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 You get twitchy boycotting tumblr for even just one day.

In other news, I now have a (very low-paying) job that starts one year and two days after my last one ended.
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So, a few weeks ago, I posted about my frustration with intrusive images. justalurkr.dreamwidth.org/384576.html

he answer is: ask a licensed professional counselor! 

1. Visualize a large stop sign over the image.
2. When you see the image, notice which direction you're looking & look somewhere else in your field of vision. (May also be helpful for intrusive thoughts.)
3. Quit looking at grotesque shit on the internet. (Ok maybe not said in so many words, but heavily implied. :D )

Oh, and

May. 7th, 2017 08:41 pm
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The eye surgery went off without a hitch. I'm doing that immensely boring face down for 10 to 14 days so it can heal thing.

My tablet has never worked this hard! :-)
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Either that, or he got a dose of vinegar and salt this morning. He's been stalking me around the house, expressing affection by means of paw swipes and toe nips. That's usually Sammi's deal.
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My macula is puckering, I kid you not.

There will be anesthesia and a bubble and a period of time spent face down while my repaved macula heals.

Now I'm sort of glad teaching school and temp work didn't work out as planned, because this is going to be a good month of fussing.

Protip: if letters are squirming around each other on the page or screen, that MIGHT be your brain trying to fill a hole in your visual input. Get that checked out!
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Royal blue, reads "Founding Member, Est. 2016, Nasty Woman Society, They call us nasty because, they fear our strength," which I am wearing in part because RAWR and also ironically because 55 yo woman wearing apparel that implies woman didn't stick up for themselves until 2016.

So far, compliment in public, which is a lot better than I expected in Georgia, even though Hillary swept Cobb County.
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I say sort of because I have a very old school definition of employment that includes stodgy things like permanency (sp?) and retirement plans and prospects for advancement, most of which I'll need to let go in order to be a successful free range English teacher.

That said, I start Tuesday on a temporary assignment at an inbound call center for people on disability.

Yay! Money coming in that is not coming out of my nest egg!

In other news, I wasn't gone from the premises to celebrate nearly long enough to justify the level of feline hysteria that ensued upon my return.
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State of Georgia is warning residents to be prepared to stay in for three days stsrting some time between Friday night and Saturday morning.

My preparations today included charging up all electronics and buying 24 two liter bottles of diet Coke. Tomorrow I'll be locating the camp stove, fuel bottles and clothing base layers.

My preparedness "phase" has really left nothing else to do. :-)
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Given that I haven't let go of the ordeal that was getting a "secure" DL that was supposed to go five years but says it was issued 2015 and expires this year, karma was being very, very kind to me today. Renewal was painless and the next one is meant to last eight years. Yay!
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I'm from the South, okay? And I grew up in a temperate to warm part of California in the 70s, so "layering" meant sweatshirt over T-shirt as a kid and blazer over blouse as a young woman. My point is that longjohns or any other sort of base layer are mythical or Grapes of Wrath kind of legendary, and not something that applies to me.

Then I got a wild hare up my butt to teach English in foreign lands, mostly cold ones where it's easier to get a job because turnover. I purchased my first set of base layers ever in anticipation! I will be prepared!

Then the bottom dropped out of the thermometers in Georgia (what? It was legit below freezing all last night in the Deep South.) I looked upon the landscape glistening with what normal people think of as, I dunno, frosting or rime or something, but is a deadly frozen oil slick to those of recently busted leg, and despaired.

An hour later, the sun had melted off the ice rime, but had not appreciably raised the temperature. Enter base layers! Or, I entered base layers and hiked up and down the hill outside like a boss. Next time, hat and scarf, and I might actually last more than seven minutes!

Meanwhile, my indoor thermostat has been turned down. This is totally how non-subtropical people save money, isn't it?
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DO NOT food prep (nor use sharp objects for any other reason) while jet-lagged.

Finger scar under the, heh, cut )

Stalk of broccoli. Spirited debate over how to keep it fresh. Attempt to "trim" the end. Enough said?
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"Vacation" while unemployed means "sponging off visiting my parents in California" for two weeks.

Given the tendency of pounds to flee in terror in the presence of The World's Greatest Weight Watcher, I am unsuprised to have lost five and a half pounds over Thanksgiving. Mom's not judging my second portions, she just taught Captain America his Disappointed Face, despite being some 20 years too young.

Dad is 94, not 95, and has finally had his driving privileges revoked except for every morning when he gets the paper.

Tiger, their cat, has either through age or overeating lost the ability to jump up on the HE washing machine, even for treats. My money's on overeating, since he still jumps on everything else not involving a narrow ledge en route.

Parents managed to confine themselves to thoughtful, hella pointed observations in lieu of lectures, for which I am grateful and of which I am very proud. I only had to turn 55 for it to happen!

Other than creeping old age, all is well at the family homestead.

Also, I discovered trekking poles. They make all the difference!
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I was going to wait until Haloween or (best case) Thanksgiving, but cold snap. At least we'll get the serious autumn color now!
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The board are down, if not nailed down. My personal cabin fever deemed it safe.
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Or, 55 years in the making.

Yes, I did my own toes today as part of a post "retirement" money saving drive that includes letting my hair go gray and fetching my own groceries instead of summoning Instacart.

OMG naked feet here )
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Unless you are part of a doomsday cult, of course, is that you should have X number of months' salary in the bank for emergencies that do not involve party clothes or booze.


(Throat clearing noise) yeah. Having an emergency fund that keeps you out of your retirement it a really good idea.

Also, the earlier you start saving for retirement, the less you can afford to contribute because sorcery, I mean compounding interest. All those dull financial types are not making this stuff up.
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So, I'm in the position of telling my mother "supportiveness: you're doing it wrong."

That's gonna be fun.
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Today begins my first day of eligibility for senior discounts.

You may all now say Happy Birthday.
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So, this surplus thing that happened at work carries with it the chance to convert the surplus into an early retirement. The advice I've been getting from people giving advice has been to get the jump on looking for another full time job because you don't want any gaps in your employment ZOMG.

I've been in the American workforce since I graduated college in 1984 and working for some Fortune 50 company or other since 1986. Really? I think I've done my bit for the corporate economy.

Turns out that the contents of my 401k will get me to Social Security retirement age 67, at which time I'll have Social Security plus a pension from All Your Phones Are Belong To Us. The retirement package I'm looking at in lieu of surplus gives me the same medical, dental and vision coverage I have now for less than $100 per month until Medicare kicks in at age 65, unless I get another job that covers me medically at any level, including crappy, at which time All Your Phones, Etc., is done with me. Forever.

Help me understand why I'd ever work anywhere else full time again?

Additionally, one of my co-workers introduced me to the concept of getting a TEFL certification and teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad. Who wouldn't rather do that than move from one soul-crusing cubefarm to another?
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When I was very small and my original parents were still married, my father looked upon the destruction I had wrought after one afternoon's play and declared, "that child could break a steel ball."

Not much has changed over the years, come to think of it.

So I'm not sure what my mother was thinking last week when she sent me a link to salads in mason jars and strongly suggested I try it. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made up six of them and brought one today.

The jar took four confirmed and a possible fifth hit through an unpadded plastic bag between my fridge and the one here at work. IT LIVES.

Gentlefolk, we may have proof God exists, if only to protect innocent glassware from demons of destruction.


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