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I'm slashing two agents in The Following. (facepalm)

Other slash-oriented watchers are likely wondering why it took me four episodes? Sorry, I was too busy feeling dirty over impure thoughts about Shawn Ashmore. (sheepish grin)
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I put on my shoes without letting the cat chase and kill the shoestring monster. As soon as I bent over to tie them, Veronica stalked out of the room, sat down in the hall with her back EXACTLY to me and held the pose for one full shoe-tying before flinging that ''pay attention, I'm ignoring you,'' glare over her shoulder.

I'm in SO much trouble.

Edited to add: the answer to the question 'can lurkr sleep through the night without Vicodin?'is a resounding NO.
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So, for my emergency supplies I have
A case of diet Coke
A warehouse store size package of ultra comfort toilet tissue
A Luggable Loo
The aforementioned FEMA approved QuakeKare pack for 2

A woman's got to have priorities, after all.
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I've clearly listened to too many books about early humans, evolution and gender dimorphism because this thought popped into my head about two days ago and I'd like to leave soon:

Most if not all of the differences between the sexes can be explained by the fact that one gender was largely responsible for hunting and killing dumb animals while the other was responsible for turning inchoate infants into functional humans. Don't be yelling at women just because social skills and complex intellect get you farther than spatial analysis skills and upper body strength these days.
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I just spent the better part of three hours watching Republicans play dirty in the name of freedom.


I will admit to some reluctance to see such blatant Oscar-bait until finding out that Tommy Lee Jones had a role in the film. I was beyond delighted to find out it was a substantial role and now feel that if this film gets no other recognition, TLJ should be showered with awards as Supporting Actor.

Also, Congress is really boring these days. The 19th Century guys really knew how to throw a debate.

Am I the only US citizen unaware of the corruption surrounding the passage of the 13th Amendment? That was kind of shocking to me.
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1/3 of a nerdgasm...again

Brain food

Crazy Town acting 6'5"

Tiger in a boat?

Yeah, he could totally have surrendered. Sure. BECAUSE WE DON'T ASSASSINATE, EITHER.


Whatever shall I do? Whichever movie shall I see? I wonder, wonder, wonder...who I think I'm fooling.
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My shame is complete. I read The Haters Guide the the Williams-Sonoma Catalog, sense of irony sharpened to a razor's edge, then came away with an all but ungovernable desire for the Breville Pie Maker. (hangs head)  In my defense, they totally discounted it to $79!

edited to add: Actually, no shame is complete until you realize you've been drooling over an $80, single-use appliance you can get for $19.00 on amazon.com. I'll bet the Nostalgia model doesn't have a dough tamper, though. Totally worth the extra $61.
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I adore the dog. There's supposed to be an actor's quote about never playing against kids or dogs? Michael Emerson scoffs. He and the pooch are wonderful.

The cats are completely disgusted with me.
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And still paying full list for the Kindle editions? Because in
Last Rites, David Wishart actually had the words "that's a hardware problem," coming out of the mouth of a minor character and it worked, in addition to being hysterically funny.

That is all.
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Or not. The "Harry Potter vs. Everybody" below the cut is pretty funny.

Harry Potter tries hard. )

Last time I posted something like this, [livejournal.com profile] nialla42 found a funnier version. Of course, there is yet another variation ) out there.
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See, for the prior post, I went looking for the vid from the DW wrap party where aspersions are cast on the purity of Davies's professionalism vis a vis Tovey. Some day, I'll learn to disable the vid suggestions in youtube, because one can really burn a lot of time there.
WHO DA MAN? yeah, never say that again )
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I think I'm a big 8 minutes into The Hounds of Baskerville and all I can think is spoooooooilers )

Edited to add )
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Beneath the cut is the trailer for the season opener of Sherlock (BBC) A Scandal in Belgravia.
This is getting quite fun, isn't it? )

I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud at a trailer and then the show was even funnier. This is one of those times.

Still having impure thoughts about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now want to cuddle Martin Freeman.
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I'm not quite halfway through "Scandal in Belgravia," and I think my brain has exploded from the slash fanservice. And....DEERSTALKER!

Also, I'm having extremely impure thoughts about Benedict Cumberbatch.


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