other side.

Rodney is appalled. I am trying very hard not to laugh out loud and startle Sammi out of using the box altogether. Sammi is serene, making her way out of the bedroom like the little royal highness she is.

I'm pretty sure he'll have it buried before I leave for work. He's worse than Felix from The Odd Couple that way.
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Rodney and Sammi have been maintaining a minimum safe distance between width-of-apartment and about two feet since she got home last Saturday. All of that changed this morning! At least for a few seconds.

Sammi isn't a lap cat. She lolls around, looking expectant, then strops herself against my legs non-stop when I stand up and, unfortunately for my balance, when I walk around. I can pick her up and sling her over my shoulder like a baby and pet her all I want, but sitting down? Nope nope nope. She's off again, parked somewhere nearby and waiting for my next walkabout.

She was on the floor on the other side of the end table, thinking about life, the universe and everything, when Rodney arose from my lap (see? no room for a stoopin new girlcat there anyway) and sat on the end table to survey the living room domain. He spied Sammi beneath his feet and waited until she was looking the other way to drop with panther-like grace beside her and steal and ear sniff before she turned around and stared as only a cat can.

Rodney leaped straight up in the air about a foot and *poofed* away.

Still, no hiss! No growl! Actual contact. We have progress.
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After an extended stare off yesterday afternoon (no clue who won, I fell asleep in the middle of it;) the cats have decided it's time to Infringe on Territory this morning.

Sammi started off by sneaking into Rodney's room and eating some of his food.

Rodney retaliated by sneaking into Sammi's room and peeing all over her litterbox.

Revenge of the Nerds Part Qat.
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I thought there was no better entertainment than two cats, but was wrong. There's no better entertainment than watching two non-dominant cats try to establish a pecking order.

Rodney and Sammi have staked out territories in two rooms -- Sammi in my bedroom and Rodney in the "sun room," which is only not classified as a bedroom because it has no closet. Rodney is perpetually on guard in the living room, hissing at Sammi every time she pokes her head out.

Sammi has begun to figure out Rodney's as much scared as pissed at the invasion of 'his' territory (somewhere, Veronica is laughing her ass off and Elmer is looking bored by the whole thing;) and has began to stroll out into the hallway that separates the bedroom/bathroom portion of the apartment from the living room/kitchen. She'll stare at Sir Hissy Fit for awhile, then flop onto her side and start washing an armpit.

Is that the cat version of biting one's thumb, I wonder?

Meet Sammi

Oct. 11th, 2014 04:00 pm
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My parents, a few days ago: You should wait awhile before adopting another cat. Like, until after you've visited us at Thanksgiving.
Me, today: Yeah, waiting isn't really working for me.

Meet Sammi )

Rodney, today: HISSSSS grrrrrrrrr SSSSssssSSSSsss grrr
Sammi, today: Srsly? (stalks off)

I guess it's okay when the cat is the stranger -- Veronica and Rodney were gleeful when I brought them home. Elmer and Veronica in her turn? Not so much. Since Sammi is a grown woman (four years or so according to the shelter people,) she's having a hard time with Sir Hissy Fit. As in, a hard time taking him seriously. :D
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Make adorable animal commercials.

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The last thing we can do for our animal companions is end their suffering. Veronica, who went into decline from renal failure about a day and a half ago, is playing with Elmer (my first cat, 17 when he passed) this morning.

She was about 15 years old. Pinnacle of her career as a bug huntress: catching a fly on the wing in her paws. Nadir: spitting it out because she hated the taste of bugs.

Somewhere, Elmer is saying "oh, you again?" and rolling his eyes.
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My grandmother's cat used to do this: she'd only drink from a specific plastic glass under the tap in the kitchen sink, preferably with the tap running. Soxie always looked IMMENSELY pleased with herself for having "sneaked" up to the kitchen counter for a slurp, even though my grandmother was right there, working the tap.

Fast forward through my mother, who loves all animals but who is also clearly a dog person, to me and Veronica. Veronica is at the rag and bone stage of life, 14 years old and all fur and fangs and attitude. Lately, she has decided that 'lioness in the jungle' is her preferred drinking style and will, as far as I know, only drink from a medium Tupperware® bowl in the bathroom sink, preferably with the tap running. (Though I was gratified this morning to see that she and Rodney drank about half the bowl last night, no tap running; my water bill couldn't handle that.) V still has enough springs in her feet to make the jump to the toilet bowl lid, then to the counter, where she goes into a full lioness (or possibly tigress; who know with her) crouch to lap up the goods.

I have apparently committed to being her jungle pond handmaiden for the rest of her natural life. I'm pretty sure Rodney is laughing at me.
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It's a matter of lying still long enough for the tail to come of its own accord:

Rodney caught his tail! )
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Not only was Rodney's tail chasing him again last Friday, but the landlord and a merry crew of hammer wielding maniacs decided to replace the door, all the windows and the siding on the upstairs apartment this weekend. With no claim to kitty kool whatsoever, Rodney plastered himself to my side in the recliner away from our windows and made no pretense whatsoever about this being for the benefit of my delicate nerves.

One shudders to think what will happen when they start on the second, or MY, floor. I'll have to board them or something.
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I love how unflappable (most of) the cats are:

And the dogs are all, like, "but you said I couldn't kill and eat it."
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This is, like, 30 seconds after I stood up to get my shoes...
Read more... )
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Or gross everyone the hell out. What am I talking about? Most of my flist either owns dogs or are graciously permitted to wait on cats hand and foot and will probably pick up on what going on in this vid way faster than I.

And we have Cat Friend v. Dog Friend...

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[crossposted to both my LJs; sorry if you get it twice.]

Recall expanded to some dry cat food

So far, it's just the Prescription m/d Feline, a low carb food for overweight cats.

I couldn't find the page on the Hill's site that discussed the current expanded recall, but the pages dealing with the canned food recall indicate Hill's is voluntarily recalling a lot more of the Savory Cuts line that tests indicated might be contaminated, all in the name of consumer confidence.

Other parts of the story above are troubling: no one seems to think the contaminants found so far should have been enough to kill pets? If not, what's doing it?


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