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That by dropping nearly $200 on emergency snow supplies that I have guaranteed it will never, ever snow again for as long as I live here.
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No, really. Behind the cut are two picture taken about 3 1/2 hours apart. I've removed a layer of ice from the windshield and rear window of the car, and you can see on the roof when/where I got tired of scraping. :D
Before and after shots )
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Temperatures have risen to above freezing, so every quaintly snow- and ice-bedecked branch and twig is now thawing on everything else.

Good thing, as diet Coke ran out yesterday and cabin fever is setting in.
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...when you realize you ordered all of the winter gear in time for delivery to be delayed by inclement weather.

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Based on suggestions from the ever-helpful and alert flist, the following additons are being made to the car kit:

Real snow shovel.

Snow brush/scraper.

Kitty litter, already on hand due to the two furry lumps currently warming my feet.

Plastic bags, of which there are plenty because I keep forgetting (a) to bring my own to the grocery store and (b) to recycle the ones I get as a consequence.
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It's 8:30am in Marietta, GA, a sleepy suburb of Atlanta. At this time of day, the driveways of my little street look like a ghost town.

Today, not. A. Single. Car. Has. BUDGED.

Seriously, we're all either burning vacation days or working from home. WE CAN BE TAUGHT!

I lol'd. :D
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We're scheduled for Snowmageddon Part Deux this evening. I heard over the weekend and burned a vacation day today. I don't care how cool they plan to be about releasing people, there's no way I'm spending all that time in the car ever again if I can help it.

So, I spent the afternoon reading columns about what to have in the car for magically unplanned overnights in the snow. My prepper phase last year resulted in my already having most of it, though the phase didn't last long enough for any of it to be organized usefully (guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the afternoon.)

I filled in the vanishingly few gaps with the following from a number of "what to do" columns:

Stuff I needed behind the cut. Not comprehensive, check out the column links above. )
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I was abandoning my car in the snow five days ago, and today the A/C is on.

If I see a groundhog, I'm shooting it.
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You know how most people allegedly consider themselves to be above average drivers? I don't. I know better. I'm good if I manage not to be a danger to myself or others.

I say this because I just drove down the other side of Blackjack Mountain, which has poorer sun exposure so people are still retrieving their vehicles, and back up again without incident. Admittedly I was doing 19mph (30.6 kph) in a 35mph (56kph) zone, but there were poorly parked vehicles all over the damned place. I regret nothing!

The significance of this is that if I can navigate the backside of Blackjack Mountain without incident, why has the Georgia DOT still got barricades up? There's a gap for one car to go through, which appears to be a "Have Accident Here, Please" sign, but the intention is clearly to stop traffic on a road that a moderately safe driver is having little to no trouble with.

On the other hand, working from home is awesome because I get to grocery shop on my lunch break. I believe I am now in possession of enough comfort food for the next three Snowmageddons.
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I think this article covers it pretty well. Missed the mayor  on some morning show, but I'll bet youtube's got my back.

Now that I've tagged four or five posts, it's come to my attention that Snowmageddon has only one "g." Ah, well. It's not a real word, anyway.
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So, according to wise members of my flist, I have been verra verra lucky on the diet Coke front, in that two or three 12-packs have been sitting in my trunk throughout this unseasonable cold snap (if it goes below 0F, Celsius people, it's Too Damned Cold;) and so far none have exploded. Oh, I've sipped through some cola slushies, but nothing go boom.

So far.

I'm assuming that now that exploding diet Coke is on the table of my consciousness, my clean trunk days are numbered.

In other news, will need to limp down to the lawn and collect some snow in a baggie for my "skinned knee," which chose last night as a fantastic time to swell on the left side and ache to the right. I keep thinking "no sharp pain" means "nothing broken," but then when I found out about my crack elbow, I was actually there for a painful foot, which turned out to be okay.

Can there be a magic or technological miracle that allows us to be, like, 12 whenever we take a tumble so the bones are nice and limber but we don't have to go through the tweeny drama otherwise?  Middle-aged bones are for the birds, and I've been taking my calcium!
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Based on early morning weather reports, I didn't figure on retrieving my car until tomorrow, but wasn't about to go another night with no diet Coke in the house, so hiked down pretty much with the sole purpose of getting some out of my trunk and sneaking off.

The business driveway I parked in had a guy in an SUV trying to break up the ice on their driveway and was doing a brilliant job of NOT hitting my little Civic. Which was mighty nice of him, given that I'd partially blocked his Murrican made Cadillac business with my little foreign born rice-rocket.

"Thank you for not hitting my car," I said, picking my way through the iced-over chaos at the bottom of the driveway.

"You're welcome," he said quite sincerely. They feel strongly about these things in Jaw-ja.

I suffered one skinned knee (right,) a bruised palm (left) and a sliver in my left index finger (yay for being right-handed!) in the retrieval of my vehicle. No other damage done, and I am on my third perfectly chilled diet Coke. :D

Snow Day!

Jan. 29th, 2014 10:55 am
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When I'm being the dégagé Californian whose parents live at 1800ft (approx. 550m) in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, I refer to the slope I live on as a hill. Very steep, yes, but still a hill. The South ain't got nothin' but hills when you've seen the Rockies or the Sierras.

When I'm hiking up the entire slope from near the I-75 off-ramp to not quite the peak of Blackjack Mountain in the dark at 25F (approx -4C,) 1378ft (420m) is a mountain and no mistake.

In the wake of my seven hour drive up 15 miles, I am thankful for the following:
1. I-75 at Cumberland became (sic) 'unpassable' after I passed it.
2. The ability to be amused at the Georgia DOT's abuse of English.
3. Already having Sycamore Row downloaded to my phone so I didn't have to engage in illegal data-related activity to get it there.
4. Two slightly squashed, chocolate mint Clif bars in the bottom of my purse.
5. That I peed before leaving the office and brought no beverages into the car with me.
6. That slipping, falling and cracking an elbow a year ago on Feb. 2 has resulted in my always having the most practical, non-skid, ugly-ass shoes I can lay my hands on...on my feet. (Punctuating that was a nightmare.)
7. The realization that hey! It's freezing out there and I don't get twinges from my elbow anymore, which was quite a reliable weather station there for  a few months.
8. BEST EXCUSE EVAR for missing the State of the Union, which as far as I'm concerned, is hella cold.
9. The crazy lady waving people around the guaranteed skid zone on North Marietta Parkway. Seriously, who but a crazy lady stands in the road where cars are guaranteed to skid??
10. My flist, who listens to me whine with the patience of Job.

Atlanta, GA: where two inches of snow means next stop, Crazytown.
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I left the office at 12:15pm EST today and finished hiking up the ice-covered hill I live on at 7:45pm EST.

Snow + Atlanta = freaking chaos.

I now understand why preppers are so keen on viable bug out plans. If evacuating is anything like taking seven and a half hours to travel 14 1/2 miles due to unexpected snow, we're all screwed hereabouts.


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