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Can you lick the science?
An abbreviated list.

Genetics: Do not. Unless cheek swabs?

Chemistry: NO!!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!

Archaeology: Perhaps. But might be human bone.

Geology: Sometimes needed, sometimes dangerous

Psychology: Best not.

Physics: ????????? How??????

Zoology: In zoology, science licks you.

Anthropology: Maybe ask first.

Herpetology: bad plan bad plan BAD PLAN

Sociology: Yes, if you have time and dedication and a willingness to piss a lot of people off.

Botany: You might hallucinate or die, OR it might be delicious

Computer Science: the tingle of electricity on your tongue is how you know it’s working


Linguistics: Despite the name, please probably don’t.

Engineering: Maybe, but it’ll probably taste like spreadsheets

Software engineering: nothing else has made the code work so you might as well try it

Biomedicine: Go ahead, but it’s probably at best urine and at worst a strain of infectious bacteria that has no cure yet.

Astronomy: I’m not gonna stop you from trying, it may just take a lot of time and a lot of money
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Seen on tumblr:
conversation at work

  • i work at a halloween haunted house park

  • Guy who works in a haunted house:The best part about working in the haunted house is when girls go under the black-light.

  • Me:Yeah? Why's that?

  • Guy:If they're wearing a white bra, you can see it glow! Haha like why would you wear a white bra to this place?

  • Me:uh

  • Me:i dont get it

  • Guy:you can see their bras. Its funny.

  • Me:did you not know girls wear bras? Did you not know girl's have breasts?

  • Some girl walking past:What? We have... Hold on *looks down shirt* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

  • some other boy:HOLY SHIT what the FUCK is under your SHIRT?


  • other boy:*SCREAMING*

  • girl:*SCREAMING*

  • me:*SCREAMING*

  • first boy:uh fine whatever fine i get it

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First, here is the article. It's mostly questions, which along with my answers are behind the cut.

Second. my reaction to most of these is "people fr srs & fr realz fight about this?" I had surprisingly strong reactions to a few of them, which are in CAPSLOCK.

Third, I can see where the attitude of one's interlocutor could influence one's stance on a few of them.

Fourth, I took the Fifth wherever I disgusted even myself.

Fifth, my answers. )

Men should take note: the remote control made the list, whether the toilet seat is up or down did not BECAUSE IT IS NON-NEGOTIABLY DOWN.

Edited to add a link to the bath cloth and to note that my economically privileged, over-educated, West Coast liberal upbringing really shines through on some of these.
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When Suits Become a Stumbling Block: A Plea to My Brothers in Christ

Yes, because asking men to be modest will work so well.

And the palette cleansing vid, courtesy of Iron Man and The Suit:

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 photo Lola-StarWars_zps8584d614.gif

For those of us who had a learner's permit when Star Wars first came out but were not yet allowed to drive in the city, this is a knife through the heart.

For those of us still young enough to give narrow-eyed glances at the people merging on to I75 at less than freeway speeds, YEAH.
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Though cats, of course, are at the top of the mountain. On a Claire Day basically ran a sequel to my "It's all theirs" post.

 photo OnaClaireDayMyBed2_zps17c6c29b.gif
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You heard me. There's a gun-loving liberal living in Texas. He also draws Two Lumps. I went to read Failure To Fire on a lark, and was instantly hooked for no reason I can fathom. Well, other than I have lots of moments like Mick, except with network elements and field engineers, not guns and the people who buy them. Oh, and also that I can pretend this is really what men sound like when the wimmenfolk aren't around.

Link to the first comic in the series.

Thanks to this webcomic, I now know what trigger discipline is, and that it's much less kinky than it sounds.

Oh, foul language warning. Also, one bare-breasted female frame.

edited to add: link to the first strip in a recent series that triggered (heh heh heh) this recommendation.
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Yes, a cat would totally do this if it could.
 photo twolums-kublakat_zps8276a7d8.jpg
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I marked my purpose in life ACCOMPLISHED when I discovered my birth coincided with the end of my (first) father's Viet Nam draft deferment, but I think I like Calvin's better:

 photo CampHSerenity_zps7af51ceb.gif

Me: (giggle)
Cats: We'll let you know when you purpose is accomplished.
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Or does anyone else think the last panel would be a fabulous LJ icon for punsters and other evil people?
 photo CampHDawningComprehension_zps9fbc5d11.gif
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Henri 1
Henri 2 - Paws de Deux
Henri 3 - Le Vet
Henri 4 - L'Haunting (Halloween themed)
Henri 5 - The Worst Noel (Christmas themed)
Henri ? - Politique (Henri's views on politics -- tres chat)

As a public service, links to all of the Henri, Le Chat Noir, vids wherein someone turned their kitty cat into French art films.
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He is the French cat of Existential Angst. Or, someone turned their perfectly innocent cat into a series of French art films. There are five or six of these, but the third is my favorite:

HAPPY 2013!

Jan. 1st, 2013 08:59 am
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I had a notion to replicate my Christmas comicspam post from a week or so ago, but vanishingly few of the New Year's funnies were all that optimistic or even very
Click to see what sometimes happens to the happily single )

And when you wake me up too early the next day because you didn't finish your stupid firecrackers last night: )
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Told ya
FYI, I originally absorbed the notion of pagan = cyclical, people of Abraham = linear from Thomas Cahill's The Gifts of the Jews. I actually make very little of this stuff up.
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No, really. It's all 11 hours trailered in honor of the release of the first part of The Hobbit.

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Five Kinks Tony Stark Does Not Have Anymore Thanks to Steve Rogers (+1 he still likes)
by Silverfoxflower, 2525 words

As mentioned in the subject line this is crack (crackiest crack I've read in awhile,) slash (m/m, Rogers/Stark & Barton/Coulson, though the explicit stuff mainly fails to happen or happens in the background (author's additonal tags are Bad Sex, Bad Decisions, Humor, Crack.)  Or, what happens when Tony Stark and Clint Barton engage in the Olympics of Pornographic Idiocy and drag their boyfriends with them.

Why the Tony in this story no longer has a massage kink is coldly, cruelly, hysterically wrong.


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