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19 Bad Habits You Should Drop Before You Turn 30

#7, #10, #11 ... don't judge me!

#18 ... let it go, kids. We only make plans to keep busy until the universe decides exactly how it's going to f us up.


Jul. 26th, 2015 10:39 am
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From tumblr:
Flower causes cat to malfunction
Itty bitty kitties napping
One day things will get better; until then...
My reaction when someone asks me what I'm doing with my life
Copperbadge explains the fuss over Ant Man (does not involve cats)
edited to add:
The Big Gay Hate Machine (which is not at all what it sounds like, except hysterically is)

Why are you so angry? (first of a six part dissection of what's up with gamergate; whole series takes just shy of an hour to watch, but it was a perspective I hadn't thought of. Also, can be applied to pretty much any situation involving the question "What is that privileged asshole's mafunction?")
Age of Ultron/Winter Soldier crack vid #1
Age of Ultron/Winter Soldier crack vid #2 (my fave of the pair)


Note: 1/3rd of me agrees with Scalzi about Glamour's state of inebriation; 1/3rd of me is appalled that some men at just that easy; 1/3rd of me is taking notes. (facepalm)

Recipe links:
Mushroom bourguignon (can be vegan with substitution of arrowroot for flour and gluten free with veggie noodles)
Weight Watcher's Garlic Herb Roasted Pork (though clearly vegan is not my priority at dinner)
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I BLAME THEMARYSUE.COM for the $62 I just spent getting caught up on the first three weeks of Marvel's current iteration of Secret Wars, because I am well old enough to remember the original Secret Wars. That they happened 1984-85 means I was out of college and earning a paycheck as a full adult, which was geeky above and Beyonder for the Greed is Good crowd.

Now I'm 53 and hooked on comics again. To be fair to themarysue.com, I'd say Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr., have some culpability there, as well as everybody else.

Also, I have a pull bin again.
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My favorite comment on free speech in America is, of course, from xkcd:

But today on his Whatever blog, John Scalzi unpacks it a little more, and reminds us that defining free speech by what the US Constitution says isn't really workable all around the world.
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I watched the character study vid of Tony Stark set to Hugo's 99 Problems, and now the song is stuck in my head.

So I edited it.

If you're having girl problems
I feel bad for ya son
I got 99 problems but

Seriously, what's up with the narrative of bitchiness as problem?
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Or, y'know, Merry Everything and Happy always.

Me? I'm spending $$ at the amazon.com one day sale for the purposes of loading up any new devices one might have unwrapped this morning. The haul so far:

The Winter Sea
Susanna Kearsley
The Rose Garden
Susanna Kearsley
The Shadowy Horses
Susanna Kearsley
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch)
Ann Leckie
Kim Stanley Robinson

That's just the books. Here's the link to all of the digital content on sale today.

It's heavy on the romance because I already had most of the f/sf. I really hope I like Susanna Kearsley; the descriptions were good and it's that one-day-only thing that put me over the top. Because I am old: (1) I'm still appreciating all the clothes I got for Christmas at Thanksgiving from my mother; and (2) I am considering the ABBA and Neil Diamond greatest hits mp3 albums from the same amazon.com sale.

I'm going to count the nine quart Le Creuset Dutch French oven as my main Christmas gift to myself. It was 40% off! And the right size for boiling more than one head of cabbage for African Cabbage Stew! Plus for making large, freezable quantities of things, which is what I plan to be doing after I finish my diet Coke! And did I mention 40% off? Yeah, still trying to convince myself it wasn't foolish conspicuous consumption.

And how are y'all holidays going?
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I have officially gotten enough compliments on this clutch that I feel I must share. It's larger than I expected a clutch to be, though it does not quite hold a 7" tablet (it fits, but the lid doesn't close.) Shall we say that when I bought it, I was going for cost effective? :D

And in the nail art department, we have my second attempt at border nails:
Picture back here )


Oct. 23rd, 2014 08:44 am
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  • tour guide voice:and if you look to your right you'll find the marvel fandom breaking down into hysteria

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This isn't Africa, the nice man from the CDC (correction: it was a Health and Human services guy from Dallas County) said when people freaked out over the first travel-borne Ebola case, heavily implying that the First World, or at least the USA, has its shit in one sock when it comes to communicable diseases.

No one here would break quarantine, ever.

All of the health care workers have been thoroughly trained on the correct use of protective gear.

No, really.

edited to add: No, I may not legit panic about Ebola. (sigh)
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First, here is the article. It's mostly questions, which along with my answers are behind the cut.

Second. my reaction to most of these is "people fr srs & fr realz fight about this?" I had surprisingly strong reactions to a few of them, which are in CAPSLOCK.

Third, I can see where the attitude of one's interlocutor could influence one's stance on a few of them.

Fourth, I took the Fifth wherever I disgusted even myself.

Fifth, my answers. )

Men should take note: the remote control made the list, whether the toilet seat is up or down did not BECAUSE IT IS NON-NEGOTIABLY DOWN.

Edited to add a link to the bath cloth and to note that my economically privileged, over-educated, West Coast liberal upbringing really shines through on some of these.
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When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ

Yes, because asking men to be modest will work so well.

And the palette cleansing vid, courtesy of Iron Man and The Suit:

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Warning: the link I am about to post will likely trigger the hell out of anyone who has ever been screwed over by a man.

Emotional violence and social power

I'd link to the tumblr entry where I came by that link, but do not know how. [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge put it up on his tumblr feed in response to a response to a post of his discussing China Mieville, who is mentioned by initials in Bidisha's blog post. Copperbadge's post is called Owning an error, for anyone who knows how to work tumblr better than I.

Anyway -- my point. My reaction to that linked blog entry up there was varied, but boiled down to "little girl," (for the author is somewhat younger than I) "if no one did business with men who've screwed over women, no business would get done. Get over yourself."

How jaded does one have to be for that to be the initial reaction, followed more than 12 hours later by "also, this makes it sound like no man ever had his life destroyed by a woman. We do our share of damage." In the context, by the way, of being kind of proud of getting some of our own back.

I partly feel like a bad feminist and partly feel like a very old lady to be thinking of a 35 yo as a little girl.
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Why creationists can't be scientists, an article I found to be thought provoking, if a little scattered in its approach.
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I will collect links later if I can find them -- most blogs I've read about STID I picked up on Twitter, so don't hold your breath. I have, however, read blogs about:
The science (Pretty sure it was Phil Plait)
The Political Message (Some guy on Slate referred by Phil)
WTF No Women in Charge in the Future? (Felicia Day)
Dumbing Down the Franchise (some other guy on Slate; I couldn't find it, so I substituted a different one about dumbing down the franchise. Google dumbing down star trek and you will get PLENTY of links.)

OH NOES Benedict Cumberbatch is totally WHITE (Serious, bad-assed, full-on spoilers)
Some Chick Wears Underwear in a Franchise Aimed at Young Men (originally, at least)

Also, I lose a cred as a grammar nazi for failing to notice:

And all had very good points, mostly well-made. The Inner International Relations Geek was especially fond of the Political Message.

So...how shallow am I that I came away from the movie with no questions about the science, politics, fate of the franchise or sexism? That I'm actually reading some of these blogs and going "it's science fiction, dude," or "d'oh! and I call myself a poli sci geek! Curse you, male cast members for being so lethally distracting!" or "chill, babe; it's Trek and Uhura got to do things beyond switchboard operator; can you say that about the original, by and large? Also, Janeway" or "Dumbing down the franchise to actioner? If they keep casting fit young men (and women) doing fit young things, I might be okay with being shallow?"

I am conflicted. I may have to see the movie a lot again.
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Does it involve a paid account? Because for the purposes of the turning the shower gif in this link into an icon, I might romp all over my "no money to LJ, ever," principles.

Edited to add: In response to the "Alice Eve in her underwear" flap mentioned in the Conan clip, had I but known Starfleet underoos included WonderBras, I would have worked harder on that time machine as a boob-challenged adolescent.
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So, why am I asking a librarian about how to get controlled substances in the Czech Republic? Because:

I. Librarians are scary good at finding stuff out. (I need an appropriate link to Unshelved here. Until then, The Scary Librarian.)

II. It may have escaped your notice that I have Adult Attention Deficit Dis--ooh, kitty did a cute thing!

III. The department of All Your Phones Are Belong To Us that I work for sent out a cryptic e-mail requesting volunteers for an overseas assignment.

A. We have offshore team members in Bangalore, India and Brno, Czech Republic.
1. If it's India, I'd need immunizations and a high tolerance for a culture alien to someone of North European extraction (translation, not just the whitest white girl who ever did white, but distantly related to the perpetrators of the Raj.)
2. If it's the Czech Republic, I need only bring extra vowels.

B. Oh, crap. And find a place for the cats.
1. Mom: We'll be happy to take your cats.
2. Dad: Let me set up the fee schedule for the Lurkr Feline Residential Boarding Facility.

C. Double crap. And some idea of what "ramping up offshore" means to leadership.
1. Trainer who's been there: Don't drink the water and try not to breathe while you shower in India.
2. Me: Oh, thanks.
3. Trainer who's been there: Also, you have to be able to teach everything, including Data tickets and call routing.
4. Me (silently): I'll have to pick a religion that doesn't include a prohibition on working Data tickets now, won't I?

D. Triple Platinum Plated Crap. And a way to get a methamphetamine precursor in a foreign country.
1. Counselor: They don't like to mail controlled substances directly. Maybe your parents?
2. Me: Interstate mail order controlled substance prescriptions.
3. Counselor: Yeah, and I had a patient teaching English in Korea. Customs confiscated half her stuff.

I (heart) librarians in general and [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 in particular. :D
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Well, yeah. They can. Should they? I don't know that it even depends on the opinion. I just know that when I read the lowest key interview of Orson Scott Card possible sometime between reading Songmaster and considering Alvin Maker, and he said he didn't have anything against individual homosexuals, just that the Bible said homosexuality is wrong and he (Card) was a Christian, so...homosexuality was wrong to him, I couldn't read any more of Card's stuff.

Couldn't have told you why then. Today, it's somewhere between "not gonna put money in his pocket, seriously, why even answer a question like that. sci fi author?" and "I can't break faith with myself by enjoying something written by a hate-filled lunatic." Because that's what I thought he was, then...a lunatic. I had a pretty strong feeling I wasn't the only reader who wouldn't be able to enjoy his work knowing he held an opinion I found hateful, and he was nuts for being willing to live without that revenue instead of keeping his mouth shut.

Then, I found out that Ender's Game is going to be a movie released November 1 and based on this incident involving a Superman comic, people were already worried that Card's "views" might cut back on the box office. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my lunatic (seriously, why stir the pot in an interview about your work like that? Oh, right. Because he doesn't mean anything with all that homosexual subtext and he was making sure everyone knew it;) has become an anti-gay activist to the point of calling for armed insurrection should gay marriage become legal.

At least I feel a little more comfortable calling him a lunatic now.

That Harrison Ford is in a movie adaptation of a story I loved as a kid does not make this any easier, but I still have no plans to see the film.


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