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 Sammi: (purrs and snoozes on my lap)
Rodney: (leaps like a mountain lion to my chest)
Rodney: (assumes full catloaf, looks smug)
Sammi: I keel heem! DED! 
Rodney: (yawns hugely)
Sammi: ...after nap
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You've made your cat so happy,he's mostly asleep and drooling.
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Either that, or he got a dose of vinegar and salt this morning. He's been stalking me around the house, expressing affection by means of paw swipes and toe nips. That's usually Sammi's deal.
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...you will understand the phenomenon of two or more tiny predators stalking one another lackadaisically around the house in full side-eye mode, triangulating the best means and methods by which to become Only Cats...

...followed by the slump to the side with a weary huff, because it's really just too much trouble at the moment.

Tomorrow, though; that's another story altogether.

I'm getting a double helping of kitty drama today, can you tell?
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I plan on apple cinnamon later.

Second, is object permanence a thing with cats?

I'm sitting in the chair with Rodney in the prime lap spot, flicking his tail like the smug, 300 pound tiger he is in his head. Sammi is glaring balefully from the floor.

I'm chilly because there's a blizzard going on three or four States north of here and flick the afghan up over my lap and coincidentally over Rodney, who thinks this is Best.

Sammi's little glower parts like the clouds letting in the sun because my lap, while lumpy, is now free and clear, and jumps up with a whole and happy heart...

...straight onto the cat having an "under the bedsheets" moment.

In other news, pls send bandaids.
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11ish to 3ish: boycat curled up in blanket on the couch with brief cuddle breaks on my shoulder, girlcat in spare bedroom window with best sunspot.

3ish to bedtime: girlcat appropriates blanket on couch; boycat prowls disconsolately between me and the 2nd best sofa spot, from which he stares at everyone and everything accusingly.

The struggle is real, y'all.
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Kroger had rib roast on sale for Christmas,which has led to a rediscovery of what prime cat torture roasting meat can be. They're taking turns prowling the apartment to find the source of the smell.
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Work continues on the balcony outside.
The view from my door )
And the adhesive!cat phenomenon continues inside:
Seriously protected hoomin )
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So the landlord is tearing up, I mean replacing, the balconies last week and next. THE CATS ARE APPALLED. No one asked them and they certainly would never have authorized such a hullaballoo. (Spelling?)

I'm the middle apartment )

Rodney McKat has been zipping back and forth across the living room, unsure whether he should be a Manly Cat and Defend the Hoomin or...yup, we're getting another round of

Foul language warning )
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We're nearly at the end of a course of oral antibiotics for Sammi's sneeze and the end of my rope.

We've been through Tasmanian Devil, Possessed Purrito Blanket and the Eyes of Evil Under the Bed.

This morning, I wrestled Her Maj into my lap and reached for the bottle of kitty torture. Sammi suddenly went limp in full Dead Cat pose and sort of whimpered on the outbreath. I promptly dropped the bottle and loosened the arm around her.


I swear cats' superpowers include teleporting. She was laughing at me from under the bed for an hour.
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After a visit to the vet last Saturday, it turns out the cats both have an ear condition that requires me to get five drops of a refrigerated liquid into each ear twice a day until next Friday.

Rodney trembles when I walk up to him.

This has set relations with Sammi back about six months.

My lap is lava.
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With girlcat Sammi in the main lap area, napping smugly (which I didn't know was possible,) and boycat Rodney staring forlornly from my ankles like he knows he's never ever going to be Boss Cat in his life.

Somewhere, girlcat emeritis Veronica is rolling her eyes.
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Courtesy of amazon.com, which used way too big a box to ship my new egg toaster and then left it out in the rain.

Egg toaster: $49
Frustration at inadequate packaging: monumental**
Watching a cat leap into the damp box, the leap out as if electrocuted: priceless.

* Yes, it is my second one. Evil fairies broke the first one.
** frustration=/=infinite only because underneath it all, the toaster itself was wrapped in plastic. Still, if I need to return it for any reason, I'm out of luck for original packaging, all of which is soaked through.
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When your girlcat takes one look at you in the morning and flees in terror while your boy jumps up on the counter while you are looking directly at him...

It's, like. WTFever cats.
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Four skeins of the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen just arrived from amazon.com. None of it is suitable for any of the projects I have planned.

Picture that does not do the yarn justice back here )

Do I return it?

O HELLLLLLLLZ NO. There will be a suitable project at some point, right? Right??

Yeah, I might be a crafter already without having cast on my first stich.

While I am picspamming you, behind the cut below is the best picture I've gotten of Sammi's amazing pale green eyes yet.

Yes, unrelated but still Cat )

Down in front is the paracord I'm using my my possibly futile attempt to crochet a beanie. Now, both thumbs hurt.
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So, due to anticipated Extremely Bad Traffic because who Who WHO would ever miss the Big Peach drop? WHO? We got sent home at noonish. If anyone asks, I took that to mean we had to be home by noon to take them up on it.

Yeah. I'm working really really hard here. I reset my VPN PIN and everything. At some point, I may open up the notes screen on a ticket and just let Rodney waltz across the keyboard because that makes about as much sense as what the least-seniority people made to work on New Year's Even already put in there.

I would never investigate home remedies for feline earmites on company time or company assets. NEVER.


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