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I'd been seeing references to Joss Whedon and misogyny and going "eh?" for some time now. [livejournal.com profile] amireal and Google got me caught up:

A Rapist's View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly

The "radfem" LJ post that seems to have started it all, and an excellent illustration of why I am a closet feminist, and a cane-whacking geezer closet feminist, at that. You little girls have no idea what it's like to have a man promoted over you and have it be legal for the promoter to say "well, he's got a family to support" and have no legal recourse. (Okay, neither do I, but I heard about it from my mom.)

I hope I'm being punked (Ace of Spades)

A blogger's reaction to [livejournal.com profile] _allecto_'s piece, the link to which I found from:

Joss Whedon Misogynist? (Dr. Melissa Clouthier)

This person with whom I totally agree when she asks "Were you watching the same show I was watching?"

I've always viewed the disasters that occur to women (interpreted in the first essay as Joss taking "glee" in their plight) as Joss saying "See? This is what the world dishes out to women" rather than "w00t! This what I'd like to do to women!" It does make me wonder if [livejournal.com profile] _allecto_'s essay would even be possible if Joss weren't a white male.

Oh, wait. I'm a veteran of enough "omg SLASH IS MISOGYNIST!" flamewars to know the answer to that. If a woman raked in the dough producing a show about ass-kicking vampire- or Reaver-slayers, she'd be a pawn of patriarchy.

My brand of feminism? )
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First, he honked off the Islamic world, and now he's going after Protestants.

Are things so dull and lifeless at the Vatican that Pope Benedict feels the need to stir up the dust a bit, or what?
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How do you invoke executive privilege if your office is not part of the executive branch?
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Bush warns Dems to take offer in firings

Bush has generously offered to let people testify about the Federal prosecutor firings in private, not under oath, and with no transcript?

Dem Co-worker: That's starting to sound like dinner and a movie.

Republican Co-worker: [in a stew]

And if the Democratic-controlled Congress balks, he's going to trigger a constitutional show-down?

Where do I sign up to be Canadian, again?
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Leonard Pitts always puts it better than I can:

Homophobic outburst may do some good

In case the Miami Herald is being a jack-booted thug about registering for their site, text back here. )
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Court says Wal-Mart must face bias trial

I just want to know how much they had to pay an attorney to walk into a court of law and state for the record that WalMart stores are run like individual businesses, just as if that isn't one of the most notoriously rigid examples of verticle integration (if I'm remembering my business terminology correctly) in retail.
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Yes, I'm a liberal. I live conservative, but don't really care what the rest of you get up to within the duly constituted laws of man and physics.

aside: I am not a libertarian, because that libertarian utopia the Founding Fathers were supposed to have left? Had slavery and voteless women. Ptui. Took 150 years of diligent populism to fix that mess.

Anyway. I mention my liberal leanings because I am about to lose all liberal cred here. I have been listening to as much of the Iraq Study Group Report as I can stomach (the Shrub clearly isn't reading it; why should I?) and have now embarked on an epic, three-part audio rendering of Michael Oren's The Six Day War, and I about can't deal any more.

It's like this: the more I find out about the history of the Middle East, the more I want to turn up the breeder reactors, deploy the electric cars, pull every Western industrialized asset out of the Middle East and just let the fuckers swim in rivers of each others blood, as they are so clearly peeing their pants in anticipation of doing.


I say this in full knowledge of the fact that much of the US's problem in the Middle East is...the US's problem. Bed we made, bed we lie in, all that aphorismal horseshit. My perception, though, is that it's a bed of oil, dependence thereon, and if we weren't, we really wouldn't care what any of them got up to, now would we?

But liberals aren't supposed to be pro-nuclear power, are they? eeek!

Tuffskie shitskie, as my dear old mom likes to say from time to time. I'm having a really hard time seeing anything wrong with nuclear energy that isn't already wrong with fossil fuels.

1. Nuclear meltdown is not a foregone conclusion. Chernobyl = nuclear plant, but nuclear plant =/= Chernobyl. It's not a commutative thing-a-majig. People can pay attention to what's going on in a breeder reactor proactively. All those National Guards busy finding IEDs in Bagdad could be better employed keeping people who don't belong there out of power plants.

2. For nuclear waste disposal, I give you global warming. Breeder reactors, if I recall correctly, don't make as much waste, and we have lots of very fine minds out there wasting their time figuring out why Oil Is The Only Way, when they could be figuring out How To Get Nuclear Waste Safely Into the Sun. (I'm thinking we launch from someplace like Antarctica, where it's not such an issue if something goes splat. Dude, I'm totally talking about the bits with no penguins. I'm not completely heartless.)

3. Nuclear proliferation. Um. Horse, barn? Out of? Some seriously whack people that we'd rather didn't now have nukes, and the US can't do anything about it because we're bogged down in the Middle East, keeping the non-renewable, filthy dirty fossil fuel supply cheap and available.

I'm not kidding here. What you see in the Middle East and in pristine wilderness environments around the world (that unfortunately happen to sit on top of oil puddles) is what you get for the rest of human history that involves dependence on fossil fuels. We are reduced to either the permanent destruction of environments for what amounts to a few years worth of oil, or continuing to interfere in the lives of people who would rather discuss and settle the question of the succession of the Prophet amongst themselves, with a sidebar on Palestine v. Israel.

Why nukes over the plethora of fossil fuel alternatives? Because we have a Federal government that lends itself well to backing and funding uniform solutions to questions, and wind/solar/geothermal/fill-in-blank do not lend themselves to univeral implementation. Plus, isotopes continue decaying at reliable rates even when the wind is calm and the sun is down, but whatever.

There is no figleaf on my shame: I am now pro nuclear energy.
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Not my usual thing for this journal, but variety is the spice of life, and I've just tuned in to:

Apparently, the Bishop of Rome managed to stir everyone up last week:

A Pope’s Holy War

"There was a lively exchange with historians, philosophers, philologists ..." Benedict said early in an address on faith and reason. Citing a conversation between a 14th-century Christian Byzantine emperor and an Islamic Persian, Benedict quoted Manuel II: "'Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'"

And some Muslims reacted when he apologized:

Iraq al-Qaida says pope, West are doomed

The pope on Sunday said he was "deeply sorry" about the angry reaction to his speech last week in which he cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of Islam's Prophet Muhammad as "evil and inhuman" and referred to spreading Islam "by the sword."

[article text snipped]

Protesters also rallied in the city of Muzaffarabad, in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir. "His apology is not sufficient because he did not say that what he said was wrong," said Uzair Ahmed of Pasban-e-Hurriyat, a Pakistani political group.

[Incidentally, all those places wherein the Bishop of Rome's better known title is not capitalized quoted from Yahoo! News, not altered by me.]

And Karen Armstrong reacted:

We cannot afford to maintain these ancient prejudices against Islam

I haven't read the whole freakishly long learned Armstrong treatise, but I'm grooving on her example of a pevious occasion a Catholic member of clergy opened a "dialog" with Islam:

In the 12th century, Peter the Venerable, Abbot of Cluny, initiated a dialogue with the Islamic world. "I approach you not with arms, but with words," he wrote to the Muslims whom he imagined reading his book, "not with force, but with reason, not with hatred, but with love." Yet his treatise was entitled Summary of the Whole Heresy of the Diabolical Sect of the Saracens and segued repeatedly into spluttering intransigence. Words failed Peter when he contemplated the "bestial cruelty" of Islam, which, he claimed, had established itself by the sword. Was Muhammad a true prophet? "I shall be worse than a donkey if I agree," he expostulated, "worse than cattle if I assent!"

Plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose, baybee.

We now return you to your normal fannish pursuits.

edited a number of times to correct HTML tags and the more egregious typos. PREVIEW IS YOUR FRIEND.
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Yes, please do this:

Mark Morford at his mischievous best:

Because the Shrub needs all the help he can get...
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A pundit makes the case based on at least semi-scholarly analysis:

Is George Bush the Worst President...Ever?

I just love these one-column round-ups of the man's deficiencies. They're harder to minimize than the piecemeal rationalizations that pass as "news."
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Wanna make something of it? ;)

Back from Burning Man, Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle gives Bush's handling of Katrina a little performance appraisal:

George W. Bush Still Rocks!
Stop criticizing! The rich man's CEO president is executing his job requirements perfectly

Key quotes for those who don't wish to head for the SFGate site )


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