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Note: when Best Buy says "for best experience, please bring..." they mean "for any experience other than gtfo."
My sad tale of woe )

tl;dr version: the difference between a human being and a machine providing customer service is the emotional heavy lifting. Yup, everything under the cut epitomizes a love child of First World problems and my own inability to plan ahead. I still get better customer service from amazon.com, and I've spoken to a human there twice in 10 years. Yes, it sucks when customers are lusers (ok, that's tech support wtfever,) but fact remains that the less emotional heavy lifting brick and mortar employees are ready to do, the more motivation I have to bend my life around phone menus, websites and vending machines.

Also, the Lenovo Ideapad 110s is pretty good for the price. Kind of one thing at a time, though.
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I blew a piece of my bonus on a Le Creuset Moroccan tagine after reading a very sweet Clint/Coulson date scene involving lamb tagine.


At least it was 40% off and a very attractive Caribbean blue. Also, lammmmmmb.
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That I don't get til June.

In my defense, it's a very nice lunchbox.

Price includes the sleek bamboo box, two sets of innards, the insulating sleeve with cold packs and shipping. Plus, I am supporting innovation through Kickstarter.


My story, sticking to it am I.
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A few weeks ago I found myself in the Le Creuset outlet shop (a) comfort shopping because I'd just gotten my non-painless flu shot (not bad, just not painless;) and (b) fr reelz shopping because yes, I managed to wreck a pot (you don't want to use anything too abrasive on them.) I actually hugged a five quart French oven (Dutch to the non-Le Creuset world,) and indicated I wanted a knick knack.

This morning I unpacked it to find a place for my blue collection amongst the orange and discovered not a five quart pot but a three and three quarters quart saucepan billed as a "deep, covered skillet." (If it looks like a saucepan, is covered like a saucepan and is lined like a saucepan, it ain't no skillet, Le Creuset.)

I stared for a long time with one fleeting thought as to whether the statute of limitations on exchanging it had closed (with the money I spend in that store the answer would be "no,") and then realized that not only did a four quart pot close a gap in my line up, but that it would be perfect for arroz con pollo.

And thus did I become the proud owner of an unintended pot.
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I struggled visibly with conspicuous consumption in the form of a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. I did not know at the time that $229 for an Artisan was actually a better deal than I thought because the Artisan is a step up from everyone's fave and well known mixer. I know now because I caved like that pile of damp cardboard that used to inhabit my living room and bought the mixer.

The KitchenAid out of the box is seriously for baked goods, at least for those who think inside the box. YOUTUBE TO THE RESCUE.

You like shredded chicken? KitchenAid is there for you, no separate attachment needed.

You like butter? KitchenAid is there for you.

You like doggie treats? Okay, yeah, that's a baked good, but for dogs.

Youtubers are infinitely willing to show off their mad Kitchenaid skillz. :D As I write this, I have a dishwasher full of Kitchenaid parts, attachments and accessories (apparently, accessories go in the bowl and attachments on the hub) washing away after first determining which parts are actually dishwasher safe. (Most of them for the Artisan.) Later, there will be:

Curried Cream of Celery Soup

...and something with shredded chicken, most likely soft tacos or enchiladas.

Lesson learned: buy a Kitchenaid early, use often, and before buying other kitchen gadgets, check the attachment and accessory inventory. Expensive start up, but longrun money saver and a well documented reputation of lasting for years.
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Courtesy of amazon.com, which used way too big a box to ship my new egg toaster and then left it out in the rain.

Egg toaster: $49
Frustration at inadequate packaging: monumental**
Watching a cat leap into the damp box, the leap out as if electrocuted: priceless.

* Yes, it is my second one. Evil fairies broke the first one.
** frustration=/=infinite only because underneath it all, the toaster itself was wrapped in plastic. Still, if I need to return it for any reason, I'm out of luck for original packaging, all of which is soaked through.
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Today only, www.woot.com is featuring a KitchenAid 5 qt stand mixer with the flat paddle, dough hook and whisky thing for $229, down from MSRP of $429.

As my mixing needs are limited to scrambling eggs and that one time with the vegetable broth and tomato paste, I cannot find this degree of conspicuous consumption within myself, but I'll bet there are some cook type out there in my flist?
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Celine Phantom bags, normally $3100, are on sale for $1823.

Somebody out there pays $3100 for a purse. Like, on purpose.
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I BLAME THEMARYSUE.COM for the $62 I just spent getting caught up on the first three weeks of Marvel's current iteration of Secret Wars, because I am well old enough to remember the original Secret Wars. That they happened 1984-85 means I was out of college and earning a paycheck as a full adult, which was geeky above and Beyonder for the Greed is Good crowd.

Now I'm 53 and hooked on comics again. To be fair to themarysue.com, I'd say Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr., have some culpability there, as well as everybody else.

Also, I have a pull bin again.
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I adore mashed potatoes, but there are better nutritional choices to make with those calories unless and until you put greens in them.

It has become clear that either my family has no Irish in it (red hair be damned) or (far more likely) the women stopped cooking somewhere between Ellis Island and Texas, because we can be some serious<strike>ly lazy bitches</strike> princesses going back five generations of only daughters on my mother's side. Either that, or the Vikings on the family tree preferred the potatoes unadulterated by green shit, who even knows?

All I know is that there will be colcannon in my future lots and lots. I'm going to need a silicone potato masher for when I make my frugal, budget dinner thing in my insanely overpriced enameled cast iron cookware. Hooray immigrant success!
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It's bonus day at All Your Phones Are Belong To Us, and I admired that fat-ass paycheck for a full three minutes before transferring all but rent and basic expenses to VISA.

Sigh. Well, there's always my tax refund, unless I finally broke the code on how to arrange one's W-4 to avoid overpaying.
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This is the knife I bought.

This is the knife my parents have.

I've worked with both. Granted, mine is newer, but the heft is similar and both take an edge liek woah. Also, I think mine is prettier (because that's really important in a kitchen knife.)

Can anyone figure out or look up the logic behind the =/- $45 price difference? Strictly name? Carbon content in steel? Tendency to resist fairies? Tis an itch in my brain!

Also, da fuuuuq? That's gotta be a brand thing.
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Already? Wow, I guess I missed deciding what to give up for Lent again, she said, devouring the Breakfast of Champions (instant mashed potatoes, a Special Dark bar and about a liter of diet Coke.)
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Especially on the days they're having a "woot off," which means instead of one main offering they put up a new offering every time the current one sells out.

So far, I've bought 150 AA/AAA batteries ($45) in a pack and a pair of Monster inspiration headphones ($99) AND stoutly resisted buying a factory reconditioned Lenovo Thinkpad for $229 (still up as of this writing, though only 46% remain) because of the woot off a few weeks ago that drove me into a frenzied purchase of a Chromebook, which I am still getting used to.

Also, they started discounting the best Henckel knives yesterday, about three days after I purchased lesser Henckel knives that I could actually afford. This site remains a danger to my wallet.
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So while waiting for my Chromebook, I bought a Scrubba washbag in a possible excess of preparedness zeal, also rationalized by using it while traveling because there's a chance I might go somewhere other than my parents' house where the laundry facilities cost about a month of my take home pay. IT COULD HAPPEN.

Then I forgot to do laundry and ran out of pants. SCRUBBA TO THE RESCUE.

I filled it up, squirted in some Dr. Bronner's Peppermint, set the timer and agitated away for three minutes. Then rinsed. Then...wrung. Wringed? No, wrung sounds good. The Scrubba washbag has no spin cycle. Picturing the necks of people who think 200 complaints is "actually pretty good" for a network migration helped some, but time saved by a three minute wash cycle is definitely being spent on the dryer portion of our show.

Still, the last prepper thing I expected to use in real life is actually the second (after the teeny little flashlight on my keychain) thing used in real life.

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"Do electronics know when we don't love them anymore?"
Emphasizing the recent wonkiness of my ASUS Nexus 7. Baby, when that bezel goes, it's allll over. Solution: BUY A CHROMEBOOK ON WOOT.COM FOR 40% OFF.

"Who knew fedex had a six to eight day ground delivery option? SRSLY?"
No, really. What's the point of FedEx with any delivery deadline than overnight???? WANT MY CHROMEBOOK

"Gotta stop watching woot.com, serious cash hole in my pocket."
Like, every time I log in to check the status of my meant-to-be first and only purchase, I am sorely tempted by "Today's Deal!" and am now a lady in waiting on a Scrubba wash bag. STOP JUDGNING ME. It doubles as a survival supply (my clothes will be clean in a grid-down situation because that's important) and maybe something really useful in the Czech Republic if I go (does the Czech Republic have laundromats?) WHERE IS MY CHROMEBOOK

"OUT FOR DELIVERY ... the three bestest words in the universe"
(let the unboxing commence)
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Or, y'know, Merry Everything and Happy always.

Me? I'm spending $$ at the amazon.com one day sale for the purposes of loading up any new devices one might have unwrapped this morning. The haul so far:

The Winter Sea
Susanna Kearsley
The Rose Garden
Susanna Kearsley
The Shadowy Horses
Susanna Kearsley
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch)
Ann Leckie
Kim Stanley Robinson

That's just the books. Here's the link to all of the digital content on sale today.

It's heavy on the romance because I already had most of the f/sf. I really hope I like Susanna Kearsley; the descriptions were good and it's that one-day-only thing that put me over the top. Because I am old: (1) I'm still appreciating all the clothes I got for Christmas at Thanksgiving from my mother; and (2) I am considering the ABBA and Neil Diamond greatest hits mp3 albums from the same amazon.com sale.

I'm going to count the nine quart Le Creuset Dutch French oven as my main Christmas gift to myself. It was 40% off! And the right size for boiling more than one head of cabbage for African Cabbage Stew! Plus for making large, freezable quantities of things, which is what I plan to be doing after I finish my diet Coke! And did I mention 40% off? Yeah, still trying to convince myself it wasn't foolish conspicuous consumption.

And how are y'all holidays going?


Dec. 17th, 2014 11:14 am
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  If I get a $400 pot for $200, is that a win or am I still spending frivolously? I've already got a soup recipe requiring a larger pot than I already have and my love for Le Creuset is boundless, so I'm leaning toward win.

Something tells me my future retired self may feel differently, though.
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the list for now )

Laid out like that, some of the stuff looks kinda paranoid, but I'd rather feel foolish for having it than trapped for not. ;)

Anyway, what brought this on was the clutch purse discussion from yesterday. I've migrated from a normal woman's purse (no link, it's no long made) to a smallish sling bag that would hold my tablet and "a few other things," to a medium sling bag to realizing that sling bags carried as purses looked HORRIBLE (at least the nigh-indestructable tactical ones do, and nigh-indestructable is a necessity for me;) to carrying a Serious Backpack and a clutch. Backpack stays on my desk at work or in the car when I'm out and about (should probably move the spare car key to the clutch, come to think of it) so I have access to all the gear without looking like a pack mule when I'm out and about.

How about y'all? Any interesting purse wars you've been through trying to manage all your stuff?
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Bless me, LJ, for I have sinned, unless of course we're no longer boycotting Chick fil a. I was playing it very healthy with a chicken salad on whole wheat toast, cancelled out x2 by the waffle fries, and could pretty much feel the Straight Power vibes coming off that sandwich.

I totally understand peoples' anguish over the boycott. That joint makes some really good food. The upside is that if eating at Chick fil a makes me feel guilty, that's one question answered.

In the conspicuous consumption category, as I was eating at Chick fil a because I was out shopping:

  1. One bottle of chewable vitamin C for a pre-con ascorbic acid flush immune boost. (Effects largely psychological, I'm sure, but still.)

  2. Two Dollar Store bottles of Dora the Explorer mini bottles of hand sanitizer.

  3. Three boxes of mini-Crunch Bars for con snacks.

  4. Four long sleeved T-shirts from the Chico's outlet.

  5. No, I didn't buy five of anything. One 1.75 quart Le Creuset saucepan with precision pour spout 40% off, thereby completing the replacement of all my stainless steel cookware.

  6. One 1" binder to house the 8 1/2x11 print out of the con pocket guide, ruthlessly & without remorse procured on company assets last week on account of old eyes, okay? Whippersnappers may exit the lawn now.

I am now getting my breath frisked by the cats, who are still pissed about lunch.


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