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And is still on of the most enthralling depictions of the seven living American generations I've ever seen. Gorgeously made!

Edited to add: embedded sharing code appears to be available from desktop YouTube only. Hmmm.
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Sweet young thing: (prolonged apologia for why there isn't a corruption problem in Russia just because the West says there is)
Me: Starting from "the Russian oligarchs began life as the Russian Mafiya," rethink the history of the Russian Federation since 1989 and get back to me.
Sweet young thing: (sputters)
Me: Also, get off of my lawn.
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Me: (pro-vax rant)
Me: (paid for own shingles shot before insurance would cover it rant rant rant GO VAXX)
Troll: yr mom dint vax you agin chickenpox because she loved you! (drool derp buh wut?)
Me: (kinda steely eyed) By the time the chicken pox vaccine was in release, my chicken pox was five or six years in the past.

Why yes I still struggle with hiding my contempt for the anti-vaxx (vax? Is there a grammar here?) crowd; what wss your first clue?
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According to an individual on FaceBook who was responding to my "yay vaccines!" post, anyway. Apparently good nutrition, hygeine and less crowded living conditions were taking care of infectious diseases all on their own. I didn't read far enough into the article to get to the actual "self" portion of self-limiting because my tolerance for casual disdain for lives saved by vaccines is absolutely limited, but here's the link:


Edited to add:
Evil part of my brain: (endless giggling)
Me: I'm afraid to ask...
Evil part of my brain: The number of antivaxers old enough to be rolling the dice on shingles! (giggling resumes)
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19 Bad Habits You Should Drop Before You Turn 30

#7, #10, #11 ... don't judge me!

#18 ... let it go, kids. We only make plans to keep busy until the universe decides exactly how it's going to f us up.
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...can you be a hipster?

I say ye nay, as hipsters are but economically disadvantaged Yuppies with their shabby chic. We Yuppies may have suffered from monochromatic suits and 80s hair, but we otherwise looked pretty sharp and no power in the 'verse could outspend us.

My Gen X coworker is now working a theory about "this generation's Kerouacs" or something.
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Them: He was really old.
Me: (dryly) Like 40, or even 45?
Them: OMG not like that! Like, 30!

Is it okay now?
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Millennial: (whines about being patronized by the Baby Boom)
Me: at least you're not being patronized by the Greatest Generation, who legit kicked Hitler's (not the internet meme, the real one) ass.
Millennial: ?
Me: If the Baby Boom experienced shame in any form, that would have been hard to take.


Jun. 4th, 2015 02:02 pm
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So, there are people downstairs in the lobby discounting smartwatches to the employee masses. This was discussed briefly in today's huddle and a 30-something came Very Close to Death when he allowed as how his eyes are too old for a smartwatch. mumblemumbleWHIPPERSNAPPER

Then it struck me. I am not the target market for smartwatches. Most Baby Boom eyes are too old for itty bitty screens, hence the "phablet" or 6" phone that doubles as a tablet. This is so much worse than watching the first Jolt Cola commercial in my late 30s and realizing it was likely to be aimed at Generation X because technology! That I am too old for! ZOMG!

Well, it was either panic about my age or rant about astigmatism making progressive contact lenses impossible for me, which would likely derail into a pro-vax discussion because it's entirely possible I'm astigmatic because I had chickenpox, for which there was no vaccine when I was a wee lurkr. So, you're welcome. ;)
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Links to a post on tumblr that embeds an article from HuffPo where a guy is taking a picture every time he sees someone reading a book on a subway. This leads to some histrionics in the responses about "oooh technology is scary" and some heartfelt defensiveness on behalf of Millennials who can't have or keep paper books for various reasons.

When did reading paper over pixel become the moral high ground? I think the more pointed pursuit would be to snap a picture every time you see someone reading anything as opposed to playing the latest twitch game or mangling language in a tweet.

My tumblr response was as follows:
This makes me want to photograph people reading e-readers next time I’m on MARTA. Reading is reading, I thought? Yes, I fought e-readers until they roped my aging eyes in with adjustable fonts. I’ve since internalized that it’s the words, not the conveyance, that embodies reading and no longer understand the fuss about moving from one medium (paper) to another (pixels.) I’ll patronize Millennials ruthlessly for many things, but not about how they read.
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Then I read a post about using the soundtrack of a video game to focus on studying because the music is meant to keep you engaged (or entrained, if you want to get sinister about it.)

S.O.B. Not only did it work, but the soundtrack to Skyrim is actually kind of pretty.
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The group is comprised of two Millennials and a Baby Boomer who used to work for me.

Me: How's world domination progressing?
Baby Boomer: (smirks)
Millennials: eh?
Me: The only reason to be a first level manager is if you have ambitions to be some other level of manager and with ambition? Go big or go home.
Millennial 1: (has a "well, duh" look on; he'll go far)
Millinnial 2: HAH HAH HAH AH HAH (it's a fake laugh from someone who clearly thinks he should be a level 2 by now)
Baby Boomer: Yeah? How did yours work out?
Me: (silent wink, tap to the side of the nose)
Baby Boomer: (real laugh)
Millennials: (look spooked)

Yup, still got it.
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...would eventually result in a bride shortage? WHO?

(raises hand)

China needs millions of brides

Apparently, having a girl about 18 years ago would have been a blue chip investment.
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A Note to Baby Boomers from the Millennials: Let Go of the Torch

First, no. Not if all you're going to do is post selfies with it.

Second, are you implying that Boomers are no longer young? (narrows eyes) Fifty is, like, the new 30 or something. I've lost track.

Third, clearly you have mistaken "listen to us" for "listen to youth."

Lastly, pleading with Boomers? Really? I've read that the Millennial generation is actually bigger than the boom -- 80m vs. 77m. Until you kids learn to spit on your hands, hoist the Jolly Roger and start slitting throats like we did, you're all going to starve together.
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So, I got sassed by a Millennial for being a patronizing Baby Boomer. "When is the Baby Boom going to stop patronizing..."

Short answer? NEVER, YOU SLACKERS. Partly because we're assholes who suck all of the oxygen out of the generations around us & that's how we roll and partly because:

1. SLACKITVISM. We didn't have that option. You kids and your social media! If we wanted to get things done, we picked up a sign and risked fire hoses at least and Kent State at worst.

2. Speaking of getting things done, by this point in the Boom, we'd gotten 18 year olds the right to vote, made activating the Selective Service System (do you know what that even is without looking it up on your smart phone? Actually, boys probably do; sorry) the single least popular thing a politician could even contemplate so you'd have a choice about getting your narrow asses shot off in a stupid war, oh yeah! ended a stupid war and speaking of choice? fixed it so a coat hanger was something you hung up your coat with or used to unlock a car that had your keys in it.

You're welcome.

So, yeah. You Millennials are probably going to get patronized by the Boomers until we draw our final breaths.

At least it isn't the Greatest Generation riding your asses. That was no fun at all.


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