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In an effort to avoid polish-dipped fingertips, I now have naked stripes on most of my nail edges.

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Close work with one functional eye and only 15 minute of sitting upright allowed makes for a rushed manicure.

I have blue polish all over my finger tips.
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...when your new favorite shade of nail polish needs four coats to be opaque.

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy. Gorgeous shell-like pinky coral and complements my skin tone. Four. FREAKING. Coats.


Oct. 26th, 2016 08:33 am
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Someone please help me with tossing a $10 bottle of nail polish after one try, please? I can see the streaky, ridge filling base coat after four coats of OPI's "Green Come True," which is actually kind of a nightmare.

Always read up on the formulae before purchase, kids.
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Or, 55 years in the making.

Yes, I did my own toes today as part of a post "retirement" money saving drive that includes letting my hair go gray and fetching my own groceries instead of summoning Instacart.

OMG naked feet here )
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I was nattering on to my mother about nail polish and other supplies, including matte top coat when she interrupted to ask why? Why matte anything for nails?

It's a nail art thing )
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...in more ways than one.

Most of the people I follow are very young or Millenials with the occasional Gen-Xer and even rarer fellow Baby Boomer. It seems that the younger and more creative the individual, the less likely they are to fit any of the gender or sexual orientation definitions available when I was a wee lass.

When I was a kid (whacks geezer cane on the porch) you had your boys, your girls, your normal people who dug the opposite sex, those highly suspect boys who dug boys and Renee Richards.

We were gobsmacked by Renee Richards and (at the time) waffled between judging him/her/it a horrible attention whore and/or her a brave pioneer.

Me? I was (and am, see girly stuff tag) a not very girly girl with minimal interest in boys because boys were stupid and no interest in girls because ...no interest in girls. For years, I didn't even realize that could be a thing. By the time I did, I was already finding about a dozen more interesting things to do than pursue sex with other people at any given time.

Now, I'm sniffing around a brand new sexuality (asexual or gray sexual?) and trying to figure out the difference between genderqueer and genderfluid (no link because Wikipedia feeds directly back to genderqueer on that one and all the other sites are BLOCKED ZOMG SEX from my work LAN) and whether either of them applies to me because I revolt utterly against the picture of womanhood imprinted on me as a kid, am not sure the current picture really fits either and would rather be dragged backward over carpet tacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol than be a man.

Thanks, tumblr. I was just twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to think about in middle age before you came along.

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Pic back here )

Okay, some of the borders are more like the nail, but the middle finger turned out well. Also, it appears I've reached an age (or weight) where I need to practice less wrinkled (or more slimming) hand poses. :P As part of the Baby Boom, which may grow older but will never grow up, I PROTEST.

I blew 20 French nail tip guide stickers on that manicure -- one for the top and one for the bottom of each nail. Colors are the diet Coke silver from the Coca Cola collection and Thank Glogg It's Friday from the Nordic Collection, both OPI.
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I have officially gotten enough compliments on this clutch that I feel I must share. It's larger than I expected a clutch to be, though it does not quite hold a 7" tablet (it fits, but the lid doesn't close.) Shall we say that when I bought it, I was going for cost effective? :D

And in the nail art department, we have my second attempt at border nails:
Picture back here )
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Not necessarily better lit, but less shaky )

Our colors today:
Base purple: two coats of Purple with a Purpose
Yellow: two coats of I Just Can't Copacabana in a triangle across the top of the nail
Top purple: one coat of A Grape Affair in a triangle over the yellow to make a stripe.

All by OPI.

The thing about using a "blackened" color (A Grape Affair is a blackened purple) is that in anything other than very strong light, it looks black. Quel Goth.
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I have:
(1) consumed an entire quart of sour cream as adobo dip. (No link to a recipe; I just sprinkled  a TON of adobo seasoning into the bowl, mixed well and consumed with Wheat Thins. I know.)
(2) Washed two (2) loads of towels.
(3) Read the ENTIRE RDJ Advises tag on Copperbadge's tumblr.
(4) Read the lion's share of an Avengers/Arrow/Walking Dead crossover, which I plan to finish tonight despite the MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH of my FAVORITE CHARACTER and the fact that it's NOT ACTUALLY FINISHED. (snif) Guys with bows FYEAH
(5) Am 1/2 way through with a kick ass purple manicure. (Layers got to dry, yo.)
view kick ass purple manicure )
edited to add: wait until nails are dry for pix or risk shaky cam

Seems productive to me, yes/no?
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What got me started on this: listening to part of a Fresh Air interview on NPR concerning a new book, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community. Terry Gross was interviewing the book's editor and two contributors, one FtoM and one MtoF man and woman. Every time I hear about transgender people or transgender issues, I always wonder a bit if I might be trans because I'm certainly not and never have been "girly."

I'm not trans, though. I'm pretty sure liking not being a boy is close enough to loving being a girl that I'm not trans. So, I thought about why I think I'm not girly, and it boiled down to:

Requirements for Appearing in Public While Female:

Hose (I'm of a Certain Age; shut up)
Nail polish
(Secretly) Remembering one's place as the second sex

I've spent most of my life in full rebellion against all of these, openly hostile to anyone who suggested I could do better at any of them. Not that they're wrong, it would be hard to do worse than none at all.

I don't love being a girl because of that last one. I don't care how illegal the expectation is these days nor how much the boys of the world have improved, the subtle expectation is there when the chips are down (or shit gets real, as the kids were saying there for a while.)

Then things started to change, a little. I still narrow my eyes lethally at anyone who begins a sentence with "But you'd be so pretty if...," but:

Hair-do went down first. I started using mousse for the simple reason it kept my hair out of my face. There's too much of my hair to try and make it do anything else.

Accessories bit it when I took up beading in my 40s. Stringing beads is, like, the closest to instant gratification that crafting gets. Interestingly enough, I stopped accessorizing again when I had eye surgery and my close focus changed to the point where beading became uncomfortable.

Hair color went down when someone mistook me for a brunette. (Not that there's anything wrong with being brunette, it's just that I'm a redhead and don't swing that way.) When someone told me I had beautiful brown hair, Enough of my identity is tied up in being a redhead that I had the biggest O HELL NO moment in recent memory and got me to a stylist forthwith. Seriously, going gray had nothing to do with it. That had been happening for years and I was most pleased with myself for taking it gracefully as well as secretly proud to took until my late 40s to become noticeable.

Nails went down next. I read somewhere that they were 10 little canvases one could do anything with, and doing my nails became separate from societal expectations of women. Now I have 50 or 60 different colors of nail lacquer and do them every three or four days. I favor pinks and greens. Duochrome is the best.

Makeup is currently in the process of going down. Smoky eye with colors is the most fun I've had with a tiny brush in my life.

Heels and I will never mix. I long claimed to have "problem" feet, on account of extreme pronation thanks to an extra bone in there somewhere. When I realized the only "problem" was that I couldn't wear fashionable footwear as a child, I'm pretty sure my full rebellion against female sartorial standards began and what my feet looked like became somebody else's "problem."

After several years before the mast of a Fortune 500 company in the 80s, hose and I are never, ever getting back together. Even if anyone still wore them, I wouldn't.

Skirts are on the bubble. Even though I loathe pantyhose with the white hot passion of a billion fiery suns, I feel naked in a skirt without them and (unfortunately) tend to judge women in above-knee skirts with naked legs kind of hard. I'M OF A CERTAIN AGE. If I have to deal with it, so do you. Besides, I've always been more comfortable with the seating options in jeans.

The recurring theme seems to be (1) convenience (I'm looking at you, un-moussed bangs;) and (2) my ability to convert a societal expectation into a means of personal expression. I'd like to think this series of epiphanies means I'll be less hostile or judgmental, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else?
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The Nail Polish )

Settle a bet with my mom*, please?

When justalurkr talks about girly stuff:
(a) I feel patronized, because what's wrong with girly?
(b) I totally get that justalurkr doesn't think there's anything wrong with girly, she just doesn't see herself that way.

Meditations on girly-ness )

Girly stuff

Feb. 6th, 2014 09:44 am
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I obsessed all afternoon yesterday about the release of OPI's 2014 Spring/Summer Brazil collection, and finally told a male coworker that if I ever show up to work in a skirt and heels, he should just start shooting because I'm gone beyond all hope.

Upon seeing the collection in person, I purchased the mini set to experiment. It all looked like tropical sorbet online, but looked suspiciously like some other colors I already have in my now-extensive stash.

Which brings me to a weird question about seeing color: do any of you guys ever see colors differently than others? The teal in this collection looked like a bluer green than I see on my nails, and coworkers are definitely seeing it as bluer than I do. I remember fussing with a college roommate over whether she was wearing a blue or green skirt and accused the tie-breaker roomie of wearing blue tinted contact lenses, so how would she know?

So now I have the notion stuck in my head that because I have hazel green eyes, the world looks slightly greener to me. (facepalm)


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