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This is another I'm not even done with the story and I must rec it. Tony has a legacy and, among other things, a cat. Named Macavity. OMG THAT CAT.

Anyway, as it says in the subject line, explicit-ish slash. Which of course means I think there can never be enough Tony/Gibbs boots-knocking in the world.

The Avengers are there (so far in the form of Phil and Clint) so you should be clued in thar be superpowers here, and I'm not talking about that thing where Gibbs is always right behind the person talking about him.

You will know when I stopped to rec the story when Gibbs thinks about the cat silently judging him and the consequences of being found wanting. So. Very. CAT.
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Is it just me, )


Feb. 13th, 2007 08:53 pm
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Let me know if it's a spoiler to say I just heard the Slashiest. Line. EVER. On NCIS.

[iz gobsmacked]

In case there are others who have seen/are watching, beware of spoilers in replies.
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Let's just get right to it, shall we? )

I liked Bones better. Firefly reruns were mentioned! Yay!
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I was so right. X-TREME McGee woobieness. He needs many, many hugs, all of which I'd be more than willing to provide.

In another NCIS-related topic, I caught the late re-broadcast of Entertainment Tonight, which spent .004 seconds on the plot of tonight's episode and, like, three minutes discussing spoilers too gross to leave out where the kids can see them )
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First, best line goes to Abby:

:snik:snik: "Never leave home without them!"

And, spoilers back here )
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Oh, buuuurrrrrrrrrnnnnn.

spoilers back here )
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I'm not sure how I can spoil a show I saw only the last minute of, but just in case )


Nov. 23rd, 2005 12:39 pm
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Is it just me, or does spoilers, yo )

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Honestly, is there anyone out there who actually enjoys a list that is about 80% one-line response to fanfiction? Mostly of the "so good give me more!" variety?

I used to think that the great SenAd/SXF divide was a little artificial, then started joining lists in Stargate and NCIS fandoms that allowed stories with the discussion and feedback onlist. It's simply astonishing how inane people are willing to be in public simply because they're too damned lazy to change the To: line from the group address to the author's.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the authors who reply to one-line solicitations for more offlist and drop a gentle hint to all those who responds on-list with one-line thanks of their own.

Two spams don't make a real post, kids.

To all those sitting there thinking, "Don't be such a bitch...your delete key is made for magic moments like this!" I say "when I spend more time deleting than reading by a factor of, like, 10 to 1, it's over and how the hell much time do you have on your hands?"

Anyway...I now need links to any good fanfiction that catches y'all's attention from the inpenetrably dense underbrush of "feedback" on the NavyNCISslash mailing list.

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Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] orange852

MEMO TO BRIDGE, you lame-assed bastards: The first few episodes following Twilight it's all spoilers back here )
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Am I dreaming? Do I dream? Hallucinations, perhaps? Big damned spoilers here. )
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Brenda Antrim had already given us two fabulous installments:

Conflict of Interest


And has added a third:

Sometimes the Box Bleeds

Tony(NCIS)/Martin(WaT)...extremely explicit, angsty, emotional h/c, hot and did I mention explicit? There are references to show events, but none so rough you can't get by without having seen it.
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Yes, I am a vain thing. Behind the cut, you will find a response I posted to the mailing list NCISSlash:

Spoilers for NCIS Season 2 finale, Twilight )

Not much to be all that vain about. It rambles, it does.


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