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Is always the day that makes me wonder why I'm still doing this, which is actually a question my mother asked me last Wednesday night. I had to bite my tongue on asking who the pusher was that provided eight-year-old me with the gateway drugs called "The Hobbit" and the "Foundation Trilogy," because she was trying to get me to read more and was will to try "anything."

I'm already late for my first Sunday panel, being "all stove up" as my grandmother used to say from chasing around Saturday in the madding crowd. (Honestly, it's a 3D representation of a science fiction story about the horrors of overpopulation up in there.) I have to keep reminding myself David Hewlett at 2:30!!

I so tired

Sep. 1st, 2014 10:11 am
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I'm blowing off the morning panel, which was either going to be a a Writer's Track "I have this idea..." or and EFF (I don't remember what it mean, but there's electronics in there and the track is mostly about hacking) panel having to do with how the zombie apocalypse helps IT departments (disaster preparedness.) I have online FEMA courses I can take for that, whose certificates are "resumé -able." (no, I haven't figured out how to make an accented e in LJ. It's HTML, not ASCII!)

Partly because I'm very tired and partly because the cats are aggressively ignoring me. They have what I call their "pay attention, I'm ignoring you" poses: full doorstop with their backs exactly to me, like geometrically perpendicular. I got a double-barrel of that this morning with Rodney facing south and Veronica facing west. Rodney yeowed at me just to make sure I noticed.

So, I'm on the hook for about three days of cat spoilage, of which I caught up at least two days by letting lick the breakfast (BACON!) plate. :D

Also, I'm basically going in to donate blood, and am in no great hurry for that. I do it despite cowardice (that's no needle, it's a sewer main!) because of the O- pediatric donor thing. My universal donor blood is clean enough to give to cancer patients and babies. What kind of willful bitch would I have to be to withhold it???
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Every year I start with the best expectations of attending reporting every delicious panel, and every year I fail at something.

I give myself props this year for actually going every day (so far.) Last year I blew off Saturday because "it was too crowded to be fun," so attending from 1pm to 11pm was a vast improvement over that. Also, I actually got in to a 230pm Major Panel in a ballroom on a Saturday, which is some sort of hat trick. The secret was picking a show (Stargate) that's been off the air a little bit and scoring an indoor line. Joe Flanigan is mancandy however life finds him, I can accurately report on that much. :D

My brain has been giving me a number of WTF moments with respect to my water bottle and MARTA Breeze card--both keeping disappearing on me because I develop a black hole in my brain regarding where I last left them.

So, basically my fail this year concerns updating y'all on the details of what I'm doing, but at least I'm doing it.

Next year, I will not only plan this out like D-Day, donate blood last and stay hydrated (all factors I consider contributory to my success so far,) but (glares at tummy) I will have lost almost all of this weight and have, like, legs that want to walk.

Props to the Dragoncon staff for really honing in on crowd control, too. I may actually risk the dealer's rooms.
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But aside from the fact that I am pinned to the chair by an eight pound lump of purr (the boy,) I had a vacation facial this morning and am almost too relaxed to move anyway. Picking up my badge would require pants. I reject pants and all that they stand for.

Someone send caffeine, please.
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Bless me, LJ, for I have sinned, unless of course we're no longer boycotting Chick fil a. I was playing it very healthy with a chicken salad on whole wheat toast, cancelled out x2 by the waffle fries, and could pretty much feel the Straight Power vibes coming off that sandwich.

I totally understand peoples' anguish over the boycott. That joint makes some really good food. The upside is that if eating at Chick fil a makes me feel guilty, that's one question answered.

In the conspicuous consumption category, as I was eating at Chick fil a because I was out shopping:

  1. One bottle of chewable vitamin C for a pre-con ascorbic acid flush immune boost. (Effects largely psychological, I'm sure, but still.)

  2. Two Dollar Store bottles of Dora the Explorer mini bottles of hand sanitizer.

  3. Three boxes of mini-Crunch Bars for con snacks.

  4. Four long sleeved T-shirts from the Chico's outlet.

  5. No, I didn't buy five of anything. One 1.75 quart Le Creuset saucepan with precision pour spout 40% off, thereby completing the replacement of all my stainless steel cookware.

  6. One 1" binder to house the 8 1/2x11 print out of the con pocket guide, ruthlessly & without remorse procured on company assets last week on account of old eyes, okay? Whippersnappers may exit the lawn now.

I am now getting my breath frisked by the cats, who are still pissed about lunch.
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"We encourage our volunteers to adhere to the 5/2/1 rule. Get a minimum of five hours of sleep, two meals, and one shower every day, please. It works for everyone."

(I especially love the "please.")

Dragoncon is getting serious about improving the con experience. Not only does the 2014 app come with a 'survival guide,' but there is a newbie meetup Thursday afternoon with a hotel tour and, like, three hour q&a with experience con staffers.

Where was this my first DC? Oh, right...I had [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 shepherding my newbie ass with firm lovingkindness. :D Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] nialla42!
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Your jeans are about to rise and walk on their own, you have access to a washing machine, and sleep is a priority.

You wake in the wee hours wheezing through what you devoutly hope is your first asthma attack since early spring.

You seriously ponder blowing off the last day of con because it's raining, it's pouring and the old lady wants to be snoring.

You put on the appropriate T-shirt, point to your chest and intone "The power of science compels thee!" before getting your ass down there.

This. Is. MARTA!!!!!
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Strike 1: She's a medical doctor (should be a science geek, yes?) and doesn't know what Dragon*Con is.


Yeah, so the boy retinal specialist makes me flinch and causes actual discomfort during his exams, but he is at least in the office more.

Between getting all googly eyed over the 2012 Dragon*Con Android app and trying so very hard to get good pictures of cool costumes (seriously, Weather Channel? Your stand up was in front of a sunlit window?) I haven't had time to get logged in to LJ from the con. I totally plan to bring my phone charger today and make better use of the half hour breaks between panels, though.

(Note: this post to be edited to add pix from the first day of the con, which featured a 7 minute wait to check in if you walked rilly rilly slow and some blood donation people with much more twisted humor than last year.)

Me: Yes, I am O negative and a pediatric donor.
Bloodsucker Guy: (lights up like a Christmas tree, opens his mouth to say something I now wish I'd waited to hear)
Me: No, you may not have it all.
Bloodsucker Guy: Aw, that's mean!

And later:
Me: Y'know, if you got Joe Flanigan down here to hold my hand, you could have a kidney, too.
Phlebotomist: (nervous laugh, clearly wondering who Joe is)
Other Donor: OMG YEAH
Me: Of course, if you brought Jason Momoa down here and he let me climb him like a tree, you could have pretty much anything you wanted.
Phlebotomist: (looking a little alarmed now)
Other Donor: (squee noises appear to have exceeded range of human hearing)

Guess who I found while giving blood? )

Note to self: never, ever give blood again without eating a good, solid meal first. I did that last year and wasn't right in the head for the rest of the weekend. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) This year, I raided the Hyatt Buffet (price adjusted upwards a whole bunch, but the remodel makes it look fabulous) for fried chicked, pulled pork, fresh peaches, mashed potatoes (no gravy? WTF, Hyatt? It's the frakkin SOUTH) and some coffee flavored chocolate brownies along with three or four refills of diet Coke. My pulse clocked at, like, 98 BPM, but my blood pressure (110/70) made it all okay. This morning, I am ready to face the day and the first panel: Reality Is A Lie. :D
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I'm not sure this one has made it to youtube:

Are you ready for the carebear Apocalypse?
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If you haven't found your way to dragon*contv yet, there is a whole series of video clips about the two guys who clean up after Dragon*con. This one is my no-fail gigglefest:

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Or, I just need to hold off donating blood until the last day.

The LifeSouth people who take blood donations at Dragon*Con have a new trick: for type O double negative (that is, Rh negative + negative for whatever benign virus keeps other people from being able to donate to kids and babies) they now offer apheresis of the red blood cells, which means I get my plasma back, but without the platelets. I thought "wonderful!" before hand and "bugger this for a lark" afterhand, as all those platelets missing seriously impaired my line-standing abilities.

Still, I've seen the cast of BSG (hi, Mr. Olmos!) and parts of all three Stargate casts (though Hewlett flaked at the last minute) and the casts of Eureka and Warehouse 13, all of whom are quite entertaining. (No, Mrs. Frederick wasn't there, dammit.)

I also bought an inordinate number of T-shirts, as all of my XLs are now too large in the wake of weight loss (oh yeah, I may have forgotten to mention I've been a Weight Watcher since last December and hit goal about two weeks ago with a total weight loss of 39.4 pounds [17.87 kilos or 2.81 stone]) so now I have this year's official D*C shirt, the unofficial tie-dye version, a zombie kitten who wants to know if "i can haz brainz?" and a "Geek Orthodox" T.
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I keep meaning to do some serious planning, but stuff keeps falling apart at work. I've just about been persuaded to blow off the first Stargate panel in favor of watching Shatner and Nimoy onstage at the same time. Panels the first and last day of the con are kind of dicey, though, given that most of the stars are traveling on those days. Panels on Saturdays are insanely crowded and one must usually give up a whole panel timeslot to stand in line for a different one later. Sunday panels involve a lot of references to whatever happened at the panel the day before, and (in the morning) everyone is hungover.

Can you tell by the general negativity that something pretty freaking major fell apart at work? I can't wait to zip out the door Thursday afternoon and leave all this to my backups. :D
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I have my badge, a pocket guide, and three things I want to do for the first panel tomorrow.

No fear. :D
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I posted this over on [livejournal.com profile] orange852, then remembered that most of the fannishness has been moved here. [facepalm] Anyway, a few schedule conflicts have been resolved with a somewhat more detailed reading of the American TV track suff, which I've mostly included here:
OMFG this sucker is longer than I thought )

Any advice on how to break the ties on schedule conflicts, flist?

Note: So, with two chances to see the castmembers of Farscape, it really gets down to Venture Brothers panel or Richard Hatch?


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