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Parts of my brain embarrass the rest.

Brain 1: Good Christ, Trump found the Tomahawk button.
Brain 2: we're doomed.
Brain 3: Barry Manilow came out!
All of the other brains: ...

Brain 1: (ponders surgical scar) This COULD be a valid reason for a tattoo...
Brain 2: Butterfly. Pretty and symbolic of new beginnings, like network support to English teacher?
Brain 3: also our sign in the Celtic zodiac.
All the other brains:...

Brain 1: wtf was Kendall Jenner thinking?
Brain 2: That's pretty inappropriate.
Brain 3: OMG her hair, tho...
All the other brains: GTFO
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Because even though everything I'm making today is meatless, every time a recipe calls for sweating aromatics in two or three teaspoons of olive oil, I use three to five slices of bacon instead.

Edited to add: pretty suremy way tastes better
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I've been sweeping up the weirdest (to me) damned leaves that stick to everything, even when dry, without having the slightest idea what sort of tree they came from.

As a result of two or so hours of googling because I know WTF-all about leaf shape words, I now know "cuneate" and "spatulate" and am somewhat judgy on the relative perversity of leaf shape namers, as I began to feel the need for a safeword because paddle leaves are also apparently a thing.

Water Oak (Quercus Nigra) has spatulate leaves, for the curious, and I feel much smarter (if vaguely violated) for having persisted in my search.
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I'm from the South, okay? And I grew up in a temperate to warm part of California in the 70s, so "layering" meant sweatshirt over T-shirt as a kid and blazer over blouse as a young woman. My point is that longjohns or any other sort of base layer are mythical or Grapes of Wrath kind of legendary, and not something that applies to me.

Then I got a wild hare up my butt to teach English in foreign lands, mostly cold ones where it's easier to get a job because turnover. I purchased my first set of base layers ever in anticipation! I will be prepared!

Then the bottom dropped out of the thermometers in Georgia (what? It was legit below freezing all last night in the Deep South.) I looked upon the landscape glistening with what normal people think of as, I dunno, frosting or rime or something, but is a deadly frozen oil slick to those of recently busted leg, and despaired.

An hour later, the sun had melted off the ice rime, but had not appreciably raised the temperature. Enter base layers! Or, I entered base layers and hiked up and down the hill outside like a boss. Next time, hat and scarf, and I might actually last more than seven minutes!

Meanwhile, my indoor thermostat has been turned down. This is totally how non-subtropical people save money, isn't it?

Rogue One

Dec. 15th, 2016 10:04 pm
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Fan reaction: omg YASSSSSSSS

Sober reaction: while possibly not the best entry point for nufans, OMG YASSSSSSS
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DO NOT food prep (nor use sharp objects for any other reason) while jet-lagged.

Finger scar under the, heh, cut )

Stalk of broccoli. Spirited debate over how to keep it fresh. Attempt to "trim" the end. Enough said?
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I was going to wait until Haloween or (best case) Thanksgiving, but cold snap. At least we'll get the serious autumn color now!


Oct. 20th, 2016 03:17 pm
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I engaged.

The morning after a US Presidential debate is always an interesting time on my FaceBook feed giventhe number of friends and relatives I've got on both sides of the aisle. I generally avoid engaging directly and meant to stop reposting political stuff after voting, but George Takei's comment about a rich white man bitching about a system rigged against him was too good to pass up.

Then my alt-right cousin made a remark about well documented election rigging.

First, I kept it to pointing out that the Founders thought up the electoral college, not Secretary Clinton.

Then I took it that one. Step. Farther. And brought up tbe 2000 election.

GDI where did I stash my asbestos panties???
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1. Picante chicken flavored ramen.
2. Peanut butter as protein added to same.

Farewell, weight loss! We hardly knew ye.

Adding: if that sounds gross, it totally is and should be avoided at all costs by anyone interested in obtaining or maintaining a waistline. If it doesn't, godspeed with your two tablespoons of melty, peanutty goodness.


Jul. 9th, 2016 01:55 pm
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When that thing you thought was a very compact bottle opener turns out to be a whistle.
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I've got my hot pink undies on.

Um, thanks?

Mar. 2nd, 2016 11:47 am
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So, in addition to being more than two weeks overdue for a hair color touch up, I darted out of the house this morning unclear on whether a brush had come in contact with my hair.

A lady upstairs at the coffee shop complimented not just my cut, but my color.

I must have given her a spectacular "deer in headlights" look before thanking her that she started laughing. I have no idea what my hair looks like right now!

In other news, today's office political debate concerns what to call former President Bill Clinton should Secretary Clinton be successful in her bid for the White House.

Republican Boomer: First Dude.
Gen X Progressive: First Man?
Me: Logically, it would be "First Gentleman," but that has very little to do with Bill Clinton.
(Hilarity ensues.)

I think it's most likely Secretary Clinton will "forget" to tell him she's won, and he'll just keep campaigning the whole time she's in.
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That I don't get til June.

In my defense, it's a very nice lunchbox.

Price includes the sleek bamboo box, two sets of innards, the insulating sleeve with cold packs and shipping. Plus, I am supporting innovation through Kickstarter.


My story, sticking to it am I.
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And there's creating a playlist of all the trailers and watching it on loop in the background at work.
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I walked around, like, four extra blocks to get my step count up and the battery was dead the whole time. I want credit for my activity!!
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I feel compelled to tell the world when my underwear matches, but consider yourselves notified.
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A few weeks ago I found myself in the Le Creuset outlet shop (a) comfort shopping because I'd just gotten my non-painless flu shot (not bad, just not painless;) and (b) fr reelz shopping because yes, I managed to wreck a pot (you don't want to use anything too abrasive on them.) I actually hugged a five quart French oven (Dutch to the non-Le Creuset world,) and indicated I wanted a knick knack.

This morning I unpacked it to find a place for my blue collection amongst the orange and discovered not a five quart pot but a three and three quarters quart saucepan billed as a "deep, covered skillet." (If it looks like a saucepan, is covered like a saucepan and is lined like a saucepan, it ain't no skillet, Le Creuset.)

I stared for a long time with one fleeting thought as to whether the statute of limitations on exchanging it had closed (with the money I spend in that store the answer would be "no,") and then realized that not only did a four quart pot close a gap in my line up, but that it would be perfect for arroz con pollo.

And thus did I become the proud owner of an unintended pot.
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If you're clean and have 0 blood, they could always really use them, as we are the universal donor.

That said, if you're thinking about a single or double platelet donation...DRINK ALL OF THE WATER. I don't mean lots of water, I mean ALL OF THE WATER. Apparently, diet Coke won't do.

Also, spend about three days drinking ALL OF THE WATER. Gives your blood time to plump up the liquid volume or something. BUT NO BLOOD THINNERS like aspirin or ibuprophen. If you do not DRINK ALL OF THE WATER, you are subject to:

A. Not being able to donate at all like the poor bastard in the next chair, who couldn't even get started; or

B. Spending 26 of your allotted 46 minutes humming along, bruising up the inside of your arm because you forgot to warn the lady with the ENORMOUS SEWER MAIN passing as a needle, then finding out it was not infact an ENORMOUS SEWER MAIN because your itty bitty platelets are still clotting up in there.

So, in summary:

WARN THE NEEDLE LADY you're a delicate fuck'n flower who will bruise and shriek if they're not rilly, rilly careful.

Also something about hemoglobin and a rare steak, but mine was okay so I had no blood-related rationalization for the amazing ribeye I later devoured.

Maybe just the whole blood thing next time because even a half ration of platelets put me to sleep for the rest of the day.
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Clears throat self-importantly.

I am going to learn to knit, not because it is a girly thing to do because we all know how I feel about girly things, but because it is a useful preparedness skill. Yes. Because cammo is hard, my initial projects will be in colors of the sea, flowers, coffee and dragonflies, but nothing girly.

This is totally practical survivalist stuff. Yes. Hats, gloves, scarves, socks and no cute little vests, even though you can learn a lot from a cute little...NO. No cute things. This is Serious.

Maybe if I leave off the fringes and the pom poms...
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Pros and cons of learning to use survival gear:

0F after windchill (-17.8C) is the perfect time to test whether I can keep myself warm in a hammock with a closed cell thermal pad.

0F after windchill (-17.8C)

I am a delicate effin flower, after all.


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