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I follow some "Imagine..." prompt blogs on tumblr and recently, someone proposed an AU where either Steve Rogers or Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes discover that his/their boyfriend Tony Stark is in the in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

I'm not just in the nopeNopeNOPE camp, I'm horrified that someone even thought that was promptable, which engenders a small amount of guilt, quickly squashed because Alzheimer's. So, every time I saw a reply to that post, I scooted right past it because nopeNopeNOPE.

Then I saw a post where two people the prompter had been tagging asked not to be tagged and prompter became huffy because s/he wasn't forcing anyone to participate. S/he went to the extent of making a separate post wondering when Marvel fandom got so touchy? S/he wasn't ever going to prompt anyone for anything again.

My response in general:
1. This individual doesn't know enough about Alzheimer's to know better than to prompt it.
2. This individual does know enough about Alzheimer's to know better and prompted it anyway because s/he is a horrible human being.

My response in particular:

So, one my wonder why I think that with all the various disease, disability and deathfic going on out there, why is Alzheimer's extra special horrifying?

Let me tell you more than you might want to know )

I know there are bittersweet and downright dark fic prompts out there. The enthusiasm that met this one, though, set me back on my heels.

Yes, I will judge this prompt very harshly.
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Someone found their mother's X-Files fanfiction.

Bury me deep.
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Okay, it only took half a dozen surprisingly entertaining novels of the zombie apocalypse before I finally wondered if I might like The Walking Dead TV series.

I have just watched ten episodes as back-to-back as sleeping and working for a living allow, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say...I like the show. :D

Question: is it just me, or is The Walking Dead basically the zombie apocalypse version of Camelot? Because I have to say that even before I discovered slash fiction and the joys of triosmut, I always wondered what the problem was in Camelot. Arthur and Lancelot: best friends, in love with the same woman. Guinevere: in love with a pair of best friends. Srsly, what's the dysfunction? (Oh, right. There's not multiple seasons worth of basic cable angst and drama in "and they all boinked happily ever after and their brilliant, beautiful babies saved teh world." WhatEVER. But OMG what pretty babies would come from that threesome.)

And another thing: I find myself strangely reluctant to engage in a new fandom; not just for the time sink, but because I don't want to read what must be a metric f#ckton of crap about my emerging favorite character: that Platonic Ideal of a redneck, Daryl Dixon. If you've ever wondered why the urban South hasn't just quietly smothered all the rednecks in their sleep, it's because we know they're good for situations exactly like the one in The Walking Dead, or any other time there's a societal breakdown. The key to effective redneck relations is to get them on your side, and you don't even have to be a redneck to do it. Yes, I am still facepalming nearly every time he interacts with two specific members of the cast, but the character of Daryl Dixon is one of the best illustrations for why it can be useful to tolerate the intolerant.

Three reasons, cut for spoilers. )

Yes, the fact that there are plenty of sunburnt necks in my ancestry detracts from my objectivity on the subject of rednecks. No, I am in no way proud of the racism (nor the near glorification of ignorance) that still clings like a limpet to the subculture. I'm still very pleased with the AMC portrayal of the post-apocalyptic redneck, and don't plan to change my mind (unless they change theirs) because I think there is a vast fund of pragmatism we can all learn from our redneck kin.

edited to add:
Oh, and for prime slashbait in season 2, start here and just scroll through the second season, second episode screencaps for a couple of pages. If you haven't seen, and plan to see, the episode, stop when they turn to go in the house.

edited FOR THE LAST TIME I SWEAR to add:
Yet another series of prime slashbait screencaps from the same episode.

One shot gratuitous pretty screencap: Did John Sheppard run a School for Sexy Leaning before setting off for Atlantis?
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Yes, censorship sucks.

If everyone is leaving LJ, just tell me where you're going and what makes you think this this won't happen there, and I'll sign up.
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[livejournal.com profile] cesperanza makes a point about fanfiction, legality thereof:

Dear Fandom: Could You Please Stop Saying That?

Well, she makes a couple of very interesting points. Sorry for the rebel brigade out there, but I think she's right.
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Decent sum-up of the wank that went directly over my head last week:

Link to Fandom_Wank on Racism in SGA fandom, or possibly Batshit Asshattery in SGA Fandom, you be the judge

At least, I think it's a decent sum up. Anyone still reading this LJ should feel free to provide better links in comments.

How shallow am I that my biggest worry is the unbelievable avalanche of badfic that will no doubt ensue as fanwriters attempt to prove they're not by-God racist? Fanwriters with no prior interest in the allegedly demeaned characters whatsoever, who will now crank out the least-probable AUs casting them in ...well, whatever the fanwriter in question thinks proves themselves paragons of tolerance and broadmindedness?

Given that I read SGA fanfiction pretty much for the smut, I'm quite comfortable with however shallow this makes me, kthnx. I'm just trying to get a guessimate here.
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Found, if I recall correctly through [livejournal.com profile] astolat :

A suitable case for testing

Everyone's seen this, right? If not, read it first, then...imagine history with the appropriate spoiler warnings and category labels, since "those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it," (which, according to Google, George Santayana originally said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.")
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The Fuzzy Bathrobe Challenge @ 3 Day Challenge

Read it or write it. Looks like a good time!
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I must say, one upside to hanging out in a free-market fandom like SGA is that no one acts all shocked at the wank, and sometimes we get mockery fanfiction out of it.

For those playing wank home game, are the good guys winning? Are they up to the playoffs yet? Will there be any sort of Wank Superbowl? Or is it all just March Madness?
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More to the point, I do not understand my fellow slashers' obsession with men's underwear. Or, for that matter, the perennial "boxers or briefs?" question men seem to get asked by waggish interviewers all the time.

I'm pretty sure that when we see our beloved slash objects stripped to their skivvies on screen in canon, they're usually in boxers for reasons having more to do with what a production company can get away with showing than any specific preference by the character.

Well, I thought I was sure.

Can someone please explain to me, in small words and short sentences, the significance of boxers vs. briefs?

I will be out of town all weekend and checking LJ intermittently at best. Talk amongst yourselves! :D
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Joe Mallozzi is the showrunner of Stargate:Atlantis?

I am so frakkin' out of here.

It certainly explains a lot of what I've been hearing.

Spoilers for Season 4 Atlantis )

All of this is in reaction to stuff seen at:

Joe Mallozzi's Blog, Jan 15

Reactions to his contempt for fans who question at Gateworld Forum:

Oh, and this just in:
SEE JOE DIG THE HOLE DEEPER, Joe Mallozzi's blog, Jan 16
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I instigated this. Does it put me on the road to...

Meta: The Idiots Guide to BNFdom

I'm already a sockpuppet for [livejournal.com profile] orange852, but am considering going freelance. Any BNFs out there recruiting for their Sockpuppet Armies? :D
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This is meta and probably not even very nice, but, liek woah. The kerfuffle I saw on [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic this morning was most unsettling.

Lame fandom wank cut because other people are much better at fandom wankage than I. )
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[livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock has been at it since January, 2003. She shares with us today some things she's learned:

10 Things About Writing (Fannishly) I Have Learned Over Time

My personal favorite:

(7) Nobody cares about run-on sentences if the sentences include the word "cock."

edited to add: Number seven goes on to refer to a story:

Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room

...which all Stargate: Atlantis crack!fic slash fans should definitely read, as if they haven't already. It was a work-in-progress for a long time, but as of Valentine's Day 2006, is finished.
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The Next Story After

[livejournal.com profile] cesperanza, possibly the least BNF-like BNF I have ever encountered on the web*, makes a Really Good Point.

*except, of course, [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 who loathes the entire concept of BNF-ness and who will smack you silly if you have the temerity even to think BNF in her general direction.
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What are the five major warnings of fanfiction?
cutting the warnings thing for length )
The actual point of all this is that I'd like to second, third or (more realistically at this point) fifty-seventh the recommendation for Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose, and it totally warrants one of the major warnings of fanfiction, but I think not so egregiously that people who'd normally avoid that such as my weenie self can't appreciate the magificence of the story.

Actually, feel free to discuss the five major warnings question, but let's just leave which one the story needs at...unspecified, as it would detract slightly and becomes blazingly obvious within a few paragraphs both what happened, and why that's not the real point of the tale.

Just go read Freedom's Just Another Word...

It's really, really good. My comment to the author consisted of "way to rip out my heart, grind it up for awhile and put it back," if that helps at all.

And if you comment on the story in the process of discussing the warnings? Please don't specify or hint at which one it needs, thanks.
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Crossposted to both my LJs:

Anyone out there know what the deal with Ms. Gordo is? Stories are hysterically funny crossovers that just stop at the crisis point. I've read two, and both quit on me right when I was expecting the rescue/resolution bit to begin. The Backs to the Wall, Boys up at Wraithbait was posted back in June, and I forget when the one over at 852 Prospect went up. Missing, Presumed Still Talking went up on 852 Prospect September 04. It and Backs to the Wall, Boys are essentially the same story with more shows crossed in and a different setting, but both end at pretty much the same point.

Is this Ms Gordo a flake or an abusive tease? Whichever, s/he doesn't respond to e-mail, either.

Anyway, any recommendations I might have posted for this author are herewith withdrawn.

This is ridiculous.
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Snaffled from [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon:
Top Five Stories justalurkr Wishes Someone Would Write So She Could Read Them
(psst! everyone should do this, because then we can wander around looking for writing prompts. Yes!)

1. All fandoms: More dangling! More dangling!

2. SGA: Ford's first post-Siege III contact with a live Wraith. BDSM elements a plus.

3. SG1: A non-shippy explanation of that "I'll buy you breakfast" line.

4. House: Trio-smut. Any three characters, the snarkier the better.

5. Harry Potter: Fanwank that ending! Get to work, soldiers! It ain't called "fanfix" for nothin'!


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