Jan. 14th, 2017

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FitBit main step goal: 10,000/day
FitBit sub step goal: 250/hour
Maximum times FitBit will prompt for sub goal: 14

So, 10k steps is roughly 715/hour, but I can witness AND testify that it's better to frontload because I for one am not feeling it the last few hours of the day.

If I managed 6750 steps the first hour of 14, I'd then be on the hook for only the 250/hour for the rest of the day, which is totally doable.

Right knee: (cries)

Apparently, 6750 in one hour is not totally doable.

Five laps of my porch=750 steps, which I tried every hour yesterday, (see witness & testification above.) One lap of my street route = +/- 625 steps, is slightly less boring and has the added bonus of making my FitBit think I've been up three or four flights of stairs because hill.

So, if I could work up to either 9x5 laps of the porch or 10 laps on the street first thing in the morning, I might be able to squeeze a job into my FitBit goals!


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