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For those of us who had a learner's permit when Star Wars first came out but were not yet allowed to drive in the city, this is a knife through the heart.

For those of us still young enough to give narrow-eyed glances at the people merging on to I75 at less than freeway speeds, YEAH.
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Though cats, of course, are at the top of the mountain. On a Claire Day basically ran a sequel to my "It's all theirs" post.

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I want photo airaware_zps0e6f031c.png

I'd have a shred of guilt following people around on the street, though. Instead, I would have it hang around the office, then follow people into conference rooms and shout WRONG! every time they gave out incorrect information.
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You heard me. There's a gun-loving liberal living in Texas. He also draws Two Lumps. I went to read Failure To Fire on a lark, and was instantly hooked for no reason I can fathom. Well, other than I have lots of moments like Mick, except with network elements and field engineers, not guns and the people who buy them. Oh, and also that I can pretend this is really what men sound like when the wimmenfolk aren't around.

Link to the first comic in the series.

Thanks to this webcomic, I now know what trigger discipline is, and that it's much less kinky than it sounds.

Oh, foul language warning. Also, one bare-breasted female frame.

edited to add: link to the first strip in a recent series that triggered (heh heh heh) this recommendation.
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I marked my purpose in life ACCOMPLISHED when I discovered my birth coincided with the end of my (first) father's Viet Nam draft deferment, but I think I like Calvin's better:

 photo CampHSerenity_zps7af51ceb.gif

Me: (giggle)
Cats: We'll let you know when you purpose is accomplished.
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VIVA LA SLASH (adorable kittens goes without saying)

In celebration of adorable kittens and smut, link to your favorite pix and fanfic in the comments. ;)
Adorable kitten.,.. )

Celebration of smut... )
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For some reason, perhaps because there is no longer room for it in my pants, this cracked me up extra hard this morning.
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Told ya
FYI, I originally absorbed the notion of pagan = cyclical, people of Abraham = linear from Thomas Cahill's The Gifts of the Jews. I actually make very little of this stuff up.

TMI, yeah

Dec. 12th, 2012 08:02 am
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When I read this, I was all, like, "STOP READING MY MIND, XKCD PERSON!"
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A smartphone with an app for that wouldn't even have to make calls.
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I think we've all been here, one way or another:
Brain-Ego Call Waiting, I think we've all been here.

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The Dozens, Geek-style
That's actually pretty trashy :D
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So, I have this shirt (only in black with red lettering,) and Pickles had this  strip today:

Intellectual badassery at its finest
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Or, Luann Makes Me Feel About 200 Years Old:
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Behind the cut, little boy comics from yesterday that amused me:

Was it internation Amusing Boys, Big and Little, Day or what? )

On Aging

Oct. 1st, 2012 07:48 am
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I like to think that by reading Diamon Lil and Lola, I'm practicing to be a Dirty Old Woman and am not actually there yet.



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